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Year of saying ‘Your’ 28-07-2013

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Year of saying ‘Your’ 28-07-2013

Week of being Incorporeal

Self Respect: Like the Father I too am an Incorporeal Soul.
- As Baba is Incorporeal, similarly our original form is also Incorporeal. The body is
perishable, it changes. But, we in the original form are living, imperishable and undestroyable. If we stabilize in this real form, then the perfect stage, complete stage and
Golden Age will come soon.
- “As you move ahead, the need of stabilizing in the point form within a second will
increase”. – GOD Shiva

Yoga Practice:
1. BapDada said: “From your practice of stabilizing in the point form within a second will
show where you will come – in the garland of 108 or 16000. Your daily activities will
prove your eligibility.” Hence let us increase this practice more and more. Let us practice
putting full stop and stabilizing in the Point Form at regular intervals during the day.
2. While working or moving around let us remain constantly merged in the thought that “I
am a Soul… am descended on this body… my real home is beyond the moon and stars…
my real form is a point of light… all of my brothers are also lights… my father also is the
greatest light. I have come to this World from that land of light to play different roles.
Since the Golden Age I have adopted many bodies which are like different clothes. Now I
would need to leave this perishable body here and go back to the Soul World. This
thought will help us remain in our original Spiritual Form.
Point of Inculcation: Being a Dot, remembering the Dot and putting Full Stop.
Every morning during Amritvela Baba asks us to put the Tilak of three dots. These three
points are the foundation of our lives. Those who have decorated themselves with these three
dots now, are Great Souls now and will remain such in the entire Cycle. They will always do
great things.

Point of Churning:
- Am I able to stabilize myself in the Point form within a second?
- How much time do I need to stabilize myself in that form?
- What are the reasons due to which I am not able to stabilize in that form within a second?
- What should I do to attain that stage?

For the Effort Makers:
O’ the great Tapaswi Souls, in order to become a dot within a second, you not only need
constant practice, but also the depth of knowledge. Knowledge makes our heart peaceful. By
having deep churning of the knowledge and experience, one can find even a severe problem
seems like a game. As much deep you get into the ocean, you can experience that much
stability and peace. Similarly as much you go to the depth of knowledge and Yoga, your stage
will become that much peaceful and unshakable
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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