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Week of being victorious over Mind, hence the World

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Year of saying ‘Your’ 03-02-2013
Week of being victorious over Mind, hence the World

Self Respect: I am the master of Mind... victorious over Mind, hence the whole World
I the Soul am the master of all the gross sense organs along with Mind, Intellect and
Sanskars. I have complete right over them. All of them function as per my orders.

Yoga Practice:
 I the Soul am seated on the throne of forehead. I am the Master of this body. I use the
body or become detached whenever I wish to. This body can’t restrict me. Traverse
through the entire World with this thought… sometime in the Subtle World, sometime
in the Soul World and then back to this body in the Physical World.

 I the Soul possess Divine Virtues. Knowledge, Peace, Love, Purity, Happiness, Bliss
and Powers are my own qualities. Deeply ponder and experience each of these Divine
 Spiritual Vision – throughout the day let us see everyone as Souls. Let the vision go to
the shining diamond at the forehead instead of the body. Let the Spiritual vision
become so deep such that everywhere we see only the shining diamonds.

Point of Inculcation: Free from Waste
- When we are free from waste, the speed of our thoughts becomes very slow. Due to
slow speed we can control the Mind easily and hence can become Master of the Mind
as well as the whole World.
- The lives of those who indulge in waste, go waste. Hence be free from waste.

Point of Churning:
- What is the relationship between being ‘Master of Mind’ and ‘Master of the World’?
- Who can be victorious over Mind?

For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, Baba has reminded us the phrase, “Victorious over Mind hence
victorious over the whole World”. We are Master Almighty Authorities. We have Godly
powers with us. We can control our minds by being in the awareness of ‘Embodiment
of Powers’. So, remain in the awareness of your Powers and don’t let the mind wonder
around. We will be able to control the incidents in the World when we are able to
control our minds. We will be able to control the whole World along with the elements
of nature. We will be able to convert the furious form of nature to a peaceful form. We
will be able to perform many more seemingly impossible tasks. Thus, the speed of
Godly service will magnify in multitude and we will be able to bring the day of
glorification closer. Hence we all great effort makers should practice being the rulers of
our minds.
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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