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Year of saying ‘Your’ 25-08-2013

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Year of saying ‘Your’ 25-08-2013

Week of Spiritual Exercises

Self Respect: I am the Lamp of Hope of GOD.
Parents would have lot of hope that their children would glorify their name, listen to their
instructions, and fulfill their dreams. BapDada, our parents also have lot of hope on us. They
not only have given birth to us, but also have given all those things which no other parent in the
World can ever give to their children. They have bestowed lot of love, care, and comfort upon
us. Should we not fulfill the dreams of such parents?

Yoga Practice:
BapDada: “Do you know your 5 Forms? First, the form of a Point of Light… has it come in
front of you? What a beautiful shining form! Second is the Deity form… what a beautiful and
unique form. The third and middle form is that of a Worship-worthy Deity. The fourth form is
that of a Brahmin, the dweller of Confluence Age. The final form is that of an Angel. All these
five forms are such beautiful ones. BapDada wants you to do the exercise of these 5 Forms for
5 minutes or 5 seconds over every hour.” Hence let us go to the depth of experiencing these 5
forms. As per Baba’s inspiration let us either practice this every hour or associate this exercise
with other works. In essence, let the drill of these 5 Forms continue like breath.

Point of Inculcation: Regular Spiritual Exercise
- “Do the exercise of 5 seconds or 5 minutes over every hour. Is there anyone who doesn’t
even have that much time?” – BapDada
- Baba says that, these days even Doctors ask us to exercise regularly in order to remain
healthy. Similarly, our Spiritual Doctor Shiv Baba also asks us to do the Spiritual exercise
regularly in order to remain light and healthy. Thus you will always remain light and keep

Point of Churning:
While churning on the 5 Forms, write down,
o How is my each form? What has Baba spoken regarding each of these forms?
o What are the possible visions and thoughts related to each form?
o Write down a commentary on the 5 Forms while practicing and experiencing them.

For the Effort Makers:
O’ the great Tapaswi Souls, there are Souls who are disturbed due to waste thoughts, keep
failing at times due to their weak and old Sanskars and keep wondering as how long this should
continue, are occupied in many more problems due to which their Yoga keep breaking. The
practice of 5 Forms is like an accurate and extremely powerful medicine. This not only releases
us from the whirlpool of waste thoughts, but also takes us towards our original form. This
reminds us about our original form, what are our responsibilities, how much powerful are we
and how we have been victorious over vices at every Cycle. Experience shows that the
Brahmins who have practiced these 5 Forms, their Brahmin life has become obstacle-free and
filled with happiness. Try it yourself if not believing!
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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