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Post Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:05 pm

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love wrote:
what a task! I have such deep respect for the man who - through his own diligence application and thoughtfulness - became completely beautiful.

Is that why we haven't heard about your posting of documents yet? Hopefully you are not experiencing "buyer's remorse." Certainly if there is a movie out, (baby) some of us want to meet the "mother" as well....(documents backing that up) and if they will not be available through your offering to meet the "Mom," sooner or later we will see them...for nothing can be hidden anymore... I will drop this case here... thanks for trying.... :-)

Post Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:59 pm

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Dear are two Avinashi Gyan Yagya posters from the British Library: probably sent from Karachi in the early 1950's. The Cycle poster is dated 1943, research indicates The Tree to have been created a couple of years later.They were discovered in the BL in 2007 by Tamasin researching her doctorate thesis, and myself researching the BK history. An interested party from also came across these and other wonderful documents at about the same time. All of us bought copies from the BL, and they variously continue to appear in exhibitions and websites. If these two posters upload successfully I am happy to provide further documents copied and purchased quite properly from the BL, in the interests of bringing openness and clarity to the original understandings and experiences of the Brahma Kumaris/ Unique Descent of God story, and to be enjoyed by one and all.
The Avinashi Social Club MOVIE at, draws on a number of these documents. :geek:
Om Mandli Karachi Tree #1 (circa early 1940s).pdf
(2.54 MiB) Downloaded 173 times
Cycle (1943).pdf
(3.43 MiB) Downloaded 152 times

Post Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:53 pm

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Thanks Robin for uploading those documents. I recall seeing both of those graphs a few years back from the BK info site but in a smaller version. I wonder if you have any other documents, more like well known “researchers” explaining about these things, or other written documentation recorded.

Comments on the Divine Decree attachment:

I wonder:
1) Who wrote that/or made the drawing?
2) How the British library got a hold of it?
3) How easily are we able to get this document from this library?

The question is: What does it mean to us Bks to see that this part of BK history has been buried from the common knowledge?

Does it mean that BK gyan is false? Does it mean that our experiences are just mere illusions?
Or perhaps it simply means that this part of BK history was conveniently put aside, so as not to show that gyan was an “in process” of understanding and not a “ready made” recipe to recite by heart.

For some Bks, this “conveniently” put aside thing; is explained by the useful and popular: “no causing waste thoughts in others” or by no “adding doubts to someone intellect,” well, now that these things are out and about, and there is even a movie to add in my small collection; I wonder if the waste thoughts could be stopped or the doubts could be erased...

I say, there is no reason why have doubts or waste thoughts in this at all. Just see your own development as a BK and you will find out that things which we understand now, we couldn't before. SO, why Brahma Baba had to be any different?

This “divine decree” shows a very infantile grasp of gyan. The black or white mentality. Here are the deities to be; over there; the “devilish” ones...

Here are the chosen ones, the pure chaste sisters and mothers (which by the way, 90% of the time cannot grasp scientific things, but there is a 10% who do very good at it, so things are never black or white) and on the other hand, the “proud scientists,” European kauravas who cannot recognize God when they see him...
and..shame on those who believed in all the other devilish religions and cannot recognize the “true” God....who speaks Hindi and who was born in Bharat rather than in downtown London....(where all things are happening first, it seems.)

This decree is signed by the “divine daughters,” so perhaps there was a female hand in all of this?
Note how towards the end. The emphasis about the “female sex” as capable of obtaining Deity status is made. Perhaps this was a great appeal back then, for in other religions, females were excluded or just taken as second class devotees; whereas here, they could be “gurus.” It reminds me of the appeal that Christianity had in India and how some Indians decided to convert into Christians, specially if they belonged to lower status in their social hierarchy, for Christianity does not have a “chaste system.”

This decree (cannot read the middle of it, for it was folded there) just shows the “inquisitional” mind of some. The “my way is the true one” without understanding that this world right now is about variety and that everyone understands what they perceive as “their true.” It is predestined in the "preordained plan."

Bks are special in the sense that, Bks have Golden aged sanskaras in their role. Bks came equipped with that, so Bks will experience the utmost happiness as well as … the utmost sorrow. The rest of the souls have their own parts as well which are necessary and they will experience their own “heaven” when is the time for them. BKs are "ancestors" souls in this sense... other souls have a right to experience their "golden age" now. Let us not be "absolutists" in our view for that is far from gyan.

This Drama is beneficial for all. Will comment about the other picture later...

Post Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:39 am

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Om Mandli tree..

There is a lengthy discussion about the picture of the tree here:

This picture (Om Mandli tree) clearly shows many shortcoming when compared with a newer, more “unlimited” vision of gyan. It is worth to note how BK mentality and the understanding of gyan has evolved in time.

Here some things to consider:

Interesting how Mohammed is not considered as a “divine father” and not much said about Muslims...
There are some items in the picture that are too “general” and thus, are lacking accuracy.
For instance:
"year 1 (beginning of kalpa) to 2500 years.."
From the Murli dated 7/30/11: “ Similarly when the Krishna soul enters a womb, there is movement and the calculation of 5000 years begins from that moment. If it were any different, it would be 5000 years less that much. “

According to the Murli on 7/30/11, year one (beginning of kalpa) starts when Krishna is in his mommy's womb...and not in the coronation of Narayan (year 1) unless "year 1" is not the beginning of the kalpa...:-)

"the reeel of this eternal world Drama rotates utomatically and unceasingly with the aid of eternal power of Almighty God, the Supreme Soul"

Bhakti based understanding. It is good to love God, but it is not good for the sake of “truth” to give God more tasks than what He actually “does.”

