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Journey from Beginning- Part ONE

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An object is seen in the same way by all. For example, all- irrespective of cast, creed, religion, age, sex, etc, consider a car as car. What about human beings!? One calls a person as father. Another calls the same person as husband, son, friend, colleague and so on. If man is just like a machine or object, how could these relations built up?

In some cases, one changes his religion; say a Hindu gets converted into a Muslim. Then his friends may become his enemies. If man is nothing but a combination of flesh, bones and blood, how could these be possible? Hence it is clear that there is an entity inside the body that uses, or controls the body.

This has high influence on (the self as well as) others and society. So the major influence is not the physical power or matter that is contained in the human body(flesh and bones), but is the thinking characteristic, intellectual ability and behavior which comes out of that body. This intelligence, character is not present in non-living objects. It is subtle(not corporeal). It is in the soul and that is the real ‘I’.
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It is already been explained that MIND is part of the soul. But one more point is worth to mention here. Many saints, sages or religious people say Mind is produced by food. Their argument is- “If one does not eat food for weeks, he cannot think. Hence mind is produced by food. So it should be part of body”.

[Even Scientists and doctors used to say Mind is part of body (brain). But now many of them say “Mind is not part of brain. Brain houses the Mind”. Now many scientists believe that there is metaphysical entity in brain.”]. More explanation is given below.

What do we think? We think about ACTIONS. Actions are to be performed through BODY. And body needs food to perform actions. If the petrol tank of the car is empty, the driver cannot drive. He will take rest. He will not try to move (drive) car. Similarly when we stop food to body, the soul/mind will take rest. So the argument that says mind is produced by food is incorrect.

Rest= Swadharma= Original Quality of the soul= Peace. Swadharma (real quality, property or characteristics) of soul is PEACE. Peace is the state of complete detachment (liberation). It is the absence of instability. In other words, it is the state of absence of negative and wasteful thoughts. That is- during peace, thoughts related to bondages of body, bodily relations, materials, etc become absent. In other words, there will not be any ripples in mind. We(the soul) get exhausted(tired) everyday. Hence we go asleep(PEACE) daily.

Why do we need sleep? Is it due to just physical tiredness or even mind also? A coolie or a farmer works in the field during the whole day. His mind has no work, but body gets loaded. A student or a scientist’s minds are subjected to heavy work. But their body is not loaded. A lazy person has no work to body or mind. Still all of them need almost same amount of sleep. So what is the real cause of tiredness?

Sleep/rest is needed to both body and mind. How these get tired? When they are stressed, they get tired (example: disease, overload, mental stress, wandering of mind).

Take an example:- Consider three persons. Let the first one sing music for one hour. Let the second give lecture to students for one hour. Let the third give lecture to public for one hour. Let the fourth gossip, talk and hear useless, waste matters and rumors for one hour. Here all of them have used their mouth and ear for the same duration(one hour). But tiredness in first case will be least and in the last case will be highest.

The reason is- in the first case, there is no uncertainty. The person need not bother about others. All that is to be sung is already programmed inside. In the second case, the person has to check whether the listeners understand or not. The third person has to be more attentive. There can be possibility of threat from public. In the fourth case, mind and intellect will be wandering here and there with highest speed. Hence the tiredness will be more in last two cases. Tiredness increases with doubt, anxiety, fear, wandering, etc.
If a person works within his capacity, his body does not get overloaded.

Hence the farmer can work for the whole day. There is no confusion in his work. His mind also will be stable since he knows his work well. Even though the student or the scientist think deeply, they are concentrated (quite stable) in a matter. Hence mind is directed in a straight path. So they become capable of using their mind and intellects for the whole day(say 8 to 10 hours). But one cannot gossip for 8 to 10 hours. One cannot express anger for 10 hours. Soon he will get exhausted.

Now let us see the cause of tiredness is in a lazy person. He has no work to either body or mind. Even then how does he get tired? The reason is- his mind and intellects are influenced by body, bodily relations and materials.
So I become restless when my mind wanders (is caught) in things that are less important than ME(SOUL). More the mind is stable, less is the tiredness.

