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BKs need to do more yoga

Post Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:18 pm
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To kick off this sub-forum, here is something that came up :):
"BKs need to do more yoga"

Post Fri May 25, 2012 7:43 am

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Please, substantiate the above afirmation or else, it can be taken as if you don´t know what Bks are doing or, supposed to be doing.

Thank you

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Post Sat Mar 02, 2013 5:02 pm

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Yes, precisely, BKs ultimate aim is yoga. However its not the role for all BKs. Different souls have different roles. But the ultimate aim of all roles (or role of all roles) is yoga.

Soul is life. God is the purpose of life. And yoga is how that purpose is fulfilled.

But let's not make the mistake of thinking that we ONLY need God. No, absolutely not. We need MANY things. But the only purpose of ALL of them, should be God. For example, we need to drink water. We will not stop drinking water only because we have God. Drinking water is a necessity. But we shouldn't only do what is strictly necessary. For example:

Even eating food poor in nutrients, we may survive. But poor feeding will compromise the function of the brain, and consequently of the mind. And therefore will compromise yoga. And therefore we must eat nutritious food (and satvic) if we want to have the best yoga. It's the same with sports, excercise or anything else which keeps the balance of our lives. BALANCE is the key. Our inner harmony should be the measure of balance. Gyan, dharna and seva, and everything else, are included in this which I call "balance". Yoga is the ultimate purpose of balance.

So the answer should be: "BKs should be doing all of which brings for them balance, as long as the ultimate aim of all of them is having the best yoga." If something is compromising your yoga, leave it. Be careful with extremes. True yoga doesn't require any extreme atitude, it's natural. And if you have true love for God, love can do miracles, it will even change some bad situation and put you in the favorable environment. As Baba once said in avyakt Murli: The best roses are put in the best vases. That does'n necessarily mean centerniwassi or anything of the kind. The best environment is not the same for different souls. For example I'm not centerniwassi nor do I ever intend to be, but in no way I feel my status is lower than who is (nor higher, in fact it's not measurable by our perception, nor would be important if it was).

If Brahmin life is too tight for you, loose it. A flexible trunk will not break in a storm. But a hard one will. The best effort is intense and light. Not hard and forceful. Intense is not the same as hard. And light is not the same as weak. But the most intense yoga is also the lightest.

What defines best yoga? That which have the best combination of quality and quantity, and which is kept constant as a natural sanskara, and not as a forced effort. However until we reach the finest yoga, we may have to make effort for some time. Until a sword is finished, it will stay in the forge for some months. And anyway, we are STILL dependent of some other things, in one word, on balance.

I may edit this if I remember more points.

Post Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:11 am

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Om Shanti
Thank you EasyMeditation for the excellent post which makes the 'SOUL' to experience the 'experience of YOGA' in its practical perspective, which I beileve, is a very useful post and should be 'churned' to take best of 'YOGA' by any SOUL.

Post Sun May 11, 2014 11:32 am

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Om Shanti,

I would like to urge your Organization to "Prioritize" Physical & Mental Health of Individuals at first. A Direct leap to Raj Yog Meditation is a deterrent for many as they suffer from Backaches, High BP, Arthritic pains already.

Similarly, people from Young generation are observed to suffer from Obesity, Digestive problems too. In that context, how appropriate it would be to expect from their ailing Bodies to visualize the type of Meditation you offer?

Only a Healthy Body can foster a Healthy Mind , which in turn inculcates the Real Interest, Stamina, perseverance for the intended Beneficiaries to last longer.

Drop out rates can be lowered significantly by following this approach.

Laughter Clubs can be decent step forward :lol: to fulfill the Obligation of a Sound Health of New Joiners and the retaining members alike. A simple yet a highly effective activity of Laughing can be pursued by anyone irrespective of his/her Medical Condition, Age, Stamina & Mental make up.

