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Brahma Baba's wife, Yashoda bhen

Post Sat Nov 26, 2011 2:08 am

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I would like to know more about her. What was her involvement with BKs? Here relationship with Brahma Baba, Mama and the Dadis... Do not know much about Yashoda. Perhaps a "Yagya history" thread should be opened.

Any light on her biography will be appreciated.

Post Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:36 pm
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There is not much recorded history of Yashoda behn. I got a chance to listen to Bijendra Dadi's class on the Yagya history and quite a few times she mentioned about her. Her involvement from the beginning was unquestionable faith in Brahma Baba from the time when Brahma Baba was just Dada Lekhraj.
It would be quite interesting to know how she adopted to the new lifestyle, how she dealt with her own Son being against her husband in the initial days. If you think about it, a brave soul indeed.

Post Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:43 pm

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Thank you for that, Gocool. In my ignorance, I thought she wasn't even a BK.... I wonder why her deeds are not used frequently as examples of what a husband and wife, household life should be like.

If she was a BK and for what I gather, a "pukka" BK, it would be of tremendous benefit for the BK couples out there. Perhaps, the "do not get married" could be in conflict with the deeds of a BK couple such as Baba and Yashoda bhen? I do not even remember seeing a picture of her. I am curious to know about her and as you mentioned, about those issues that she had to go through in her life. One of the ones that I am truly interested in, was :How did she deal with the "fact" that she wasn't going to become "Laxmi" and at the same time to know who "laxmi" will be? Seems like a very small matter, nevertheless; I know that no one starts this elevated life by being perfect from day 1...

Post Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:53 pm
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Pls see book "Mothers: The Spiritual Leaders"
Spiritual Experiences of Brahma Kumaris Mothers.
Published Oct 2010.

There are several pages on Yashoda Maiyya (mother) - pages 62-69.

The title describes the special intoxication she had - "She had great intoxication that God Himself came to her house"

Just a small excerpt:
Yashoda Maiyya was so intoxicated that Shiv Baba came in "Yashoda Bhawan". She used to say, 'since God came to me, Shri Krishna will also come to me". When we read any message about Shri Krishna going to such n' such a place she would say, "Kunj, no matter what anyone tells you, Shri Krishna will definitely come to me alone.'

In Hyderabad and Karachi, during visions, she always experienced Shri Krihsna to be on her lap. Just as in lokik life she had unbreakable faith that her husband was like God, similarly in gyan, she had firm faith that her husband was like God, similarly in gyan she had firm faith and intoxication that God had come in her husband.


In the early days in Hyderabad and Karachi, gyan was not so clear to everyone. Visions of Shri Krishna were common. She had many visions of Krishna. Because her name was Yashoda (FYI - also name of Krishna's foster mother in the scriptures), she felt that Shri Krishna was her beloved child.

Post Tue Nov 29, 2011 12:54 am

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Thanks Visionofself. I haven't seen that particular book. Will see if we have that available at the center.
I think an important information is: who is the author and what is the degree of relationship that the author of the book had with the person being described. I am saying this because it is important to describe a person character as close as possible without the "elaborated admiration" to a personality.

Still it is unclear in my mind, as to why examples of her life with Brahma Baba aren't given as much as the "Baba, Mama" relationship, nor her role in the early days of the yagya, for that relationship is an example of "alokik" marriage.

Post Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:29 pm
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Hi Avyakt-007 :)

Well most of that is from an interview with Dadi Nirmal Shanta, her lokik daughter.

Please try to get hold of the book as that will give you clearer picture. It is more that her service role was more incognito i.e. NOT "famous" such as traveling to different parts of India and giving lectures and courses etc. The following should help to make this clear:

[from interview with Dadi Nirmal Shanta about Yashoda Maiyya]
Q. What particular service did she offer to Yagya?
A. Yashoda Maiyya was not given any particular role in either Hyderabad and Karachi. She used to do whatever service she was given. After relocating to Mount Abu, she took care of the vegetable section, vegetable chopping etc.

Also she served in Patna center, Bihar from 1957-1958 and left her body in 1961 in Madhuban.

Although Brahma Baba and Yashoda Maiyya were a couple, given they were staying in yagya with various others (surrendered BKs), Brahma Baba staying separately in his hut given his special role of being Shiv Baba's chariot, and they were a fairly old couple, I'd imagine they are a lot less interesting to site as an "example". It would be much different if a pure couple in their 30s-40s is staying together in an apartment!

The point to note here is that Brahma Baba did not separate himself from his wife when the "spiritual awakening" came (as many saints would do by going to the forest etc.). His lokik merged with the alokik and it was now the BK family that started to live together and Yashoda Maiyya was part of that alokik family also. Lovely to see the pure family path that's being established via the alokik family of the confluence age (i.e. quite different from the path of isolation)!!!

Post Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:36 am

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In 1938, Lekhraj Kripalani was 54 years old. Therefore, in 1936 he was 52 and 48 when he started holding his satsangs in 1932. By all accounts, his wife Yashoda was pretty simple but, according to Lawrence Babbs, it was through her Vallabhacharya religious sect that Kripalani was first inspired. They had had their children quite late which suggests either a healthy, ongoing or at least Kripalani's own enthusiasm for it.

