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Week of being Self-Sovereign, hence the World- Sovereign

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Year of saying ‘Your’ 17-02-2013

Week of being Self-Sovereign, hence the World- Sovereign - 3

Self Respect: I the Soul am the master of this Body, Mind and Intellect
Being the Master of Mind and Intellect means, concentrating your Mind and Intellect
whenever, wherever and as long wanted.
Yoga Practice: We will practice concentration over this week
 “I the Soul, am seated on the throne of forehead… divine light is spreading
everywhere around from me…” Stabilize yourself in your original form. Visualize
your original form at least 25 times a day.
 Concentrate your attention on the divine form of Shiv Baba in the Soul World.
Experience the bright rays of Shiv Baba spreading over the entire universe.
 Concentrate your focus upon your perfect Angelic form… “How is my Angelic
form? It is double light, detached, bright, shining and filled with all Powers and all
 Throughout the day order your mind and intellect and experience different stages
at different situations… For example, if someone opposes or humiliates you,
order your mind not to have any waste thought and remain peaceful.

Point of Inculcation: Positive perspective
- Throughout the day practice to convert the waste thoughts into powerful ones
and make it a habit. Promise yourself that today onwards let whatever happens, I
will not allow any negative thought… rather will always think positive. This
positive thought process will become a blessing for your life.

Point of Churning:
- What is the importance of Concentration?
- Which all inculcations are essential for having Concentration?
- Which all things disturb our Concentration?
- Which all things you can you practice to increase your power of Concentration?
- Write down five Divine versions of Baba on Concentration.

For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, have elevated thoughts in order to concentrate your intellect.
Elevated thoughts are the biggest treasures. Elevated thoughts construct our
personalities and make us powerful. In order to have elevated thoughts, study
Murli and churn on the Murli points. By doing this, the mind will remain engaged
in Spiritual thoughts and hence remain happy. Along with this, it will remain
under your control too.
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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