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Year of saying ‘Your’

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Year of saying ‘Your’ 10-02-2013

Week of being Self-Sovereign, hence the World- Sovereign - 2
Self Respect: I am a Self-Sovereign; hence the World-Sovereign
I am a Self-Sovereign who rules the self. Only a Self-Sovereign becomes the WorldSovereign. Hence, be a Self-Sovereign and control your sense organs as per your

Yoga Practice:
 I the Soul, the king, am seated on the throne of forehead. Practice ‘Bodiless Stage’
at an interval of every hour.
 Every night Brahma Baba used to set the court of His sense organs. He used to
order, “O Mind, the Prime Minister, you are not doing it right… follow my
instructions and set it right… O Sanskar, do according to my instructions… why
was there an upheaval? Tell me the reason and resolve it…” Similarly every night
you too set the court of your sense organs.
 Let us get so involved that, whenever we look up, we see only the Sun of
Knowledge… and see only the Souls as shining starts when we look below. Let
nothing beyond these in the world be visible to us.
Point of Inculcation: Being free from all kind of waste like seeing or thinking about
the weakness of others
Supreme Soul:
- Remove ‘Others’ word from three things like, Seeing, Thinking, and Ideas and
pay attention to ‘Helping Others’.
- You will be rewarded by the Supreme Soul when you avoid waste and negative.
- Waste reduces the power of our thoughts and makes it weak. As a result, we
become slaves of our own sense organs instead of being the Master.

Point of Churning:
- How to control our Mind? Write 5 points of inculcation for that.
- Talk to your Mind and motivate it to move towards empowered stage.

For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, Self-Sovereign is the one who rules over both of his subtle
and gross sense organs. As much now we rule over our sense organs, that much
we will get sovereignty in future. If we can’t be constant rulers in at least 1
lifetime now, then how can we expect to rule the World over 21 lives? Hence let
us check whether we are occasional Self-Sovereigns or the constant ones? Does
the Mind control us or do we control Mind?
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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