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Week of being Obstacle-free

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Week of being Obstacle-free

Self Respect: I am the destroyer of obstacle.
All of us will have to attain the power to destroy obstacles while ourselves remaining
free from obstacles. There will be a time when we will have to liberate the entire
World from problems. Only the Souls who keep themselves free from waste and
have attained the blessing of being the Destroyer of Obstacles from Baba will be able
to do that task.

Yoga Practice:
1. Every morning immediately after waking up remind yourself, “I am the
destroyer of obstacles… I am more powerful than the obstacles… I have the
power to be victorious over all the obstacles.” Experience Baba’s hands of
blessings on you. He is blessing, “Child, you are the destroyer of obstacles…”
2. The Devotees are scared and tired of problems and are coming to me for help.
Their problems are getting resolved as soon as they are coming to me the
Ganesha (the destroyer of obstacles) and they are returning back with blessings
of happiness, peace and bliss.
3. If you or someone known to you is facing problems, then practice Yoga at the
same time and the same place for half an hour for consecutive 21 days with
the Self-Respect, “I am the destroyer of obstacle…”
Point of Inculcation: Simple hearted and Humble
Problem get simplified and resolved in front of simple hearted and humble Souls
whereas complicated or egoistic people get easily disturbed by small issues.
Problems easily overpower them. That is why be simple and humble.
Point of Churning:
- What is an obstacle?
- Why do problems come?
- How to resolve problems?
- Identify 5 versions of Baba to remind yourself during the troublesome times.
For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, never ever wonder why problems have come even after you
becoming Baba’s child. The truth is that the problems are our own creations. If
we remain fearless and have patience, then problems make us stronger. Obstacles
awaken our thinking capacity. Hence accept every challenge and proceed towards
your goal by overcoming all the obstacles.
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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