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A similar incident had happened when I had become member of ex Bk forum ( Ex-l assumed and also stated that "I(mbbhat) was sent by BKWSU to tackle the posts in the forum". Even if I had said "No" it was not easy to make them believe. [I had seen the forum accidentally in google search and thought of writing there]. Even if I had mentioned specifically, some others also did not agree and assumed differently for the initial few months.

Such are usually doubtful intellects because of their always negative thinking regarding these issues(about Bks).

Let the souls rest in peace.
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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SI on BK info wrote:
Well, I have seen the specifics that people bring here, you can see it too. Alright just read this particular case, " Non-stop remote viewing and abuse" in which a user is haunted by BK pret (ghost) for 15 years. Can you give some Gyan to her? Certainly her life is in this condition after she left BK system

The best solution to her is already offered by PP on that forum. There is nothing else that can be explained on the phenomenon.

PP on BK info wrote:
Your posts here indicate a situation that none here can help you with. Many suggestions have been made. I for one have spent time in communication with people from this forum trying to give support in private communication but realised that with some of them I wasted my time as all they do is repeat their problems and do nothing about it. Words are nothing if not followed by actions. You have to take practical steps to help yourself.

What is ridiculous is that despite that, some people on BK info think they are experts and can help such a complex case and keep giving some "Gyan" without understanding the repercussions..
If you have started believing that a Live BK can haunt someone for 15 years as a ghost and can view her all the time...well to be honest I find this as absurd...there can be no rational explanation for this and this needs to be examined by right experts..people like you or with prejudices can jump quickly to conclusion that this is the doing of the BK system but if that were the case then this shouldn't have been one isolated case and there should have been many more cases of such ghost following. This is a very individual specific problem and in such cases, last thing one can do is to re-inforce the psychological problems that lady is facing by igniting that deep resentment/fear further without knowing what the real cause of such complex issues are...please for God's sake we need to only wish her well and advise to take support of experts. There is absolutely no "Gyan" that she needs right now from you or me...

BTW, there is no point of a prolonged cross-forum dialog as the readers get confused so I am not going to go into every topic you raise any longer..

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I think the accusation that BKs send ghosts to haunt people shouldn't even be answered. Just answering means admitting that there is any value to such a question. If a reader can't tell most of people are nutters just by reading their posts, I doubt the cognitive capacity of such a reader.

If I posted on a christian forum saying that Jesus haunts me when I go to sleep, will they take it seriously or take me as a crazy person? There's no reason for that applying differently for BKs.

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Idea is not to defend or explain on such accusations. It's just to show how people who accuse others of manipulating innocents get manipulated into believing all allegations at face value.

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I didn't mean to criticise your post, I just meant that the kind of arguments against BK taken seriously by guys is for the most part not even worth addressing. But by all means I am not against anyone expressing their opinions/arguments about them.

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I think the accusation that BKs send ghosts to haunt people shouldn't even be answered. Just answering means admitting that there is any value to such a question. If a reader can't tell most of people are nutters just by reading their posts, I doubt the cognitive capacity of such a reader.
The photo on the home page of the new BK site - many people standing on steps in front of om shanti bhawan - has two particular people in that group, both ”double videshi” that I know first hand were also seriously ”haunted” and only since their encounters with BKism.

Both young men (at the time) . One of them I shared a room with in Mt Abu - probably the same season that photo is taken. He would talk in his sleep, getting more agitated telling someone (IMO aspects of his own unconscious) to leave him alone and get out etc. He'd sleep walk, wake up in the night away from the room. I took to observing him (as i couldn’t get proper sleep) and then, when i wanted to sleep, would answer him in his conversation, playing the other’s part. eg he’d say ”go away, leave me alone” and I’d say ”OK I am going now” and he’d settle down and sleep - and so could I.

TBH I was a little mischievous and played with him in those ”conversations” - something I learnt to do with a school friend who also talked in his sleep when we had sleepovers at his or mine - but I won’t go into that now. When I raised it with him after a few days, (when he was alert and awake in the daytime!) he said it happened to him in certain ”places" and Mt Abu was one of them, and he believed it was ghosts / spirits / lost souls - but even then, while i was a pukka BK I didn’t think so. It all seemed too ”neat” and shaped to his personality.

The other guy, I shared a house with him for a while. He used to have horrendous, sometimes very vocal, experiences of incubus & sucubus type creatures harassing him in his sleep. (I swear it wasn't me your honour!) It was vivid and real, and BK life became unbearable for him. Within a few months of my knowing him, maybe two years after he’d become a BK, his state of mind was ”gone” and, fortunately for him, he left that house and the BKs.

There are two german guys in that shot too that i know were ‘troubled” if not necessarily ”haunted".

