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Purity is the main personality of Brahmin life

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Purity is the main personality of Brahmin life. - Av. Vani - Revised[07/02/2014]

Do you constantly experience yourselves to be those who have the personality of complete purity in your thoughts, words and deeds? The personality of Brahmins is that of purity, so do you experience the personality of Brahmin life in your life? The greater the personality you have, the more you will be praised as a special soul. The most important personality is that of purity. How did Father Brahma become Adi Dev, the first prince? On the basis of his personality of purity, he claimed the first position in the list of personalities. So, you are following the father, are you not? Even the sanskars are of purity. The sanskars of a Brahmin life are pure. Therefore, because people consider them to be great they invite brahmin priests to perform any auspicious or elevated task. Purity is their greatness. Do you experience within yourselves your original sanskars of this Brahmin life? Has purity become the sanskars of your birth? Some have sanskars of anger from birth and so they say, “I didn’t want to do that, but my sanskars have been like this from birth.” Similarly, these sanskars continue to work from the moment of your birth. To have no thoughts of impurity, even in your dreams, is known as having a personality of purity. It is because of this personality that, even today, souls of the world bow down to you. Even though they do not know the great souls, they bow down to them; they don’t bow down to ordinary souls. So, you are such great souls, are you not?
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