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Problems and Solutions 5: "This person disturbs me!!"

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believe me, meditation is the solution to all the worldly problems.its just like exercise, the more you do the stronger you become.remember baba while doing any work or in free time.and gradually you will definitely feel changes.just simple for subjects as baba says :-
1)listen murli every day
2)do rajyoga every day
3)try to enculcate all knowledge in yourself by using it practically
4)do service fo baba

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I have got this another method from Gopi sister's class -

If anyone is blaming\shouting\mocking\criticizing you under the influence of anger. Then this could be your new opportunity to learn controlling power of mind. Let me explain..

In such situations, Step 1 :- Focus all your attention to your mind and observe it closely, look at what's going inside your mind? Are you feeling fear? Are you angry? Are you uncomfortable and creating questions in your mind? It's ok! Don't be panic, just look at it. All of that response was due to your 'sanskars' which is pre-programmed in your soul (sub-conscious). And every time such situation comes in front of you... these patterns start coming to surface in (conscious mind) without even taking your permission. Without even asking your intellect. In fact it's making your intellect cloudy and you find yourself weak in terms of thinking and reasoning ability.

Step 2 : Once you turn all your attention inside, peeping inside your mind's screen you get the idea of how your sanskars work, you then accept it by saying.. 'oh it's my faulty sanskar which is doing all the work, creating such feelings' you become very aware of the state of mind. It's not you but it's your sankars which is working at the moment. You are not giving it a thought, you are just observing passively.

Step 3 : - Use your intellect.
Now your intellect is pretty much awake and powerful because you didn't allow it come under the influence of your own mind and sanskar. Using it means creating the thoughts you want. Right now, you will use your intellect creatively. Create thoughts like -

- I am going to practice being unshakable till this person stops talking.
- I am going to practice my stability in such situations by observing my own mind.
- I am going to consider myself an actor playing a role in the drama being detached.
- I really enjoy seeing myself as a soul and having control over my mind.
- I am child of master almighty taking powers from him.

Once you do this, you are successful!
The more you do it, the more you will sharpen your ability which leads to creation of new & positive sanskars.
Once you have created this sanskar, it will do it's job automatically and you are free.
you are free to learn more :)

Om shanti.


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