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few points and doubts

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thought energy to matter viewtopic.php?f=25&t=508&p=2346#p2346

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SB wrote:
Once in a Murli, Shiv Baba asked when Shiv Baba is here giving knowledge to you, is there a Shiv Baba in Soul World? What is the answer?

Obviously No. But, there is no harm to think ShivBaba in Soul World. - as baba has certified it. - murli dated 1-11-83 in Post No.202 - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1167&p=15532&hilit=202+#p15532

At our centre some students said he exists in Soul World also since he vibrates at a very high frequency and we wont realise him being in Soul World. If that is true, does that mean our soul also exists in Soul World simultaneously while existing here in our forehead on earth and Soul World is just another dimension which we can have conscious access to when in meditation? Can we also extend that angelic realm is also a dimension parallelly existing with the physical dimension?

More we become pure, More our area of influence would be. Baba says when your stage becomes pure, service will happen thought your anthavaahak shareer (subtle stage) .

Post No. 94b) - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1167&p=12146&hilit=94b+#p12146

a)What is ether? b)Is it where our thoughts, imaginations and visualizations are recorded? Do we create our angelic bodies in this Confluence Age or access our already existing angelic bodies and energise them?

a) I believe "ethe"r means just space/aakaas/aasmaan. In corporeal ether, the other four elements - earth, fire, water. air are filled/exist.
In the incorporeal ether, just souls would exist.
In subtle world, there would be soul plus subtle body.
b) recording would be there only in the soul, but since it is related to many things/people, it is as good as it is recorded at all/many places.

What is the vibration of angelic realm (brahmapuri), vishnupuri, Shankar puri & incorporeal world? They must be of increasing vibration respectively due to the depiction of them in higher altitude in the same order.

I believe subtle world is part of incorporeal world (the lowest portion). I do not believe there are three parts in subtle world. -

Baba has said- (practically) just brahma alone would be residing in subtle world. Mu point No. 11 in Post No. 26 - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1167&p=4078&hilit=akelaa#p4078

Of course, when our stage reaches pure, it is as good as we are in subtle world, even if we are in corporeal bodies.

Does higher vibration means higher frequency or lower frequency? Actually more stable means less thoughts, so does higher vibration means lower frequency?

True. More stable means less frequency of the thoughts. But, while speaking, some Bks (emotionally) may say so.

Also, I feel not just quality of vibration but intensity (quantity) also varies from person to person, hence numberwise in service of world transformation through self transformation.

I believe it is better to say - quality = intensity, and quantity = duration.

More about subtle world- kindly refer to Post No.s 26 to 28 in the given link.
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Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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kalpa vriksha(world humanitarian tree):

I have another doubt regarding Kalpa Vriksha, Tree of Humanity. Actually, I feel in The Tree each 'birth of a soul' and not 'soul' is represented as each leaf/part of trunk/root/branch ...

Same soul is in roots (BKs), golden trunk eight times, silver trunk 12 times and in various religions 63 times; a non BK soul won't be there in roots/trunk but in various branches for 63 to 1 time depending on its number of births

The Tree representation is not wrong, it is an inverted tree with seed ShivBaba at its top followed by BKs, then trunk of Golden Age dieties then trunk of Silver Age dieties then branches of various Copper Age religions then branches of ironage religions each branching out into various sub-branches of cults and sects.

This represents:
(1) symbolic representation of reduction in the stage of consiousness as one proceeds from seed ShivBaba to root BK souls to Golden Age consciousness gradually dcreasing and becoming silver to religious fathers consciousness in copper and iron ages i.e gradual descent of consciousness level from diamond to golden to silver copper to iron
(2) connection/links of various souls bk-baba, golden-bk, silver-golden, religious people to religious fathers, *religious fathers to Silver Age since first they come into Silver Age souls (christ into jesus, Buddha into siddharta ...).

This is important since souls in Soul World might not be arranged as tree but most likely as roots and branches without the trunk ...

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From - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=3051#p15963
Divine intervention: when we take help from other souls(friends/family/strangers) or pray to god/angels/saints they help in overcoming our difficulties what do they get in return, other souls get our blessings in return which will add to their material and spiritual attainments in this birth or coming births, but.

