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[new murli student] Short-list 50 MUST KNOW murli words :)

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....for the non-hindi speaking souls

  • Adi Dev = The first male deity, another name for Brahma
  • Adi Devi = The first female deity, another name for Mama =
  • Alpha & beta - These are the first two words in the alpabet. Shiv Baba and the Inheritance are the first two words we have to learn
  • Ashram - abode of a hermit/devotee; refuge; sanctuary
  • Avyakt - Literally means non-gross, non-physical. Commonly means angelic
  • Bhatti - Literally: Furnace; (1) Collective intensive meditation for a few hours (2) "The bhatti had to be created at the beginning": The gathering which lived together at the start of the yagya with a deep emphasis on spiritual efforts is also referred to as a bhatti.
  • Confluence Age - Sangam Yug = meeting age = when the soul gets to meet with the Supreme. Happens in parallel with the Iron age.
  • Dharana - Inculcation - using points of knowledge in practical life
  • Dil - Heart; DilWala - One who has conquered the heart; The Father has won everyone's heart at the confluence age
  • Drishti - Literally vision. vibrations transmitted through the eyes of a yogi which can be perceivcd by another soul and draw thal toul into a state of yoga
  • Faith in the intellect - as opposed to doubt in the intellect

  • Full stop - See ... f=22&t=242
  • Gyan - literally means "knowledge". We use it to refer to knowledge given to us by Baba
  • Hum so, so hum – As I was, and so I shall become once again. In the light of knowledge, I was a deity and will become that once again. On path of devotion some also take this to mean that “I am God”
  • Intellects yoga - what you are being pulled to think or mull about
  • Achcha - Interjection: all right; OK; Adjective: good
  • Jagadamba [ World (Jagad) Mother (Amba) ] and Saraswati [Goddess of knowledge] are memorials of Mama. She will become Lakshmi [Goddess of wealth, empress of golden age
  • Karanhaar - The one who does a task
  • Karavanhaar - The one who inspires to get a task done, usually referring to Shiv Baba. See viewtopic.php?f=25&t=116&p=713&hilit=karanhaar#p713 for more discussion
  • Karankaravanhaar - The one who inspires AND gets it done.
  • Kalpa - One cycle, duration is 5000 years
  • Karmateet - ... f=22&t=228
  • Kumar/ Kumari = Dictionary definition: (a) a kumar is an unmarried youth or man (b) a child or boy (of very young age); Kumari is a young unmarried virgin girl. Usage is more like son and daughter in the sense Brahma Kumar = Son of Brahma; Brahma Kumari = Daughter of Brahma
  • Liberation (mukti) - To be in the soul world, liberated from all the sorrows, in complete peace and bliss

  • Liberation in life (jeevan-mukti) - Golden age, where there is no bondage in life
  • Loving intellect - to God, pulled to think about God
  • Madhyajibhav - remember the one in the middle (Vishnu)
  • Mahavir - 3 meanings (1> Jain philosophy as indicated previously 2> Hanuman 3> Great Warriors (literal meaning))
  • Manmanabhv - put your mind into mine; sanskrit word that appears in the Gita as well
  • Mansa Seva - to serve through the mind, through pure wishes and good feelings
  • Master Almighty Authority - Shiv Baba is the one with ALL powers, translated as "Almighty Authority". Since we are His children we are the Master Almighty Authority.
  • Maya - Illusion. The devil or Ravan are referred to as the more gross forms of maya
  • Namaste - something like "I bow to the divine in you", and is used as a reverential greeting
  • Om Shanti - I am a peaceful soul, used as an introduction, greeting

  • Prajapita - Father of the people
  • Raazyukt - to understand the significance of everything (Literally: knower of secrets)
  • Rup-basant – roop: embodiment; basant: blossom ; roop-basant: to embody Baba's knowledge and shower it
  • Saakar = Corporeal Baba = Brahma Baba
  • Sat = True. SatGuru = The True Guru. Baba connected this with always speaking the truth
  • Satopradhan - ... f=22&t=240
  • Satsang - Literally means "Company of the Truth", used commonly to refer to a religious gathering
  • Seva - service - sharing what you have learnt and practiced through thoughts, words, interactions, etc.
  • Shivoham – On path of devotion some chant “Shivoham” which means “I am Shiva”, i.e. the incorrect belief that “I am God Shiva”
  • Shri, Shri-Shri, Shrimat: Directions - mat; Shri - elevated; Shrimat - elevated directions; Shri-Shri - doubly elevated. In the context of, "These are directions of Shri Shri Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba is giving you shrimat. How could those who don't understand this become elevated".
  • Shrimat - Elevated directions of God. In some cases it is used to describe what would Baba ask you to do in your practical situation. E.g. Shrimat for someone who has children is to take care of them as a trustee
  • Shudra - Second to lowest in caste system that was prevalent in India several years ago; Baba changes us from shudras, to brahmins, (to angels), to deities.
  • Soul consciousness - ... f=22&t=148

  • Swadarshan chakradhari -- spinner of the discus of self-realization - when the soul gets understanding of its 84 births [going around the cycle], this is known as being swa [self] darshan [vision] chakradhari [holder of discus]
  • Tamopradhan - ... f=22&t=240
  • Tapasya - intense meditation
  • Trikaldarshi - one who knows three aspects of time, i.e. past, present and future of the world cycle, and also three aspects of every action, i.e. motive, present moment and consequences, and on this basis can make a right choice to do this action or not.
  • Trinetri - The one with the Third eye (of knowledge)
  • Truth, living being, blissful - Is a famous phrase describing the nature of God-- Sat-Chit-Anand
  • Yagya - ... f=22&t=199
  • Yogyukt - to become one who is fully connected in yoga
  • Yukti – tactic; tactful method
  • Yuktiyukt - to become one who uses sound methods of doing things

1 Seated on Gods heart throne - To be loved by God, to have pleased God. To be seated on the heart means to be loved deeply by someone.
2 16 celestial degrees - ... f=22&t=150
3 5 vices - Lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego (famously known in India in hindi as kaam, krodh, lob, moh, ahankaar). Compare with the 5 elements - earth, fire, wind, water, ether RESPECTIVELY. (had heard this in a class somewhere) E.g. lust is the most gross(physical) form of vice and can be associated with earth. Anger is referred to a fire. Greed comes through hearing things. Attachment - dont remember the association with water now. Anyway hope you get the idea
4 Harmonize Sanskars - Opposite of clash of sanskars or personality. Essentially you're able to appreciate the good points in others way of thinking or doing things and take benefit from it. Baba usually compares it to a dance, and how the dancers take steps in harmony.

Please indicate more commonly-used-words that are missing

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