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Week of experiencing relationships – GOD as my most beloved

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Year of saying ‘Your’ 13-10-2013

Week of experiencing relationships – GOD as my most beloved one

Self Respect: I am the Shiv Shakti, the beloved of Shiva, am enjoying an ever blissful
married life.
(Talk to your Godly Friend like this) Thanks to O’ my Dearest One… You have accepted me as
your beloved partner. Now, nothing belongs to me anymore… this body, mind, money
everything belongs to you. I know you love a detached lover. Henceforth, I will remain free
from the body and bodily relations and remain only with you. My dear beloved, I am your
partner… your tasks are my tasks… I will help you in your divine tasks of World
Transformation through my body and mind.
Yoga Practice:
 I am the Parvati, seated in front of Amarnath. He Himself is narrating the ‘Story of
Immortality’. Be in this intoxication and listen to the Murli.
 Take the ornament of Self-awareness from the beloved Shiva during Amritvela and
wear the crowns of Purity, Virtues and Powers. Experience the decorations of these
ornaments and crown throughout the day.
 I am the Power of Shiva… I am incomplete without my beloved. I am always
combined with Him. He is filling me with all of His Powers.
Point of Inculcation: Loving the One
 ‘Always enjoying a blissful married life’ means, only the beloved in life, none other.
 The features and personality of the beloved is always visible in the eyes and the face
of the blissfully married woman.
 Loved by Shiva are the ones who are dedicated to the only One.
Point of Churning:
 What are the specialties of the wife who remembers only her husband?
 What are the attainments possible from beloved Shiva?
 How to become the beloved of Shiva?
For the Effort Makers:
O’ the great Tapaswi Souls, during this Confluence Age we Souls have found the beloved
who is imperishable. We the wives of such imperishable husband are always enjoying a
blissful married life. ‘Always married’ means absolutely pure… no trace of any vice even in
thought… It is considered to be a great sin for a married woman to have even inclination
towards any other person in thoughts or even in dream. The wife who always enjoys a
blissful married life remains in the awareness, “May I always talk to you… hear from you…
and eat with you… ”
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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