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ex-l at wrote:
In my day, most of these BKs would not be consider full BKs and someone like learningspirit would be looked down upon with pity for not realising the importance of this time and surrendering. He would be sidelined and a bit of an embarrassment. And certainly, he nastiness would no be tolerated. If he spoke like he does on that forum, he would have been asked to leave and then locked out of the centre. It happened.

Which makes me ask again, why do the BKs in that forum tolerate him? It's because they enjoy what he expresses. So how spiritual does that make them?

I would like to comment this. I suppose, although I do not represent this forum, that Learningspirit is not only "tolerated", but respected in this forum, because this forum is open to everyone that is civilized enough to stay. Unfortunately that has not been your case, ex-l!

Also, the reason why Learningspirit is respected as a user of this forum, is certainly not because he is against ex-l's campaign or pro-BK, because Pink Panther fully supports, and is still just as respected as LS. If ex-l was speaking the truth, Pink Panther wouldn't be "tolerated", but I rather enjoy discussing with him! And I never saw anyone propose that he be banned.

It's time to see that not everyone is a totalitarian dictator as you are, ex-l. Not everyone bans half the users that have ever joined the forum like you did at This forum has one of the lowest ban rates out there, only one user! Guess who?

Not every administrator needs to "tolerate" a user in order for them to stay around, like ex-l does. Some of them just respect free speech and free opinion within the forum's topic.

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Thank you EM. Its not only intolerance but goes to demonstrate how BKInfo manipulates people in to being prejudiced without any sense of rationality.

Here is a classic example from the recent thread

SI on BKinfo wrote:
learning spirit wrote:
A person that makes such a claim either knows very little about BK, or is deliberately lying. Since the beginning of BK at the 1930s, BKs always had the practice to do physical exercises and always considered it to be good and healthy, and they still do.

SI has quoted me as above without realizing that I never made the above comment :roll:

And with pre-set prejudice, ex-L and SI then jump to conclusions and apart from what EM has quoted above the below comments below were also in response to something that I didn't quote :lol: ; well I could only laugh at their naivety on all of this...

I think learning spirit does not follow BKism strictly or he just denies everything that exposes it.

No, Living Spirit admitted they do not follow Shrimat. From a BK point of view, that gives them very low status. ....why do the BKs permit such a poor reflection of BKism?

It's easy for Learning Spirit to prove us wrong, just show us where it say so

LS, save yourself or wait for some more future births, you will yourself expose BKism.

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