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Year of saying ‘Your’ 09-06-2013

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Year of saying ‘Your’ 09-06-2013
Week of being World Benefactor
Self Respect: Like the Father I am the Master ‘Sorrow remover’ and ‘Happiness
“Now everywhere pain and sorrow are increasing. Hence make your form of a ‘World
Benefactor’ prominent. World benefit will naturally include benefiting the self. The
reason being, waste comes when the mind is sitting idle whereas it goes away when the
mind is busy. Hence may you all become World Benefactor Souls” - BapDada
Yoga Practice:
 “I am a World Benefactor Soul – The entire World will naturally get elevated vibration
from you when you stabilize in this awareness.” – Hence let us stabilize on the seat of
this Self-Respect throughout the day.
 Let us fix a particular time of the day for World Service. Give Sakash to the World at
least twice a day. Along with this, serve through the mind during each Traffic Control.
Let us give rays of Happiness, Peace, Bliss and Purity to all the Souls of the World
through your Angelic form. Or, take the Globe on your hand and give Sakash to the
Souls of all the Countries.
Point of Inculcation: Merciful
“Time to time BapDada reminds you of your current title being ‘World Benefactor’. Pain
and sorrow are constantly increasing everywhere. Your brothers, sisters, and family
members are getting sadder. Can’t you have mercy on them?” – GOD Shiva
Point of Churning:
- Am I satisfied with my current efforts?
- What should I do to intensify the efforts?
- Draw a literal picture of an Intense Effort Maker Soul.
For the Effort Makers:
O’ the great Tapaswi Souls, Baba says, “You can attain as much help you want from
the Father during this Confluence Age.” GOD is giving me open offer that He is
available for me to take as much I want from Him. In reality, this is the time to make
your fortune. Draw as long a line of Fortune you want from the ‘Bestower of Fortune’.
Simplify and intensify your efforts through His help. The Tapaswi Souls must ponder
upon the different types of help they could take from the Almighty Authority
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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