"the most otstanding actors are Divine Fathers Prajapati God Brahma, Abraham, Buddha and Christ who incarnate incognito..."
A different understanding from the traditional view of the most outstanding actors in the Drama...

Note how the "heads" of every main religious group is noted as a "father" and how this separation of religions is explained by going into their own golden, silver, copper and iron ages. However, these paths will go through the "hands" of "God Dharamrash." The understanding is that everyone and their aunties, will go through “punishment” aka "Dharamraj" except the 8 “special ones.” so, it is not only the “other paths except BK-ism.”

Corporeal God Brahma is really an incarnation of incorporeal God Vishnu (Chaturbuj) who is the Seed.

Interesting how Vishnu became Shiva...

"On the other hand, the present final international atomic war, the invention of science, as well as numerous natural calamities such as famines, fires, floods, earthquakes, storms, diseases, etc. shall, within a year or so, become the cause of merging innumerable kall-yugi eastern and western irreligious or dynasties into infinite divine light like kalpa ago."

Note that “fortune telling” business started back then. That “within a year or so” is not gyani at all.

Any true seeker is at liberty to obtain this Supreme Knowledge in a week without the expense of a single penny so as to obtain the highest status in his or her own dynasty or religion through soul purification.
Taking this divine wisdom does not imply change of religion. In fact, every human being must retain one's own religion...

The “status” minded thing is just a “teaching tool” for kids. I wonder if atheists, agnostics, satanists, ku klux klanists etc. in this world are considered in those religions. The only ones who could understand that statement are BKs. “Joe Average” doesn't have the “predestined” intellect to “get it” but yet, he still will get “punished” just for the heck of it... :-)

If however, an actor, as one is, on the stage of this human world, fails to know and recognize one's own part, the parts of Creator, Director an th chief actors, as well as the duration, the law of repetition, etc, of the world Drama, should one not be called "inhuman" or the very devil?

The “inquisitional” mind. Hurry up, recognize the truth or else....we will call you “devils,” for the sake of "clarity" and to make the difference of "you" vs. "us"... very brotherly... even though, it is all predestined....

Post Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:53 pm

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Certainly, these 2 graphs/drawings from early times of the Yagya aren't enough to show where the "avinashi" movie came from, so hopefully we will see more supporting documentation soon.

Post Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:21 am

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Hullo dear friends.
A collection of wonderful 1943 Karachi documents, signed off by Mama/Om Radhe, and published as 'This Present War of Mahabharat and its Result" provides much of the documented information spoken by Mama/Om Radhe in her interview with Billy B. :ugeek: in
' The Avinashi Social Club'. A copy of this enlightening document of over 40 pages, is in the possession of brahmakumarisforum admin, ( TPWOMAIR is also in the possession of a number of other interested BK's). In response to recent requests here, and to continue this forum's spirit of transparency and propriety, admin is surely the most appropriate source to upload it. :idea:

Post Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:07 pm
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Dear Bro. Robin,

I have the documents and have previously seen some of these on the ex-BK site as well.

My preference is that you upload them since I don't have intimate knowledge of where & how these documents were retrieved and scanned etc. So probably the cleanest that the source of the documents should just upload?

If you are having trouble uploading them then please send your document to and we'll upload on your behalf. Please indicate the source along with each document. There are 3 admins (bksimonb, gocool, myself) as of now in the forum. Bksimonb/Gocool -- If you disagree with what's being proposed by me pls chime

Post Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:18 pm

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Dear VisionofSelf: Yes good proposal certainly. I have had problem uploading even though documents are well under the site limit :? ...that is I have the message that 'upload is in progress' for hours at a time. Will send to contact @ as you suggest. :) and no doubt that will led to happiness :lol:

Post Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:32 am

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( TPWOMAIR is also in the possession of a number of other interested BK's)

Robin, certainly your efforts to provide supporting documentation is appreciated. There is a short document also assigned to "Om Rhade" : Is this Justice? dealing with the suppression of the Om Mandli and Om Nivas through an amendment. Took a brief look at it and what surprised me is the use of the English language.

Does anyone know if Mama (Om Rhade) spoke English? How fluent her English level was? Are we sure that actually Mama wrote those documents or we are just assuming that? For someone who did not have higher education, she is doing quiet impressive in that document at least.

So, "I" would like some "proof" about authorship if anyone one has that even if it comes from an obscure third party in India. It may seem a bit similar to the argument that Shakespeare did not write the plays attributed to him.

Looking forward to seeing that document (TPWOMAIR) posted by the admins of this forum.

Post Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:29 pm
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VisionOfSelf wrote:
My preference is that you upload them since I don't have intimate knowledge of where & how these documents were retrieved and scanned etc.

I don't think it matters which actual user uploads them since it's clear from the dialogue that Robin's kindly submitting them to the forum.

Although the original documents are probably in the public domain, it would be nice to have some assurances that they are either original scans that Robin did or that whoever did scan/PDF them is happy for them to end up here.


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