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Journey from Beginning- Part ONE

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When mind and intellect work together, it is called as concentration. It develops deep sanskaar.
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As soon as we wake up, we open different files in our mind and intellects. While going to sleep, we should close all those files. Sometimes we do not close them. Then our mental state is not fully rest. It is not a natural sleep. So- when it gets an opportunity, it will try to run once again to satisfy its desire.

In many cases, the external situations will not be good enough to satisfy my daily emotions. So- my desires have not been fulfilled. So- in the sleep, the subconscious mind gets awakened. Sometimes, man has never ending desires or wrong emotions and that also will cause the subconscious mind to be activated in sleep. Like a mischievous child will behave in discipline in front of teacher, but at home, it will show its instincts.

So- if we had been uncomfortable during awakened state, it will cause the subconscious mind to react during sleep. Because subconscious mind cannot lie. It cannot hide itself. We had put pressure in our pressure cooker by keeping weight on its top in the day. [The conscious mind does not allow the sub conscious mind to think naturally in external situations].

But during night time, the pressure is the cooker is released because there is no weight on the cooker. Here, the weight is the effect of intellect (ego, body consciousness) on self. During sleep, when there is no ego, the weight is absent and the pressure that had been inside is released. That is- the sub conscious mind starts acting.

Dream causes disturbances in sleep. But there is also an advantage. Dream show us what I am and where I am. Sometimes we get good dreams. Good dreams are those which make our intellect powerful.

Subconscious mind is like a battery which is the energy available in the STORED form and conscious mind is energy which is available from EXTERNAL SOURCE. If the direction of energy flow is proper, the battery (soul power) will increase, else it will be getting discharged.

Subconscious mind like past ASSET (or liability) and conscious mind is like present EARNING. So- if we commit mistakes, we will increase liability and if we do good actions we increase our assets and clear our debts if any. So- we should consciously do positive thinking so that our sub conscious mind becomes more and more positive.

Meditation is a process of consciously storing energy in the subconscious mind. If a person’s level of meditation is very good, even his dreams will be pure, and even in his sleep, his battery power will be charging.

Two great powers are- Will Power and Self Confidence. Will Power is due to the result of Sub conscious Mind and Self Confidence is due to Conscious mind.
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To the extent one is attached or absorbed, the degree of realization differs. Consider the following. 1)I see dead body of a person of different religion and nation in a TV. 2)I see dead body of a person of my own country, but belonging to a different state than me. 3)I see a dead body of a person of my own religion and in my own locality. 4)I see the dead body of my own neighbourhoods. 5)I see dead body of my close relatives. 6)I see dead body of my blood relatives. In all these cases, the degree of realization differs. 7)If I met with accident and bedridden, the realization/effect would be deepest. So- the importance of “I” should be clearly understood so that I can attach to myself properly.

When some stranger’s child gets first rank in school OR when my own child gets first rank, the feelings are different. Without faith, and love there cannot be attachment. Realization will be less. So-first I should be ready to love myself. This is the reason why we have explained the knowledge in detail. If you have doubt, read it once again. Get your doubts cleared. Now, let us begin real practice. Repeat the following thoughts any number of times or duration(At least for 10 seconds).

1)I am a point glowing like a star in the center of my forehead. I am different than the body. Body is life-less, I(point) am chaitanya(live).

2)Body is mud(live-less, made from mud, useless to me= because I am eternal, independent of soul); I am the gold(worthy).

3)Like there is lot of difference between mud and gold, there is vast difference between me(the point) and my body. A jewel attracts even if it is small. Thousands of big stones will not attract. Even in middle of thousands of stones, one’s vision will fall on a jewel there. Similarly, even though body is big and soul is small, I am losing interest in all the mortal and gross bodies, (mine and others). I am attracted/ interested just in the tiny point on my forehead, tiny point, tiny point/star, tiny point/star….

4)Now I am totally concentrated in the point. Everything is ordinary/silly to me. So I can forget everything. The whole world is nothing to me. Everything is mortal. Everything changes. I am the point, which is eternal.

5)I am enjoying in myself. As I am a point, I do not need ANYTHING for myself. In sleep, I do not need anything. The reason is, I forget everything during sleep. Now, I have understood that I am totally different than the body. So I can forget the body. I am now in Divine Sleep (Yog_Nidraa). I have detached myself (the point) from the physical body.

6)Since I have interest only in Myself(the point), nothing can attract me. Waah, What a great thing I am!

7)I (= my mind) am free to move anywhere else. I(the point) am flying in sky. {You can think of America when you are at India. You can feel past experiences even now. For example sitting here- you can feel how you would be at your home. That is, our mind is free to move anywhere else. Moving mind is as good as moving the soul itself (but of course not in literal sense). Because soul realizes what it thinks}. There is no need to think about anything else. I am in complete peace, bliss, and light stage. If you get bored in visualizing just one point, you can visualize many points wherever you like. The world is nothing but full of points(souls).

After practice, you need not follow the above steps in sequence. You will be able to visualize the last step in a moment. The duration of meditation can be anything. That is, you can visualize yourself (point) for any duration you like. Do not waste time. Try to utilize every second in life.

Even while eating, talking, seeing you can do this. Meditation is just remembering the MOST beautiful and enjoyable scene. That’s all! Actually, the words yoga and meditation are incorrect. REMEMBRANCE is the right word. There is no role of physical organs here.

It is definitely easy to do this when you are at rest. That is, when you are sitting or lying down. But since, we have developed wrong practice, even when we are physically at rest, the mind may wander. If you cannot concentrate while being seated or you get influenced by the people who are in your vicinity, you can practice meditation by walking slowly. Early morning is the best time, as both body and mind have no burden. Even the sun set time (6 PM to 7 PM) is good, as you are relieved from the burden of work. You can also select your own time.