Soul(I) is eternal. It is a point. It is master of the body. It is greater than nature. Hence it(we) should not get attracted by any material or other bodies (physical personalities of others). Getting influenced by others is as good as bringing self to a lower stage. This is as good as forcing a King out of his throne. THIS BRINGS DISSATISFACTION AND IS A VIOLENCE TO THE SELF (AATMA_HATHYA = SPIRITUAL SUICIDE). This is like an all time engineer being forced to practice medicine or something that’s not related to him. This(body-consciousness) brings restlessness in our life. Hence all need sleep.

Take another example. We have three types of rests, PHYSICAL, SENSORY and MENTAL. Physical rest is obtained when we lie down and the body is not shaking(stationary), but we need not be asleep. Sensory rest is attained when there is no pain or discomfort in the body and there are no disturbing sound, extraordinary light(brightness) and disturbing smell, etc. Mental rest is possible only when we FORGET everything; that is- during SLEEP! The third alone gives full relief(rest).

That is why we get more comfort in a SLEEP for few minutes in a MOVING(even though body is still shaking) bus than just lying in a STATIONARY bed for hours. Few minutes of sleep(mental rest, real rest) is better than some hours of physical rest. This also indicates that I am not physical. PHYSICAL THINGS ARE LESS IMPORTANT THAN SUBTLE THINGS. IF WE UNDERSTAND THIS SIMPLE LOGIC, WE CAN TUNE OUR MIND AND EXPERIENCE REST/PEACE EVEN IN THIS SHAKING/DISTURBING WORLD(LIKE THE PERSON HAD NICE SLEEP EVEN IN MOVING BUS).

As we grow, intellect grows. That is good. But unfortunately, ego(body conscious) also builds up. This is the root cause of all evils. We know about body, but do not know about soul at all. It is like- knowing my dress properly, but not knowing the body. It is like knowing my shoes, but not knowing my legs. It is like knowing my home properly, but not knowing about the body. Knowing shoes but not legs is as good as NOT knowing BOTH!.

This is the reason why all are dissatisfied in life. Even those having good health, beauty and richness also have high degree of ego. They are easily subjected to high mental stress. They cannot adjust with people of their own category also. The reason is clear: Shoes are meant/made for legs. Legs are not made for shoes. Shoes are used according to legs’ needs. Likewise, body is made/meant for the soul and not the soul for the body.

So I should act(use my body, the shoe) according to the nature (quality, reality, swadharma) of the soul. But today man is using (loading, takes stress) his mind for the body! The legs(human mind) is caught in the shoe (body and materials).

Due to lack of real spiritual knowledge, everybody considers himself as body. Even the great saints of olden days have said, ‘na iti’(not this), ‘na iti’(not this). They put effort to know about creator(God) and creation(universe). But they could not get it. Hence they spoke that God is NOT THIS, NOT THIS,.

That is- they had honestly admitted that they do not know the real truth. Many people who believe in God speak about soul. But they do not know what the soul is. So-called religious people are conscious of soul to some extent. They commit lesser sins when compared to others. But nobody knew or knows that SOUL IS A POINT OF DIVINE LIGHT AND MIGHT.

Even though many say, soul is different than body and eternal, they do not know its form and place in the body. Many say one should do dhyana (meditation= think of= remember) of God and Soul. But without knowing the form, how can one think about that? If I tell you remember(think of) Mr. X, can you do that without having his complete introduction? So if one just says- think of soul or the Supreme(God), what is the use? It is as good as directing to eat food from an empty plate.

Due to lack of knowledge of self, everybody’s (including a lazy person’s) mind is trapped in his own body, others body and physical materials. This is like King wandering here and there for satisfaction. Such act can never bring satisfaction. Because wandering is against King’s quality/nature. Hence these negative thoughts (lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, anxiety, stress) make the mind(soul) tired. This is why even a lazy person also needs sleep of same duration.

