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Week of Happiness

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Week of Happiness

Self Respect: I am the most fortunate soul in the World.
Eternally there is none who is more fortunate than me. I have GOD Himself with
me. He has opened the door of elevated fortune for me. If not me, then who else
should be happy?

Yoga Practice:
 Practice 5 Forms… be blissful while practicing your Deity Form. “Baba has come
to give me the Kingdom of Heaven”… be intoxicated with this awareness. “I am
being sustained by GOD”… Dance in Divine happiness by remembering your
most elevated fortune.
 Baba is with me with His thousand arms. His canopy of protection of these
thousand arms is above me.

Point of Inculcation: Remain Happy… and spread Happiness
- My Happiness is very precious whereas the problems are trifle and insignificant.
No problem in the World can destroy my Happiness. Problems will come and go;
but I can’t let go of my happiness.
- Throughout the day whoever comes in your contact, give them happiness
through few words of enthusiasm and encouragement. Fill your features with
such Divine happiness that others become happy by just seeing you.

Point of Churning:
- Why does Baba want to see us always happy?
- Why does happiness vanish off?
- Who can remain ever happy?
- What are Baba’s versions towards Happiness?

For the Effort Makers:
O’ the great Tapaswi Souls, come; let us spread the wave of happiness in the World.
Let us understand the importance of Happiness, remain free from the impact of
trifle problems and fill the heart with happiness. Let us keep churning the
knowledge… “Baba wants to see me ever happy… hence I must not make
perishable things, people, or glamour as the foundation of my happiness”.
Remember your Godly attainments and remain in such Divine Joy that, your
happiness brings Smile and joy in the sad and tired faces of others. Your happy and
shining face should become the foundation of Godly Glorification and Revelation.
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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