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Week of Contentment

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Week of Contentment

Self Respect: I am the Jewel of Contentment.
Baba has been repeatedly calling us as ‘Jewels of Contentment’. Hence we should be
making ourselves content. Don’t waste your great attainments due to trifle issues.
Only the content souls will remain in remembrance and be able to bring benefit to
the World and introduce many souls to the Almighty.

Yoga Practice:
1. I am the ‘Jewel of Contentment’… contentment is radiating from me… this
radiation is providing the Power of Contentment to many unsatisfied souls…
Contentment is my power.
2. I am the Deity of Contentment… every individual coming in my contact is
becoming content. I am blessing everyone, “May you be content”.
3. I the Deity of Contentment; am seated on the globe and donating peace and
contentment to everyone.

Point of Inculcation: Let go of desires
- Let there be no subtle or gross desires in heart because, no Godly attainment is
possible where there is Worldly desire…
- Desires don’t allow us to be good. Hence let go of desires and move towards
being a better individual.

Point of Churning:
- What is Contentment?
- What are the specialties and attainments of Contentment?
- What are the signs of a Content Soul?
- What are the reasons of being discontent?
- How to be a Jewel of Contentment?
- What are Baba’s versions about Contentment?

For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, we have to remain content at any cost. Let the situation be
anything, the problem be very difficult, the health be poor… in such situations
remember that these are results of our own actions and Baba is there to take care
of us. If we don’t get our desired thing, don’t get respect and fame, our qualities
not get utilized in the appropriate manner, still we must not stop, give up or get
depressed. We should not ever give up or let go of zeal and enthusiasm. Rather
we must be content souls and keep moving ahead at every sector of life.
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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