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The case for revising the BK diet from lacto-vegetarian to vegan

Post Sat Jan 23, 2016 8:45 pm

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Thanks for creating a thread for this topic, Simon. I think it's an important one.

The Brahma Kumaris have been "pure" vegetarian since Brahma Baba's time. This was likely inspired by bhakti and the scriptures, but was also presumably a decision based on principles of non-violence. We typically follow a set of disciplines designed to minimise any negative karma, generate good fortune, keep our hearts and minds open and compassionate, and enable us to become free and to free others from suffering. Veganism completely supports this.

In the 1930s when our yagya began the world was a very different place and taking cows milk may have been quite benign. Especially in India where cows and other animals were part of peoples homes and families. However, due to the skyrocketing demand for meat, eggs and milk, we have seen the development of factory farming. Factory farming is a sophisticated and hidden way of horribly exploiting animals en masse. One of the most exploited animals is the dairy cow. I am happy to elaborate in another post. I just thought we should begin with a general welcome post.

As we find out more about this horrible industry, many BKs are now adopting a vegan lifestyle (and diet, but it is more than a diet). Even though there is quite a vegan movement in the BKs, there are some who still have questions about it. This forum was created as a place to discuss the questions BKs may have.

I look forward to our discussion!
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Post Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:44 am

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I can’t say that I believe in Veganism. It seems to become another external label that people take on – some wearing this label may already be brooding how to respond simply by reading that someone disagrees with their dress (label), without pausing to read what is yet to come….I remember as a child going to a relatives farm and each morning the cow would walk itself across to the milking area when we came outide. She was a very friendly cow who stayed in the paddock next to the farmhouse with her calf. She seemed to really enjoy the relationship with the person milking her – there was a nice bond between them. So in that context, I can’t say that I am absolutely against the consumption of any milk. I’m not. I wish I could still get that nice warm fresh milk :)
Even though I personally choose not to take milk products where there is mass farming for diary, I don’t consider myself vegan and don’t consider veganism to be an aspirational state. I see it as a renunciation cop out that I have adopted because I don’t want to start my own ethical diary herd. If I really loved the cows enough, I think that would be a great thing to do – but I’m busy and probably lack the skills. If everyone became vegan over night, that would also create an issue for the cows :) It is such a shame the consumption of diary has become synonymous with funding animal cruelty. Even India that allegedly loves the cow is torturing her (there may be some exceptions in more rural settings).

Post Mon Jan 25, 2016 3:44 pm
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Even where cows are treated well the question has to be asked, what about the bulls? The chances of a calf being a bull or a cow are 1:1, from what I can tell. In the past bulls may have been useful for hauling ploughs etc but now they have no use except for slaughter with a tiny minority kept for breeding.

Post Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:25 pm

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Being a vegan in the BK can be more difficult for those who are surrendered and who don't choose their own food and eat whatever are given. Refusing may be seen as insult and they may eat out of courtesy.

In the milk industry also there is variety. There are such companies that go and gather milk from the small farmers who usually treat their cow nicely with a bond like to a members of their own family and there is the cruel machinery on the other hand. The question is, if we had the perfect farm with cows treated well etc. if they are not to be slaughtered, with all good food and no chemicals etc. would we eat milk then.

For me it is a health issue. When I eat milk I don't feel well. They say in early age our organism stops producing the enzyme that deals with milk and we just struggle digesting it.

But it is a cultural matter too. Cows are so very peaceful and nice animals, maybe the association with them brings some positive impact on humans too.

I was in one farm that is very close to the perfect one. Still cows are there kept in captivity, they are being tied at one place all the time and when the time for milking comes they force the calf away from the mother so that we can have some milk too. It does not look good.

There is the argument that if a cow is not milked it suffers, but I think it comes with the milking by man. Naturally cow would produce as much milk as for the calf, or does she has in mind some few people to feed too.

They feed them hormones and antibiotics too.

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