In the same year, the attractive and alluring Radhi Pokardas Rajwani was 22, and his wife 45. It is not clear just which year Om Radhe actually joined the Yugya. We are told variously that she was 17, 16, or even 14 when she joined but bear in mind that in India at that time the age difference between spouses was sometimes even greater and child wives were even more common.

Let's also bear in mind that during this period, Lekhraj Kripalani was passing himself off as Prajapati God Brahma, Krisha and the sermoniser of the Gits etc ... there is no mention of God Shiva until after 1950.

So let be honest, how would any tired out but loving wife feel at being rejected as being an current and eternal partner and all her 50 something husband's attentions fall onto a 20 something, far more intelligent and attractive woman? Are you suggesting Yasoda was not human and did not have feelings?

Of course, in India women are worth less than nothing. Perhaps she was grateful to have him off her back, perhaps she was mortified by his claims of godhood, the seances, the community's reaction etc ... to say it "must have been difficult for her" is a massive understatement. She probably hid and was grateful to be away from it all.

I was told, it may even be written somewhere I cannot remember right now, that there was even a marriage ceremony between Lekhraj and Radhi albeit "symbolic". They certainly dressed up as Emperor and Empress and sat together.

Now, I am not suggesting that there was anything physical between Kripalani and Radhi Rajwani. A bond or exchange of energy does not need to be physical to exist. However, on the basis of my own experience in this area, I would Kripalani spiritual or emotional cut off and divorced her and that women, especially, are sensitive to such breaking of bonds. Frankly, unless she was glad to get rid of him, I think it must have killed her.

The saddest thing, as usually, is that seeking the religion of truth is forbidden by the BKWSU. Even the discussion of truth is disallowed.

Just how we are going to build an Age of Truth on lies is beyond me.

I hear Madhuban is in the process of both re-writing the Murlis to remove all the anomalies and re-writing yet another "official" history now that Adi Dev has been proven to be false. Constructing another truth.

Is there any hope on the horizon of it being real and a mature one this time? How are the Saligram team's effort getting on?
As soon as souls indulge in vice, they experience bad omens. Their intellect is locked up. This is an incognito, severe punishment. Then such souls would never be able to say, "God says that lust is the greatest enemy". SM 2003/09/02

Post Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:45 pm

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Did anyone else notice a reference to Yashoda in the 1938 Om Mandli report? It reports
Bhaibund Om Mandli Committee wrote:
It is sad to note that even Bhai Lekhraj's wife, who is supposed to be steeped in deep spiritual exultation, used foul and abusive language against the Members of the Committee who said not a word in return.

What do we make of this?

Yashoda is generally portray as being an ordinary woman of simple faith who, despite non-BK academics suggesting that it was actually her family Vallabhacharyan sect from which Lekhraj took much of his religion keynotes as Lekhraj did not have much of a religious inclination at all, quickly slipped into the background and engaged in mundane tasks whilst Lekhraj took the 20 year old shining star Radhika as his eternal and heavenly wife.

This refers suggests that perhaps she, or her mouth, was a bit of a liability to the cult?

Do we know when Om Radhe actually joined the Om Mandli and how quickly she rose within the ranks?

BTW, Avyakt7 despite starting personal and onesided attacks in public appears to have switched off his private messaging system.

Can someone point out to him that I am still trying to address issues with him in private in a Brahmin manner?
As soon as souls indulge in vice, they experience bad omens. Their intellect is locked up. This is an incognito, severe punishment. Then such souls would never be able to say, "God says that lust is the greatest enemy". SM 2003/09/02

Post Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:05 pm

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What about if I tell you that the "Bhaibund Om Mandli Committee " are throwing "personal and onesided attacks in public"? and that what "you make out" out of that is complete slander... Can you prove me wrong?

Let us remember your quoted: " Article 19 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Just to throw that into the mix.

Post Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:30 pm

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We have one witness statement. I can provide others. Are your counter witnesses reliable and do they have a track record of honesty and objectivity?

Unfortunately, no. Quite the opposite. We have decades of written evidence, in numerous languages, that proves they are not. That they fabricate and chop and change God's words.

Let's avoid wasting money on lawyers over libels (libel is in writing, slander is spoken) but put the seniors in witness stand.

Why did they fabric the history and did they really think they could get away with it? I suppose they did when Destruction was going to happen in WWII, 1950, 1976 or the mid-1980s.

Personally, I don't think it is enough that BKs and the BKWSU follows the Kali Yuga law and general ethics. I feel their ethics should be higher than the fag end of the Cycle?

Is that really so wrong to think? Please explain why?

[FYI, A "declaration" means nothing (and, frankly, the United Nation is not that political important). It is not a treaty nor a law. it is just an idea. Was it intended to give individuals the right to be entirely wrong, damaging or malicious?]
As soon as souls indulge in vice, they experience bad omens. Their intellect is locked up. This is an incognito, severe punishment. Then such souls would never be able to say, "God says that lust is the greatest enemy". SM 2003/09/02


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