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EM wrote:
No, a religion is defined by what it is and all of its beliefs in the due proportion of their importance, regardless of whether or not they are shared by other religions.

A Murli point that says there is benefit in keeping your mind with God is BK and is a Murli point, despite you saying the opposite. It's also the most important Murli point for all BKs, and the Murli itself says so.

I agree with this fully. This is what is a skewed representation at BKInfo.

PP, regarding the point about what distinguishes the BKs is at the level of theory. One size doesn't fit all. Different people like different aspects of BKism and not everyone buys into it because of the distinguishing factors at Gyan level or theory.
Its the total package. For example you would argue that 5000 years and destruction are the only factors that define BKism but my argument is that you remove them and it won't have much effect on the practice. The practice of soul consciousness, meditation, daily lifestyle, belief in a form of God, a spiritual family culture and many other factors matter more at a practical level to people.

Yes most of the religions have a lot in common with BKism but the difference is really the practice. If you have to really find distinguishing factors that you have to compare a set of thousands of people from religions and BKs in what they practice and not what they preach !


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