Mediation Practice is nothing but thinking rightfully. We think throughout the day. Hence we should be cautious of our thoughts. We all are cautious about our speech and actions. But the seed for these is the thought. Some tips are given in Package No. 03 to prevent mental(emotional) energy being wasted and to keep us stable. This will keep you always fresh and powerful. Meditation will become easier and more enjoyable. Remember- A Stitch in Time saves Nine; Prevention is better than Cure.

The above practice will give you real peace and bliss. But to get the highest bliss (super sensuous joy), one should complete part II. The complete meditation is given in Part II. You can now move to Package No. 02 to know about different births and deaths. If you do not need full knowledge, you can go to Package No. 03 that consists of hints, which guides to take right decisions so as to make us more effective, and helps us to be safe and free from mental stress. Most of the hints are related to practical life. Hence even without knowing the spiritual knowledge, one can understand most of the hints. But if you know the complete knowledge, those hints will increase your self-confidence to a very great extent.
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Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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[b]Summary of Part I [Package No. 1]:- Self Realization:

In life, we often use words- I and mine. But do we know exactly what am I? What is MIND? What is Intellect? Where are they located? What are the relations between these? Let us try to learn about these. *For example, we say “I saw, I heard, etc”. Who saw? Who heard? Did Eyes see? Ears heard? OR Did I see through my eyes and heard through my ears?

Actually Eyes themselves cannot see. ‘I’ see through my eyes. Similarly I hear through my ears. If eyes can see independently and ears can hear independently, there cannot be co-ordination between eyes(seeing) and ears(hearing). Then every phenomenon should have been limited to that particular organ only. But that is not true. For example, when I hear sound, a power(I) within my body acts and moves(directs) my eyes towards the source that produced the sound. While writing, there is co-ordination between eyes and hands. This implies that eyes do not see themselves or ears do not hear themselves. THERE IS SOME ENTITY THAT IS SEPARATE THAN THESE, USES THESE AND COORDINATES THESE AND THAT IS ME. I see through the eyes. I see the objects I wish to see. I open the eyes when I wish. I close my eyes when I wish. So the organs cannot act independently. I use them according to my wish and needs. This entity(I) is powerful than the organs. It owns the organs.

We also say “My house, my car”. We never say, “I- the house or I am the car”. That is- I am different than the house, or the car. Similarly, we say, “My eyes, my hands, my body, etc”. So it is clear that- I am different than my body. We never say, “I –the body or I am the body”. Hence, I am not the body made from blood, bone, or flesh.

Then where this entity(I) is located? Definitely I must be situated inside my body itself. Inside every physical body, there is a nonphysical entity that is the owner of that physical body. Physical body is made from the five elements of nature. But the entity(I) that owns the body, uses the body is beyond the nature; because I use my body beyond the laws of nature. I act according to my wish. Nature is Live less. It cannot realize itself. That is, it does not know about itself. It does not have intelligence. It cannot think, cannot judge, cannot discriminate, cannot experience. The power of nature is just physical.

So what am I? I am the entity that sees through eyes, hears through ears, talk through mouth, experience through the body. I have MY OWN THINKING POWER, JUDGING POWER, and REALIZING POWER. This Self is also called as SOUL(Atma or Atman). Hence I am the Soul. It is not correct to say ‘My Soul or His Soul’. [Because of ignorance some say ‘May His Soul Rest in peace’. But the correct sentence is ‘May that soul rest in peace’.]

What is the form/shape of soul and where it is located in the body? All the nerves of the body are connected to brain. We experience pleasure/pain when signals from these nerves reach brain. Hence it is clear that soul has to be situated in brain.

How big can the soul be? Blood, water, bones and flesh occupy the whole space inside the body. There is no significant space for soul inside the body. Everywhere inside the body, there are atoms and molecules. Therefore, the soul should be extremely small. It is smaller than an atom. IT IS A TINY POINT. It is situated in brain. In the front view, its place is centre of forehead between the eye brows. [Many people put dot in forehead. It actually means that I am soul and present in forehead].

One may wonder to hear that soul is a point. But just think: All the big things can be cut into number of pieces. If ‘I’ am big, then I can be cut into pieces. Then it will not remain as ‘I’. The reason is ‘I’ can be only ONE. It cannot be more than one!.

The thinking power is called as MIND, the judging power is known as INTELLECT. The effect of an action is called as RESOLVES(sanskaar). In simple language, it can be called as nature or habit. ALL THESE THREE ARE PARTS, POWERS OR FACULTIES OF SOUL. Soul is indivisible, indestructible. Hence these three powers are situated in a tiny point. That point is I/ME. Some more relations between a soul and its body are mentioned below.

Body is a Car. Soul is the Driver.
Body is an Instrument. Soul is the Operator.
Body is a house. Soul is the Owner/User.
Body is a dress. Soul is the one who wears it.
Body is a shoe. Soul is the one who wears.
Body is similar to a chariot. Sense organs are like horses. Soul is the rider.

The power of soul is beyond nature. That is why- man can act against the laws of nature. He has controlled nature. All objects in the nature are destructible; that is they change their name and form. Since, soul is the one that operates body, it should be more powerful. It is imperishable. Body needs food from nature. But, the soul, just being a point does not need anything. As it is imperishable, after the destruction of the present body, it enters another mother’s womb and takes new birth. These are called as death and rebirths. But please note that soul never dies. It is neither created nor destructible. [You can move to part II(package No. 02) to know different births and deaths, complete history and geography, etc.]

The files are attached below.
Part 01 in summary
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Part 01
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Few worldly quotes that explains SANSKAAR are-

1)First impression is last impression.

2)If you do not behave in what you believe, you will end up in believing in what you behave.
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.


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