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Week of Tapasya

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Week of Tapasya

Self Respect: I am a great Tapaswi like Shankar
Like Shankar, burn away all of your weaknesses by the third eye of knowledge.

Yoga Practice:
 I, the powerful Soul am the Master. I the Soul perform the tasks myself and get
things done too. Keep increasing the experience of being the Master (who gets
things done).
 The Almighty Shiv Baba is my Canopy of Protection. I am completely fearless
and worriless under the Canopy of Protection of the Supreme Soul.
 The Angelic I am in the Subtle Region. BaapDada is standing in front of me. He
is spreading his thousand arms upon my head and blessing me that, “My Child, I
am always with you… you are a Victorious Jewel. Success is your birth right. You
are the Star of Success… the Diamond of the World… the Master Almighty
Authority. My Child, you are exactly same as me… ”

Point of Inculcation: Detachment
- The one, who can be always seated on the Seat of Detachment, can be a Constant
Yogi. And, the one who has the subtle knowledge of Karma along with being an
embodiment of remembrance can remain constantly detached. We should remain
detached to save the power of our thoughts.
- Remaining constantly seated on the seat of Detachment is a big Penance.

Point of Churning:
When we start attaining Spiritual happiness from penance, then onwards we have no
more desire to get anything from human beings. That is why our attention should be
towards attaining Spiritual happiness instead of name and fame. Experiences of
Spiritual happiness make us Jewels of Contentment and we start becoming detached
from the gross World. Any gross desire doesn’t let us remain in Godly remembrance.
It will make our minds wonder around. That is why, in order to become an elevated
Yogi, we must become ignorant of Worldly desires. Thus immerse yourself in deep
penance while pondering upon such subtle aspects.

For the Effort Makers:
O’ the great Tapaswis, your penance will liberate the World from grave problems.
That is why you should become embodiment of Tapasya/Penance, not the
embodiment of problems. Problems will come and go; but they should give you the
power of experience in stead of leaving you in distress. Your path of journey is
straight, simple and clear. Hence, constantly keep traveling on that path. The Success
is waiting for you with the Garland of Victory.
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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