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Launching of book on Holographic Universe

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On this special day (18th January, 2015) I am launching my e-book titled “Holographic Universe: An Introduction” online. Free downloads are allowed for 7 days from today. This book is based on BK knowledge. It consists of my churning on BK knowledge, research, quantum theories, my experiences etc.

When I was uploading the e-book at Amazon, I was not given the option to allow readers to download it for free. So I had to price it at US0.99 (which is Amazon’s minimum sale price). However, readers can download the e-book for free at Smashwords for 7 days from today (18-1-2015). After the 7 days, the e-book will be sold in Smashwords, at the same price as in Amazon, since the authorities at Amazon will not like it if the e-book can be got free elsewhere. Amazon has a huge market and I would like to continue using this facility.

Numerous downloads, good reviews and good ratings will help to promote the e-book because it will help to turn the e-book into a bestseller; the bestsellers will be in the ‘bestseller list’. Readers who look for e-books to download will see the e-book if it is in the ‘most downloaded, bestseller or highest rated’ lists etc. at Smashwords, Amazon etc. If many download the e-book and give good reviews and ratings, the e-book can even become a bestseller at ‘The New York Times Best Seller list’. If this happens, reporters will be reporting about it. This in turn helps to get the attention of many more to the e-book. If you like what I have written in this e-book, please give the e-book a 5 star rating while writing the review.

The following is the link to my e-book at Smashwords:

If you like the contents of the e-book, please also leave a good review and rating for the e-book at Amazon. The following is the link to the e-book at Amazon:

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