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Week of being Carefree

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Week of being Carefree

Self Respect: I am the Master Almighty Authority… the Carefree Emperor
- What is there to worry for the one who has GOD as companion? The one whom
GOD Himself has asked to give away all the worries and anxieties and be
worriless, why can’t that one be worriless?
- Why is the eliminator of worries of the World himself worried?

Yoga Practice:
 BapDada is standing in front of you with His arms spread open and saying, “My
child, give away all your burdens to me…”
 I along with my family am seated on a huge ship… the ship is sailing in the
ocean… a severe storm is rocking our ship heavily. But I am absolutely at peace
since the Captain of my ship is GOD Himself. I and my entire family are
absolutely safe in His hands.
 Am seated on BapDada’s laps… I am feeling light, carefree and at happy on His
laps. I am having sweet chit chat with my dearest BapDada. Also, offering Him
thanks from the heart as He has taken me on His laps, has taken away all my
sorrows and worries, and creating elevated future for me.

Point of Inculcation: Always having good wishes for the self and everyone
Our good wishes give lot of power to the World. We are the World Benefactors.
Hence we can’t have negative intentions towards any one. While having good wishes
for the self, forgive yourself for your past mistakes. By this your guilty feelings will
be removed and you will be able to make intense efforts.

Point of Churning:
Talk to yourself: “O dear Soul, according to the need of the hour you should be free
from waste and increase your inner powers. You prepare yourself for the coming
time. For that you should stop worrying on trifle matters and adopt a nature of being
Carefree Emperor. Always remember, whatever is happening is good and whatever is
going to happen are even better. Everything will happen as per your wish. Hence
think positive.”

For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, the whole World is looking at you with thirsty eyes… but where
are you looking at? That day is not far when you have to relieve the entire World
from sorrow. Hence be a Carefree Emperor and become an embodiment of your
received blessing ‘Destroyer of Obstacles’. You have the power to destroy your own
and other’s obstacles. Acknowledge your powers and live like a carefree monk.
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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