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Experiencing powers in an emerged form

Post Mon Dec 28, 2015 1:05 am
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Murli 27-12-2015 (15/03/99)

"Keep in an emerged form the experience of the Father’s company and the combined form. Do not just think that the Father belongs to you anyway and that He is with you. When you keep the practical experience of His company emerged, these attacks of Maya will not be attacks [vaar], but, instead it will be the defeat [haar] of Maya. It will be the defeat of Maya, not an attack by her. Never be afraid and wonder what is happening or why something is happening.

Simply maintain your courage and stay aware of having the company of the Father. Check whether you still have the Father’s company or whether your experience of that company has become merged. You have the knowledge that the Father is with you. However, together with this knowledge, you also know the Father’s power. He is the Almighty Authority, the One with all powers. Therefore, experience the power of all the powers to be emerged in you. This is what is meant by experiencing the Father’s company.

Do not become careless and start to think “Who else do I have except the Father? The Father is always there.” If you have the Father, do you also have that power with you? You tell the people of the world, that if God were omnipresent, then the Godly virtues would be seen and experienced. So BapDada is also asking you: if the Father is with you and combined with you, do you experience that power in every action you do? Do others experience it in you?"

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