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Now, it's time for Baba to come to children.


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Now, it's time for Baba to come to children through various Medium:

Now, let us have madhuban in every state;
Let Baba come in every state of India;
Baba cannot deny if Children have the desire to welcome Baba in a big or small gathering in every state of India;
When there is nothing stops us, when we have the deep love and genuine desire for God, it is not impossible to create a diamond hall in every state of India;
Let us have instrument souls who can invoke Baba in every state of India;
When nothing would stop Baba to come to us, there is no reason for children not to have this ordinary wish.


1. Every Indian State has a Madhuban, Baba's Children are allowed to create huge space in each state to welcome Baba.

2. Baba meets His Children in every state of Bharat.Baba also comes in Oxford, Peace Village, Sidney and Guyana

3. Next to early morning class events on the internet (in many languages) for those who cannot visit a centre, Everyday Complete pdf Murli is available online and every household family member reads murli at their own convenient time,

4. Baba's Centre is available in every street corner of Bharat and life online for many other countries (skype, chat, video conferencing etc.)

5. Anyone lets think of some interesting criteria who has space to accomodate 3 to 5 or more are allowed to have gita pashala

6. The serviceable souls irrespecitve of the type of service they do, everyone gets promotion to handle various Baba's centres, they grow day by day handling more Centres. and the coordinator function becomes more a coaching function, self managing groups: they are managed by HQ more like business units with targets etc.
All functions and tasks in the centres rotate every 6 months so everyone becomes an allrounder

7. All self managing groups Centres in Bharat and abroad are connected to share their experiences and contributions with everyone

Each week and per region one of Baba's centres' is online host for churning on that days murli, one can participate in real time or later see video. Listeners or viewers can post comments/input

Online workshops and study groups

In all parcs and on all airports a corner with free workshops (positive thinking, meditation, etc.) Each month another centre is hosting these.

Please add more..............

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