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Piyu entering Pushpa & the Golden Circle

Post Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:30 pm

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For those of us interested in BK housecleaning ... Continuing on from the historical revision topic, and discussion of the change in Lekhraj Kripalani from the divine Lord & Husband Prajapati God Brahma to mere Father Prajapita Brahma, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about ...

    the earlier Piyu Vanis, "Piyu" entering Pushpa bhen and the Golden Circle?

    Do any copies of them still exist?

The details of this are blurry but it might involved "the Golden Circle", a group of BKs that I believe left the Om Mandli early and which may have included Janki Kirpalani's sister. In fact, perhaps, I do not know, Pushpa might have been her.

Strangely, I never heard or read anything about all this when I attended the BKWSU, although others heard of it in passing. It seems that the early Murlis and/or Knowledge might have come via Piyu and Pushpa bhen who was since erased from the history.

If Janki Kirpalani's family and sister were involved, then surely it should not be hard to find out, although it might be difficult to tie her down to tell the whole story. Unfortunately, Janki's "official" history does not entirely match the facts either ...

    Does anyone know?
    Was Piyu the Shiva soul or just some other creation?
    What process of revelation emerged from Pushpa?
    What happened to her, the Golden Circle and her family?

'Piyu' means ''the Beloved" and appears to have been borrowed from the Guru Granth and Sikhism.

(All details need to be double checked for accuracy. Does it all matter? Only if you really care about the truth.).
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[Thanks for this post, very objectively written. I'd would love to know the answers as well...]

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