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Need Logical Explanation for this Doubt

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Yayati wrote:
Dinosaurs have shrunk to exist as birds.
-Fresh views by Roger Benson.

But the only detail in that is that Roger Benson believes in Darwin's theory and that it took millions of years for animals to gradually change from one species to another. That contradicts the BK idea of cycle. By your statements, can I assume you believe in Darwin's theory and not in a repeating cycle?

Roger Benson also believes that humans evolved from apes. Do you also believe that? Can you be more clear about what are your beliefs?

Yayati wrote:
The souls are here to learn right way to operate and to evolute the operating system of genetic sequence in the process so that it is easy to operate with.

You are free to believe whatever you want. If you want to believe that souls are here to evolve, fine. But I think that's contradictory with the BK view or the Murli's view. More than that, I think Darwin's evolution has no evidence at all supporting it. Specially if you believe it could happen within a period of 5000 or 2500 years.

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One More Doubt......

At a given one time How many Souls can reside in One Single Body..........Need Explanation.

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I believe 5 to 6 can. In the end, when people die in natural calamaties, then more souls may try to enter in bodies. Then it can be like this.
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