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Week of Disinterest

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Week of Disinterest

Self Respect: Like Brahma Baba I too have Unlimited Disinterest.
Brahma Baba became ‘Pass with Honors’ on the basis of Unlimited Disinterest. While following Baba let us too check as how much disinterested am I in (a) my own body, (b) worldly relations, (c) facilities and belongings, and (d) old habits and nature.

Yoga Practice:
 Bring Brahma Baba’s life of constant detachment in front of you. Baba’s body was always
surrendered to Shiv Baba, Baba’s mind was always merged in His love, and money was dedicated to Yagya. He had no trace of Ego… what a simple attire He used to wear, a simple hut He used to live in… absolutely disinterested from the Worldly attainments… completely merged in the
remembrance of the One. Like Him how much have I become detached and disinterested from the World? Let us check and change…
 Talk to yourself as what shall I take back from this World? Will money/wealth, land/property,
people, name, fame etc, will go with me? Those whom I consider as mine, are they really mine? The truth is, I came alone and will leave alone. Then why to have attachment with this perishable world… why to have desires?
 The fearsome scene of final destruction… everywhere around there is only the sound of painful cries… people killing each other… severe bloodshed of the innocent… attack of all the five
elements and five vices from all directions. I am watching all these scenes as a detached observer and giving salvation and support to each soul along with the World Benefactor Shiv Baba.
 Emerge the final scene; everyone is lying dead… all the Souls (points of light) are traveling towards the home. I too am leaving behind my physical body and traveling to the Supreme Abode with Baba.

Point of Inculcation: Unlimited Disinterest
- As per the need of the hour, emerge ‘Unlimited Disinterest’. ‘Unlimited Disinterested’ means being the embodiment of constant remembrance… Ego is completely erased and love for Baba is filling the self.
- When you will be in absolute Unlimited Disinterest; your attitude, vision, features, relationships, Service activities everything would reflect unlimited disinterest, then the gate of the ‘Abode of Salvation’ will open. – God Shiva

Point of Churning:
- What is the meaning of ‘Unlimited Disinterest’?
- How to maintain balance between Unlimited Disinterest, Lokik and Divine responsibilities?
- Write a paragraph on Brahma Baba’s life which was filled with Disinterest and Detachment.

For the Effort Makers:
O’ the great Tapaswi Souls, disinterest is the seed of Tapasya. Disinterest is the mother of
renunciation, Spiritual Effort and selfless Service. Disinterest is the key to making us equal to Baba.
Hence let us inculcate unlimited disinterest like Brahma Baba, bring time closer and glorify the Father in the World.
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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