1) There are two cases. One praying to those who are presently existing, other one to the memorials. If we are praying saints, etc, who are presently living, then they will get share, as per their good wishes towards our pray.
In case of memorials- eg- praying deities- Shivbaba gives us according to our good wishes (or sometimes we may say it happens automatically as per drama- since Shivbaba is perfect and feeling-proof. But, I believe Shivbaba will be a default/automatic/natural instrument in drama for these auspicious roles from Copper Age onwards)

By this logic I feel ShivBaba also incarnates, even if he doesn’t is he also an antenna to cosmic bank or is a cosmic bank, does his energy change if we draw from him through Yoga or does it remain constant, by law of conservation of energy it should change unless he is just an antenna/a door to connect to cosmic bank. Is he above Law of Karma is it applied only to mortals or is he also subjected to Law of Karma, for yes how will he go through the effects if he doesn’t incarnate and why won’t he be rewarded for his service of teaching gnan, Yoga, seva and dharna to us

2) Suppose say- if the source is infinite- then it will not affect the source. - right?

Law of conservation of energy: if total energy in the universe is constant .....

3) But, again- spirituality cannot be compared exactly like physical things. For example- when we donate knowledge to others, it increases even in us. If we give physical money/wealth to others, our remaining balance will decrease. But, if we give good wishes, to others, even in us, it will increase.
That is why baba says- "vinashi dhan dene se ghat_taa hai, avinaashi dhan dene se badtaa hai" .

Literally/Physically, one rupee of either poor or rich person- both are same. But, spiritually, Baba says- one rupee of 4) poor = 1000 rupees of rich- so different.

5) Baba has also said- mahatw sevaa kaa naheen, sevaa bhaav kaa hai = Importance is not the service what you do, but the bhaav in which you do the service. So, I believe ONE to ONE comparison between physical and spiritual aspects will not be valid. The comparison is done only to enhance the level of understanding spirituality. But, once we understand the spirituality, then there is no need of such explanations.

6) It is the entropy that matters, not energy. Physically, energy increases as temperature is more. But, what is temperature increases, beyond the normal level? It is called fever. So, I believe energy (quantitatively ) again is not important. How much pleasant it is for health, that is significant.

7) Physically a person may be strong, can lift 100s of Kg. But, a person who is slim can be more healthy than the former.

8) Again in food, some may have calories, but not natural energy. Scientists say- even physical health depends on mental health as well. Natural/organic manures will yield positive result, but others types- have side effects. So- the natural value is something different than just literal one or that can be expressed in numbers.

But, still the explanation is incomplete. Baba says- the soul power never becomes fully zero. (If so, it will not be able to play role at all. ). So- a soul will be able to do even sin only if it is not fully degraded. So- I think we cannot relate spirituality to physical things to the extent of 100%.

Karma: Is there something called negative energy or is it just energy directed to cause grief, and positive energy the energy directed to cause happiness.If negative karma means the energy send out by us in the past and present to give grief. So karma is energy in action if it gives happiness it is positive and if it gives grief it is negative. So if we have bad karma it means we have sent out some energy in the past which will return in future or is returning in present as obstacles to activities we take up in present or as suffering(physical/emotional/situational........

9) I believe in spirituality, there is negative energy as well.
Physically, there is no negative energy. Physically, - we have useful energy and waste energy.
But, spiritually, I believe - there are positive and negative energies, that is as per our sanskaar.
Even biologically, we have positive and negative- one that has side effects, causing discomfort and diseases, other healthiness. - right?

Hierarchy: why do souls exist ‘numberwise’ as Baba says. Are just the efforts put in Confluence Age enough to sustain us for complete cycle, if yes what about other souls who may not get Baba’s message or who get the message at the end of Confluence Age and what about them who may not believe in Baba what about their happiness and attainments are they bound to be just devotees in various religions, if yes what would their attainments be and when do they get them. If only BK souls are ‘hero part dharis’(hero actors) and all others character artists or normal actors why are they denied their due, if all are souls shouldn’t all be given equal opportunity to be their best.

10) All would be and are given opportunities enough. That is why- even when destruction had been said in 1976, still time is given. Equal opportunity does not mean everyone should be given same time and energy. Everyone should be given at least enough time to awake from sleep. If he does not awake at all (even when enough time is given), then there is no need to give further time.

But, still, there are some places in world where Baba's message should be received. Before too late board, they will get enough time. Internet, newspapers, TV etc would help in the end.

11) Again - I am not sure whether the rank of religious fathers fall only outside the deity souls? Because baba has said- next to ShivBaba are the religious fathers. So- I believe the rank of religious father souls is better than those deities who come at the end of Silver Age at least.

SM 28- 09-72(1):- Vichaar karo koun2 gaaye jate hain. Oonch te oonch bhagavaan. Bhaarat ki hi baat hai. Doosri jagah kiskaa gaayan karenge? Dharm_sthaapakon kaa. Jaise Christ. Phir Pope aate hain. Popon ke bhi chitr hain. Gaayan hotaa hai jin aatmavon kaa yahaan bhaari part hai.

So- I believe drama is more related to the word VARIETY than NUMBERWISE.
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.


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