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Evidence linking Ex-L to various Wikipedia accounts

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The website lists all the accounts Ex-L may have used from 2005 to the present day. But how can I be so sure that they are all the same person? Most of the sock puppet reports I filed relied initially on behavioural similarities. Most of the time Ex-L never usually discusses who he is or where he came from. However, occasionally he makes an exception. Below are some statements he has made where he admits to being behind other accounts.

Ex-L on the Wikipedia Review forum

When Ex-L was indefinitely blocked under name "Lucyintheskywithdada" he created an account on the now-inactive Wikipedia Review forum. He took the issues he had on Wikipedia, which were centred around Japanese and BK articles, plus his personal conflicts with various editors and admins onto the forum.

It didn't take long for one Wikipedia admin, who also had a forum account, to address him.

UserB wrote:
You haven't shown anything regarding Rlevse other than that he made one mistake for which he apologized and which had no effect on the correctness of his decision. That's it. Period.

You had an account - Lucyintheskywithdada. You chose not to use it and chose instead to edit war using multiple IPs and began harassing editors you disagreed with. That's why you were blocked.

Your wild accusations and conspiracy theories are unconstructive and laughable.

In this post on Wikipedia review there are some interesting admissions.

Cock-up-over-conspiracy wrote:
They(sic) Brahma Kumaris adherents all refused mediation. I took it to arbcom.

This immediately identifies him as The mediation request he is referring to was not responded to by any other editor. I can't speak for anyone else but I didn't respond because I wasn't active at that time on Wikipedia. Here is the corresponding arbitration request.

Cock-up-over-conspiracy wrote:
All arbcom could see is that I once discussed on Wiki ... with a real life acquaintance ... that one of the cult members was using his work computer to tag team on the Pee-dia. A federal crime as the equipment was state owned.

Here he is referring to the finding of fact by arbitration that he had made a threat. It was this threat that earned him a one year site ban from Wikipedia. Which he evaded, as we shall see.

Cock-up-over-conspiracy wrote:
BTW, the name 'Lucy in the Sky with Dada' refers to concerns Simon has spoken about regarding the damage his abuse of LSD caused his brain. Dada is their God Man.

I can't find what I said but I'm sure it was said in quite a light-hearted way. I'm amazed at what Ex-L managed to make of it. Anyway, thanks for the confirmation that Cock-up-over-conspiracy is indeed Lucyintheskywithdada.

Lucyintheskywithdada also revealed that he operated the accounts LWachoski and AWachoski.

Lucyintheskywithdada wrote:
I would not try to be a smart-ass to win an argument Anthon, unless you do your homework well. I lost the password, requested to change it/the name to Awachowski. Those names were both diallowed because of their similarity to "living people". Wachowski is actually fair common Polish name, so that decision was churlish. It ignored what I had requested admins to sort out for me. Here are your diffs [4] [5]. I am not pursing any sockpuppet accounts and have been entirely open about the then necessary name change.

Sounds perfectly reasonable, until one looks at the first edit LWachoski made on 25th August 2007. The one year ban of started on 12 January 2007. Definitely didn't wait a year. Even Lucyintheskywithdada started editing on 26 December 2007 which is slightly less than a year.

Normally, defying a ban issued by the arbitration committee results in the ban being reset or extended to indefinite. However it didn't happen in this case.

But was Ex-L responsible for all those sockpuppets I reported? Here's one confirmation.
Cock-up-over-conspiracy wrote:
Actually, I just keep editing and making new pages when I feel like it ... this is one that was me. Note the elegant, intelligent and worthy new pages created that still stick ...

The Golden Circle (T-C-L-K-R-D)

The cultist keep latching onto and working which ever 'new to the topic' admin stumbles upon it, sucking their goodwill dry until they lose interest, or see through what he is up to.

Like our own NuclearWarfare here. I found that ironic given their spirit guide predicts their religion will end in Nuclear Warfare.

And here is the sockpuppet report.

It also reveals his stragey to wear down admin's patience until the can't be bothered any more. Which I guess is where we are now, right? ;)

So what is the scale of sockpuppetry involved here? This post gives some clue.

Cock-up-over-conspiracy wrote:
Certainly, I have had "indefinite bans" handed out like free lollipops at a pedophiles' convention for either 'no good reason at all' or quite clearly 'strategic reasons'.

How about "block evasion" being one very good reason??

Link between Ex-L and Wikipedia accounts

OK. So is Lucyintheskywithdada, The Golden Circle and a few others. But what evidence is there that any of these accounts are Ex-L? Probably a good place to start is the evidence presented in the Arbitration case. Although a lot of the links have expired there is still enough live evidence to establish a good degree of certainty.

Firstly there is the activity of the IP address on the bkinfo site. There is an installation of Wikimedia on the site, the same software that Wikipedia uses.

Here we can see a post asking a technical question regarding the installation of Mediawiki by From this we can deduce that he is involved in the installation of this software. Something a site admin would normally do. We can also see that made a lot of contributions to the wiki on the bkinfo site.

There is also another admission on the BKWSU talk page. wrote:
Thank you for the best advertizement that we have ben given in a long time, Luis.

Would any individuals interested in reading Raja Yoga teachings in their original form, the Murlis, please log in anonymously and down them from the address given above before the BKWSU tries to shut the server down. 00:35, 11 October 2006 (UTC)

Ex-L and have always maintained that he is only one of a team of admins on the bkinfo site. Unless there is someone else on the bkfino site as prolific as either Ex-L and the various on-Wiki accounts, which there isn't, I think it is safe to assume that it is the same person. That is the name of the person who responded to the domain name dispute.

Link between Ex-L and Januarythe18th and other accounts

Then of course we have this startling admission made ten days after JanuaryThe18th got blocked on Wikipedia.
Ex-L wrote:
The BKs have been fighting for years to gain control of the Wikipedia BKWSU page and turn it into an advert for their religion. Recently a coordinated team of them managed to have me banned yet again. I mean, they spent about 95% of their time twisting facts and snitching, and putting in Admin complaints against me until finally they lucked out.

Then later in the thread, two days after Truth_is_the_only_religion was blocked:
Ex-L wrote:
I am well beyond frustration about the BKs having me banned time and time again, it's more just a combination of an ethical issue for me, and sport.

Ex-L's first ever Wikipedia account, Mitsu

One interest account that sprang up in March 2010. What is interesting about the Mitsu account is that it first started editing in 2005. Not only that but Mitsu edited articles that were also edited by and Lucyintheskywithdada; Veganism and Café racer respectively. Then the Mitsu account jumped to life in 2010 in just the same way as Ex-L's other socks were at the time. I think it unlikely that the account was hijacked based on the supporting similar subject areas. Also looking at the continuous associated accounts there is a clear and gradual transition from his early interest in veganism and biking to the Brahma Kumaris.

The Mitsu account shows a continuity between the pre-history of the Brahma Kumaris article and the sockpuppets being produced by the bucket load in 2010.

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