Upon this kind of Trigger, Brahma Kumaris would be able to entice & retain a much more number of Sadhaks, that in turn, will help serve even a Bigger objective as envisioned by your Sanstha. Om Shanti...& please Introspect!

Post Mon May 12, 2014 10:45 am

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Baba says- remove the word meditation/yoga and use the word yaad/remembrance.

Rajayoga meditation is actually nothing but yaad. So- it does not depend on health , it depends on ability to understand the knowledge and purity of mind.

But, yes, purity and healthiness of body adds a little support to purity of mind.

Baba also says- keep both body and mind healthy.

Those who are interested can do simple yagaasana and breating techniques and good dieting ways to improve health.

But- usually BKWSU does not teach or train these, just like temples do not teach other things. It is for just to enjoy God. Get other things yourself externally.
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Post Mon May 12, 2014 1:16 pm

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Om Shanti!

How can this Yaad or remembrance be differentiated from creating Hallucination or Illusory Perception?
What amount of role does a "Placebo" effect plays in this style of Meditation?

As per my last experience at one of your Kendra, it is upto the discretion of an Individual to keep his/her Eyes OPEN or CLOSED during the discourse of Meditation!

Even Quacks around the Medicine Field make use of similar "Placebo" effect to Hypnotize the sufferer of Mental & Emotional pain?

How would you compare the Veracity of your Technique with the ones used by those?

In terms of Old Sadhaks, this Technique might conceal the REAL instances & Symptoms of say, Septic Shock, Alzheimer & Dementia...! Isn't that Scary?

Onlookers may feel that the Old Dadi at Kendra is in a Supreme state of remembrance, but it could be other way too!....It is possible that Symptoms of above ailments may have reached a Crescendo!...& hence this may arise a Delay to identify the requirement of an immediate Medical Intervention!

How would you answer such an Apprehension?

Post Mon May 12, 2014 3:51 pm

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I do not know to what extent you have understood God. If you wish to see what others do, then you will not learn anything.

We have to love God. Can a boy be taught how to love a girl (or vice versa)? How much time does it need to teach/learn how to love?

Love comes from within heart(mind). If you wish to see dadi, Didi, etc, then you may get stuck up i body. If you wish to see incorporeal most beloved God father, then you need to be a young(pure_ boy/girl (intellect). Else, one cannot learn how to love eve after teaching 100 times.

So- first of all- think whether your aim is to feel God and soul or something different?
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

Post Tue May 13, 2014 2:00 pm

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Om Shanti!

Did you ever Realize that to what extent has this years of "Brainwashing" managed to successfully Cloak your Basic Discernment of Right & Wrong?

Don't u think that you have been indoctrinated over these years to live & judge as per Hallucinations?

Wake up to the Reality...Probably a Cup of "Tata Tea Gold" will do a More Good to you than listening to Murli again.. :lol:

Jaago...Jaago...Jaago...Jaago Re....! :lol:

If a Buddhi Mata {Very Old Mata} is dying in front of you, will you attribute her sufferings to her 'so called' Karmic account, OR will call the Doctor instead {in general understanding/judgement} for an immediate Treatment?

Come on, Shri Bhat ji...Wake up!
Do not tend the "Pass the Buck"anymore at the expense of needy Individual's Victimization! :idea:

Post Tue May 13, 2014 2:16 pm

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Dear soul, there are lakhs of people who are dying in daily wars whole over the world.

What are you doing to them? Can you do anything to them? Is one soul more important to you than all those who are suffering? [I am not against helping anyone. I also do not know the situation. But, what I say is- you do not expect to help one or other person whom you are attached to.].

Hence dear soul, we are planning to get liberation and give liberation to all the souls so that all can rest in peace. This is what God teaches us.

Or, if you are so powerful and can help all the people in this world, then you may start your own organization and team so that the whole world follows you. Or if you know God better than us, then take help from God and get the things done right.

If you feel the concept of karmic account what we believe is wrong, then have you thought about - Why does God not take any action in this world even after seeing so many suffering?
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.


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