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Follow up service through the mind with actions

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[Cut pasting part of a post by Pink Panther. Open for discussion of course. I'll share my own views on this in a separate reply. Pink Panther please clarify if below excerpt does not adequately get your point across]

Pink Panther wrote:
Brahmins are trying to reveal through yoga etc that Shiv baba is the father of all souls.... Saw a drama on the TV last night set in the 1920's. The young woman is praying to God that the protestant boy who is sweet on her be granted a revelation that God is a catholic. What has she learnt or achieved other than reinforce her own beliefs?

As you meditate on a country, knowing where it is on a map or who the prime minister is does nothing for you or for them. To consider "serving" a country is to consider you know anything about what is needed. "World service through the mind" is as patronising as the christian colonialists who destroyed so many races by "serving" them. At least you aren't doing any real damage....

Sitting thinking thoughts of love and peace does more for you than for anyone else - and thats the real point of it. Follow it up with action, and humbly seek to learn from those you are nominally serving, then there is real benefit for you, not just stroking of your spiritual ego.

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