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I am a point of light;

I sparkle at the centre of forehead;

I came alone on this earth;

I dont need any support to live on this earth;

I remain unaffected by all external actions;

I am a point free from all influences;

I am not attached to anybody or any soul;

I see everyone as a point of light;

I am unaffected either by the presence or absence of others;

I am same wherever I am;

I am content wherever I am;

I am content being with people, I am also content being alone;

I see everyone, even so called close relations, as point of lights;

I am not affected by the discomforts of the body although I feel them;

I belong to group of lights;

I see myself as a point of light, like the One who remains point of light always - so called God;

I know all my needs are met automatically, and I neither have to make effort nor have to plan for anything but just play the role what I had to. Because I neither gain nor lose;

I neither do good nor bad, but I just act, I dont bother what I do is good or bad;

I see this body as separate from me, I am not this body but I am present in this body;

Being in this body or not, does not make a difference, I am content and same wherever I am - In or Out;

I dont see anyone big or small, I see all are stars like me;

I dont regret or feel good for the actions whatever I have done so far, whatever the action was, I was a point and now also I am a point, being content;

I am aware of all thoughts and actions, yet I am separate from all, I am a point of light;

I dont have anything, neither wealth nor house nor physical relatives, I am a point of light;

I am a sparkling star, I am unafffected by people who come and go;

I am a point of light and see others as point of lights, I am not affected if the point of light is inside the body or outside the body, to me and others.

I read, listen, talk, eat, sleep, still I am conscious of me, the point of light. I remain unaffected.

When I dont do anything, I am aware of myself, a point of light. Even otherwise it is me, the point of light who does actions, it does not make any difference;

I give love, receive love but I remain unaffected by the thought of love, I be myself, point of light when I am alone;

I am no different than anyone, all are point of lights;

All fears of body, relations, pain, death disappear knowing what I am;

I am unaffected by what others say about me whether good or bad;

I remain point of light - content, inspite of various pulls of the (thoughts)body - bringing me into awareness of body. I never battle or struggle with those pulls, I allow them, but keep myself attentive on point of light with more force, more attention, stabilizing in my natural and original awareness;

Sleep or awake never makes any difference to me, still I sleep;

I think, feel but I am free from all thoughts, feelings and emotions, I remain point of light - content all the time;

whether deities of subtle world or physical beings, no one makes any difference. I see everyone as point of lights;

I am attracted to God - point of light because I can relate myself more with that Point of Light;

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Wah! chaitanya deepak ! Wah!
You are great Deepak , you are great
Wah! Wonderful ! What a Beautiful Light you are!
Wah ! little star ! Wah!
You are shining like a diamond in the sky
Will you please come down my dear deepak
And have a talk with me?
Please Deepak Please!
Thank you
Oh! You are BK1!
Om Shanti ! Congratulations!
My dear divine brother
How could you go up so high?
Definitely your intellect is clean and clear.
Definitely you have cleaned your past accounts.
Definitely you are following Srimat in every step.
Our most sweet Baba, most beloved teacher has taught us about Karm, Akarm and Vikarm.
If you don’t mind, my dear brother, while coming to the field of Karm Khyetra,
How do you not bothering about your action good or bad?

“I neither do good nor bad, but I just act, I dont bother what I do is good or bad”

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