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Why no one can return home in the middle?

Post Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:29 am
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Some of the sannyasis are very staunch, firm ones who have knowledge of the brahm element. They too leave their bodies while just sitting somewhere. Here, the Father explains to you that you have to return home when you have become pure. Those people leave their bodies when they choose. However, it isn’t that they go into liberation or liberation-in-life when they leave their bodies; no. They still have to return here, but their followers believe that they went to Nirvana. The Father explains: Not a single one can return home; it isn’t the law. The tree definitely has to grow. You are now sitting at the confluence age. All other human beings are in the iron age. You are becoming part of the deity community. Those who belong to your religion will continue to come. There is the genealogical tree of the deities there. Here, they have changed or been converted into other religions. They will emerge once again. Who else would fill their space there? They will definitely come back here to fill their own space. These are very subtle matters.

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Adding few more points:-

1)Baba has said- "By remembering (just) Brahm tatw (incorporeal world), sins will not get destroyed" [as there is no self realization. Because the tatw gyaani saints do not consider themselves a soul, they just consider that everything had been part of the brahm element all these things are illusion or formed from it, and will merge in it. So, their concentration or effort is hathayog(forced), not natural one. So, the karmic account does not get cleared.

2)Trance Message No. 08 (soon after 18th Jan 1969) - Pg 10 of Hindi Book :- Fir Baba ne dikhaayaa jaise ek chakr ke andar bahut chakr dikhaayi padey. Chakr kaa dhang aisey banaayaa thaa us chakr se nikalney 4-5 raastey dikhaayi padey, parantu nikal na paaye. Sirf B Baba kaa yah dikhaayaa ki chakr may chalte2 point(zero) par khadey huye, nikley naheen. Baba ne samjhaayaa ki yah drama kaa bandhan hai. Brahma bhee drama ke circle se nikal naheen saktey. Us zero point tak pahuch gaye, lekin phir bhee drama kaa meethaa bandhan hai. ....

= Then Baba showed a scene in which there were many circles inside a circle. There were 4-5 ways to get out of them, but no one could get out. B baba only was shown standing at point(centre or zero), but (even he) could not get out. Baba said this is bondage of drama. Even B baba cannot come out of circle of drama. He reached the zero point. Even there is sweet bondage of drama. ......
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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