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Week of being fulfilled

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Year of saying ‘Your’ 24-02-2013

Week of being fulfilled

Self Respect: I am the owner of all Godly treasures… the richest in the World!
I have all the treasures like knowledge, virtues, powers, elevated thoughts,
happiness, purity etc. with me. I am fulfilled with all these treasures. In the
world there is none more wealthy and fortunate than me.

Yoga Practice:
 During this entire season Baba is being the Ocean of Love. Baba is
showering all His love upon us. In front of Him the Soul gets merged in His
love… easily forgets the physical body and the world… the heart desires to
be seated close to Him and keep looking at Him. This time while seeing Him
in front of us let us get merged in His love and fill all the Godly treasures
within the self.
 In form of a Soul go to Baba in the Soul World… touch Him, fulfill the self
with all the virtues and powers and come back to the World to share it with

Point of Inculcation: Be happy always and spread happiness around
- Let whatever situation comes, my elevated stage is more important than the
situation. Let whatever happen, I must not lose my happiness. By virtue of
my happiness all the situations automatically will be resolved.
- It is said, “There is no better nutrition than Happiness”

Point of Churning:
- Which all things take away our happiness?
- What should we do to remain ever happy and also spread happiness?
- What are Baba’s versions on Happiness?

For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, you should prove yourself to be an Intense Effort
Maker. The proof of that is being content in all the four subjects. The one
who is knowledgeable and keeps on churning the knowledge, will be a
successful Yogi and will be able to imbibe all inculcations easily. The features
and activities of such Souls will attract other Souls towards Baba and
Services will become easy. That is why all the Effort Makers must keep
making themselves fulfilled in all the four subjects.
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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