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Explanation of Trimurthy Picture

Post Tue May 20, 2014 12:20 pm

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Om shanti,

In many murli's i have observed that Baba is saying that " Trimurti" Picture is good to explain to others. For New Souls, how we need to explain on "Trimurti picture".

Can we discuss on this?

Post Tue May 20, 2014 1:51 pm

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Mainly Baba used the pictures to prove/explain people incarnation of HIM/Creator/Alaf and the property/heaven/creation/Bey.

Post No:- 03 - post4052.html?hilit=trimurti#p4052

Post No. 09- post4059.html?hilit=trimurti#p4059

Post No. 58s - post8581.html?hilit=trimurti#p8581

Initially people used to question and argue a lot- how does God come? How can God come in a human being, etc .

So- for that, Baba might have stressed the words trimurti and Prajapita a lot.

But, Baba has also said- old points will not come into use. - Post no. 30 - here- post4089.html?hilit=kaam#p4089

So- as the pulse of the patient, give the medicine.

I feel - The main thing is- we should give the message of alaf and bey. Use any picture as you feel.

Other comments and opinions are welcome.
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