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BK Archives Project (March to May 2010 report to RCOs)

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Pink Panther wrote:
Gee, I hope it doesn't hurt too much... but I wouldn't have asked if I didn't think I could take it. (but keep it concise please, I don't want to be here for 7 days. In fact let me start you off....

God's work - according to the BKWSU circa 2012
    to reveal the truth about the drama of humanity that includes:
    - how each person is a soul that reincarnates to a maximum of 84 times, not 84,000, or to a minimum of 1 incarnation. God is the only soul that never incarnates and has no contact with the world so he remains pure.
    - that the soul becomes less pure over Time, which lasts 5,000 years
    - that this is the confluence age between th eend of one cycle and the start of another, and it's the only time God reveals himself, from that revelation, the memories are planted in the founders of the other religions who are branches of that seed but Christianity grew out of Hindu deity worship not Judaism, and Judaism is a sub-branch of islam, until revised.
    - that god is not omnipresent but is omniscient,
    - that god's role is only now and is (this is it folks, the work of god in a nutshell) only to give knowledge and teach raja yoga so that the soul may be purified, otherwise he has no part in anything else
etc etc.
You see i resisted the urge to satire and cynicism (I had to edit it out!), and showed you that i know the basics.

So, I can take it. please, Hit me.

Thank you Pink Panther for cutting out on the satire and cynicsm. And believe me what you have written sums it all, that way you are spared of the 7 day session.

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So can we now cut to the chase please, and not have all you dudes trying to 'educate" me about what gyan is all about when I may have very well taught those who taught you, or was their peer? Thanks.

Now we agree, we can examine the basic premise, that this source of this knowledge is actually God (singular and supreme, whatever that means)? I will endeavour to keep to topic, for the archives and history of said God have to be a major component of any case for or against the premise holding true. (or should we start another thread?)

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we can examine the basic premise, that this source of this knowledge is actually God (singular and supreme, whatever that means)

though my stand is based on faith and personal experiences, it would be an intresting, enlightening and thought provoking discussion considering the active participation of knowledgeful intellectual individuals contributing to this forum.
i suggest a new thread would be beneficial for indepth discussion

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Interesting ... as of to date, only two individuals have downloaded the file.

Did either read it?
As soon as souls indulge in vice, they experience bad omens. Their intellect is locked up. This is an incognito, severe punishment. Then such souls would never be able to say, "God says that lust is the greatest enemy". SM 2003/09/02


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