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Dadi Janki's Class - 19th January 2016 – Shantivan

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Dadi Janki - 19th January 2016 – Shantivan
When there is only Baba the soul is free
Baba is so sweet and He loves us children so much. Our effort is to only see Baba, our Father. I am a soul and my Father is the
Supreme Soul. Everyone’s part is their own. No one is alike but all are renunciates and all are lovely. You are tapaswis and you
follow Shrimat. We are free from following the dictates of others and the dictates of our own minds. We don’t walk according to
our own will - on one side is Baba and on the other side is drama. Baba has made us belong to Him and has given us the
knowledge of the drama. This knowledge of the drama allows ustp remain detached and gives us the right to attain God’s love.
We say, ‘My Baba’ and Baba says’ My children’. In the entire cycle it is only once that Shiv Baba enters the body of father Brahma.
Baba is with us and we are with Him. We have the entire knowledge in our awareness; it is very clear in our intellects and so we
have no questions about anything. You all are sitting in the Diamond Hall to become a diamond from a shell. Before we belonged
to Baba our lives were not valuable. Baba enables us to experience the difference between the value of a diamond and the value
of a shell. Baba tells us that this is the most valuable time. Let there not be any waste thoughts. Baba makes our intellects pure
and elevated and we stop seeing defects. We all have our own specialities and everyone has their own transformation. Everyone
has realised what reality is and everyone knows their own value.
Yesterday Baba’s vision was on us and there was only one relationship of the children and Baba. This relationship is only at the
Confluence Age and it gives so much happiness – we experience supersensuous. We remain light and receive might. We have all
the powers.
All the eight powers work on the basis of knowledge. Since the day Baba established this Yagya it is our fortune that we have
seen, from the how Shiv Baba made father Brahma an instrument. He is the Innocent Lord, the Bestower of Blessings but He
doesn’t come into the cycle of birth and death and so he made Brahma Baba an instrument. He may be the corporeal medium but
he is wonderful. He is so lovely, so sweet.
Yesterday, when Baba came in the evening He made everyone peaceful through His drishti. There was so much peace and
silence. Thousands were sitting. There was no noise. It is a wonder. There is infinite happiness when we go beyond sound. Baba
teaches us this so nicely. It is not necessary to come into sound. We have to remain peaceful and loving and we are now creating
the sanskars of peace and happiness. The heart is very peaceful. We don’t have other thoughts. It is such a wonder of Baba.
Baba is the Intellectual of the intellectuals. The intellect should be peaceful and have only two words of Baba’s – Manmanabhav:
the body is here - where is the mind? The mind is in <anmanabhav. And madyajiabhav – the inheritance, the reward in the Golden
Age. Baba resides in the Supreme Abode, in the land of peace, the land of nirvana and we have to go and reside there. When we
have this practise we can go to the land of happiness.
Dadi would like to live to see the birth of Shri Krishna. She wishes to see who will give birth to him. Lakshmi and Narayan will
grow up and rule the kingdom but everyone loves Krishna. Brahma Baba had a vision of Shri Krishna and we also have visions of
Shri Krishna. We are the children and are becoming sensible. We understand the depths of knowledge. It is very good to go into
the depths of knowledge rather than knowing knowledge on a gross level.
When there are only a few human beings remaining the birth of Shri Kishna will take place. This is very deep knowledge and Baba
has given this deep knowledge to us. Shri Krishna will take birth in this same world. We don’t have questions in our minds about
how Krishna will take birth and how destruction will take place. We know that Krishna will take birth in the Golden Age and that the
Golden Age is about to come. When there are innumerable religions Baba comes and removes unrighteousness and teaches us
what is right and what is wrong; what is day and what is night; what is profit and what is loss. What is of benefit and what is of no
benefit. Baba has made our intellects very good.
Dadi is said to havethe most stable mind in the world. Some years ago she was tested on a machine in the UK and then travelled
to Canada where she was tested again and then went to Australia where they also tested her. On all occasions her brain worked
well even after a long flight to Australia. This was due to Baba. Then, on returning to India Dadi answered questions and she
naturally gave the right answers. They put Dadi in a dark room to see if she got scared or not and she told them that she belongs
to Baba and will not get scared.
Baba sometimes the children’s test through someone or another. He is detached and loving and makes us the same. Many
wonders can happen when we are detached and loving.
Baba, Baba, Baba – when there is nothing else in the heart and mind the soul becomes free.
Om Shanti

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