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The Plate ( explanation of the cycle of time)

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She knelt over the shards, careful that the sharp edges did not cut her.

Oh... it was once such a plate beyond compare!!

Its edges had been purest gold.

Inside were various images of a paradise

created in balance,


and purity.

The delicate forms were moving and shimmering.

New scenes emerged depending on how you looked at it.

This was not just any plate!

She knew that thousands of years had taken their tole,

piece by piece broken and chipped off with wear and experiences.

She had gone and retrieved the pieces through time

and now they were gathered around

at her feet.

The shards faintly glimmered and when she picked up individual ones,

scenes of sorrow revealed themselves to her, tears started to flow.

She had awoken with a CRASH today.

It was as if the Plate had just been shattered to the ground.

There was a wave of grief surfacing. She watched it arise and dissipate,

curious about the process occurring within her mind.

As she trained her intellect to think of the plate in the original

condition. She realized that on one level of awareness it existed

still, whole and complete.

Her awareness merged into a infinitesimally small point.

Her corporeal frame began to respond and align to this frequency

where nothing was broken or lacking or incomplete.

In her hands, now, was a picture of the plate

as it had been originally; and, from this picture,

she could arranged the pieces in order.

They now looked like a mosaic of potential.

In a second, as she sat and observed, she noticed the plate back on

the shelf, figures whole complete smiling at her.

She knew that she would eat from it again.

If she wanted to focus on the shards or the photo, she could,

but it was not all the reality before her.

It occurred to her that what was, what is

and what will be were One and the same.

She stilled herself in silence and turned her face to the Sun.

All is well, she mused.

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