The ”distant viewing” lady who write on that thread at - she presents similarly. Ex-L’s suggestions, that she see ethical psychic/spiritualist healers, is working on the basis that one should treat the symptoms as they present i.e. if she thinks ”it" is a "person” - bodyless or embodied - then, regardless of whether it is or if it’s something psychological, the form of manifestation can be the key to the resolution. Especially as mediocre psychologists probably lack the imagination and/or training to deal with certain conditions.

But they may have even been very good psychologists, but no number of them can change the light bulb unless it is amenable to change. And one thing that affects how amenable a person is to being helped is conditioning and belief systems. There are many other cases too that I’d heard of anecdotally in my (not inconsiderable ) time as a BK. The BKs, along with the whole pre-BK religious conditionings and culture, have a lot to answer for in these three cases I mentioned here. i.e it sustains the edifice. Sure, a non-religious person’s pathology would present somewhat differently, and could be treated differently (if treatable) but the ”types’ or "archetypes” will be similar.

And you all have to ask the question about your own and all such ”spiritual-cum-spiritualist” experiences - whether benign, benevolent or malevolent - what really is going on? Who was that masked man? In terms of its origins, is a subjective state brought on by positive affirmations and re-iterations of beliefs any different in its relationship to "reality" than that lady Chandneebhen’s fearful states? All self-induced states, ecstatic or fearful, are they not based on one or other personal or learnt method, and whether they’re believed to be god- or daemon- inspired, they are whatever you believe them to be? Is not the narrative you "click with" the one you ”know to be true’ while others’ narratives are only ”beliefs”?

There is a deeper wave than this...

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Ex-l's distortion of what I say to make it seem I am an evil fanatic is so much that I feel it's not necessary to answer. But since I'm stupid enough, I will answer one more time.

I never called a person who hears ghost voices and thinks it's a living BK person a "nutter". I certainly believe that person has a mental illness but I never called him/her any names. Who I called "nutter" are the default users who actually believe or pretend to believe the ghost story is true just because it serves as one new negative way to view the BK, when otherwise they would have to keep repeating over and over again the same old discourse.

Anything negative that anyone says about BK in is taken seriously. This shows what great and noble criteria of truth they have, which is "whatever portrays BK as negative must be true and what doesn't, must be false".

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Well what do they have otherwise apart from the same old one page long boring and thousand times repeated exaggerated messages from ex-L!

A ghost seemed to have given new lease of life to BKinfo; ex-L and someone new called SI who seems to be under some sort of delusion of being on a rescue mission even teaching westerners Gayatri mantra to get rid of Ghosts.. 8-) 8-)

I actually find it hilarious these days when I read some of the BK info posts...Look at this one where some good advice is offered however look at the extreme people have gone into...

Question posed on BK info by someone who is newly married to someone who believes in BKism and wasn't told about it by the family (without any mention to the degree of belief or whether Pukka BK etc):
Please some one help me, how can I change him?

And here are some of the answers:

After beating all the typical anti-BK trumpet in those page long posts, ex-L goes to the extent of
If you have to divorce them, then make sure you take as much money and property off them to make your life secure.
Lastly, according to the Hindu Marriage Act, you have legal rights. One of those is the right to stay together, the other is to void the marriage.

And without offence to PP, he comes up with a stylish one:

It could be the husband is gay - why not? Many gays in the BKs - marriage gives a good appearance in traditional societies.

On a lighter side -> BKism and BKinfoism are two opposite ends. In BKism, BKs would put so much efforts to convert a non-believer to a believer and in BKinfoism its just the opposite and they would go to any extent. Lot of people however need moderate solutions in life and none of them.

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ex-L on BKInfo wrote:
The Anonymous Cowards at the BK forum, 'LyingSpirit' and 'EasilyDeluded', continue to attack us from a forum they refuse to allow me to defend us within...................
They obviously don't understand Indian society and the value and meaning of all this, and they obviously have zero care and compassion for woman in question ...

For a moment I thought ex-L is a real name and not anonymous when insulting us like above...
..Hypocrisy #1

And I also thought BKinfo allows all those who have positive opinions of BKs or criticize BKinfo / ex-L.............but ...
..Hypocrisy #2

And regarding the comment on Indian society->
Well the woman is already in safe hands -isn't it? The great rescuer and certified counselor ex-L who understands the Indian society and culture in-depth (which means limited exposure to BKs) has already advised in the first go to a newly wed in an arranged marriage set-up to consider hypocritical !
..Hypocrisy #3

well actually the way ex-L reacts in such baby like manner exposes his propaganda only more...

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Ex-L wrote:
...continue to attack us from a forum they refuse to allow me to defend us within.

Actually we have a sub-forum especially for banned users to do just that. So far we have only banned Ex-L. So "us", in the above sentence, should read "me".


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