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How to make effort - 25/8/2015

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Just think: We souls were satopradhan. Always have good wishes. Don’t think that not everyone will become satopradhan and that some will only become sato. No, you must always think that you were satopradhan at first. Only by having this faith will you become satopradhan. You shouldn’t ask how you can become satopradhan. Otherwise, you slip away and don’t stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Make as much effort as possible. Consider yourself to be a soul and become satopradhan. At this time, all human beings are tamopradhan. You souls too are tamopradhan. You souls now have to be made satopradhan by having remembrance of the Father. As well as this, if you continue to do service at the same time, you will receive strength.

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I remembered all day all night to baba when Will I become sato?

Post Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:52 pm

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Effortmaker wrote:
I remembered all day all night to baba when Will I become sato?

The only way to become pure is to have faith in and see/stick to our AADI and ANAADi stage. Like any criminal in this world would had been pure during baby or child, similarly every soul would be pure during aadi and anaadi stage.

See post No. 06 - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2700#p12706.
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

Post Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:12 am

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Om shanti, My dear divine brother Effortmaker.

You write
I remembered all day all night to baba when Will I become sato ?

It is understood that you are a real effort maker who not only knows about different stages of soul but also make effort to elevate his own stage.

So, will you please write some points about all the 6 stages ( Tamopradhan, Tamo, Rajopradhan, Rajo, Sato & Satopradhan) to differentiate each other ? And how do you analyse yourself to be in Rajo stage, so that you aspire to attain sato stage ?

My good wishes to you for attaining “Satopradhan” stage very soon.

BK Atulya

Post Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:48 am

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Om shanti,

My dear Sisters and Brothers;

I am trying to differentiate the stages of soul with respect to kam-bikar, which is as per my understanding only. So it is requested not take as words of murli. My sisters and brothers are also requested to post their thoughts on the topic. Stages may be analyzed with respect to other bikars too.

Our most beloved Shiv Baba has taught us that a soul, who takes 84 births, shall be in Sato-pradhan stage for 1250 years and in Sato stage for next 1250 years. He will not indulge in sex for these 2500 years. Sweetest Baba has given the example of child for sato-pradhan stage, who does not know anything about sex. However feeling good with another soul, like to see someone, like to listen from someone, may come in Sato stage, for which Shiv baba says that feeling good with someone is also part of Kam bikar.

Though our Baba has not specified the period of Rajo and Rajo-pradhan or Tamo and Tamo-pradhan, let us divide equally. (625 years for Rajo and next 625 years for Rajo- Pradhan) And in Rajo and Rajo-pradhan stage the soul shall be indulged in sex, but it will be strictly limited to have child for growth of family. The difference may be in numbers of child. In Rajo stage it may be limited to say 3-4 children which may be 6-7 in Rajo-pradhan stage.

However in Tamo and Tamo-pradhan stage the soul shall indulge in sex not only to get child but also for pleasure. The difference may be limited to one wife in Tamo stage, but more in tamo-pradhan. Off-course we see rape cases, child-abuse in tamo-pradhan stage. And having sex not limited to the relation of husband-wife but with any relation brother-sister, father-daughter, mother-son and with other species too.

Similarly we can differentiate for other bikars (krodh, lobh, moh and ahankar)

However when the ocean of purity, our most beloved Shiv Baba adopts a tamo-pradhan soul to be His child and the soul accepts Shiv Baba as his real father, refrain himself from sex, he jumps to rajo stage as our Baba has given example of sanyasi to be in rajo stage. However we are to consider other bikars to decide the stage of the soul in totality. But it takes very less time to attain rajo-stage for a Brahmin soul.

Thought of sex should not come in sato-stage in conscious mind. So it takes time to attain sato-stage. And thought of sex should not come in sub-conscious mind (in dream) in sato-pradhan stage.

BK Atulya

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