A driver cannot perform his duty either he is tired OR his car is faulty. Due to the mind being engaged in body, and bodily relations continuously all the time, it(I, the soul) gets tired. Hence we need sleep periodically (daily). This is like the driver(I) getting tired.

Similarly, if a car is forcibly damaged, or not supplied with fuel, driver cannot use the car. Observing fast for long duration is forcibly making the car(body) weak. In case of some serious diseases, we cannot think (create thoughts in normal manner) normally. This does not imply that mind is created from food. Actually this is good (needed) thing. Because, during these periods (illness or fasting), body needs complete rest. Unless mind is at rest, body cannot be at complete rest (already explained above). So when the body becomes weak, automatically the soul takes rest; that is mind goes into the real state (peace). Hence the traffic of thoughts is reduced. Hence one becomes unable to think when he is physically tired or weak.

Some argue- “condition of body influences mind. Hence mind is part of body”. If so- then all should think identically under same conditions, is it not? For example, consider many children playing football. Some of them fall many times. Some of them cry when they get pain. Some of them do not show pain externally. Some of them do not care such things at all! Why the difference? Mental response/states of patients having same degree of illness are not the same. Consider four persons being attacked by gangsters.
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One person may counter attack; the other may run. The third one may take revenge later. The last one may complain to police. Why such difference under same physical conditions? So it is clear that there is something in the body that takes (considers) all these into account, analyze the situation (discriminates) and takes decision according to its own taste (ego, character, etc). Truth is simple. Hence the above argument is wrong.
Another important thing:- Today, man does not think about himself (the soul). During the whole day, he thinks about body only, because he is body-conscious. He is not aware of the self(soul) at all. Consider a driver who knows about car only and does not know anything even about him. That is- he is not aware of his own sense organs or does not know about drinking or taking food to his stomach. He knows to use all his energy and organs to drive the car only. In such case, if the car becomes faulty, the driver is as good as dead (inactive) or handicapped.

Consider a person who is not aware of his left hand. He will be using his right hand only. His left hand will not be active. In any case, if his right hand gets tired or powerless, the person halts. This does not imply that he has no left hand. He has forgotten or not aware of his left hand. The person should be made aware about his left hand and gradually trained to use his left hand. Similarly when the body becomes weak, mind fails to think (gets disinterest in) material things. Since he does not know about soul, he fails to create thoughts. It does not imply that there are only physical things in nature or mind is made from food.

We all are similar to such drivers. We know only driving (thinking about) the body(car). Being unaware of the soul, we do not know to think about the soul(self realization), or the Supreme(God realization). Those who speak about God also do not know enough about it. Many relate human beings (physical personalities) as God. Eg: SriKrishna, SriRama, SriLakshmi, SriNarayan, Jesus, etc. All of these have human form that is nothing but body.

Some say God has no name and form. Then how and what can mind think!? So, when the body becomes weak, mind gets handicapped, it loses interest in bodily things. So it cannot remember even Srikrishna, SriRama, Jesus, etc., because all of them are physical personalities.

A driver can leave (come out) of the car whenever he wants. But are we(soul) capable of forgetting our body whenever we desire? Suppose, if we were told- ‘Today you should not remember monkey.’ Can we do this? The more we try to forget it, more it disturbs us!. Just see- My mind is totally(completely) mine. Still I cannot control it. How weak we are!

One may be able to control his organs for some time. Eg: If I decide- 1)I should not become angry for next 2 hours, 2)Today I should never drive my car beyond 40kmph. But it is not possible to control mind even for few minutes (perhaps few seconds!). Everybody in this world is caught by ignorance and is a mental patient.

Hathayogis try to control mind by forcible control of body. [hatha= by force] They perform rigorous praanaayam(physical and breathing exercises). They concentrate their mind in some parts of physical body itself! The reason is that they do not know form of soul or the Supreme at all! Except mortal, what do they know? Some concentrate on their breath. Air is just physical. Hence their yoga is not real (not spiritual, eternal). It is physical or mortal. Real yoga is the one in which mind is thinking real things (soul-the real self, and the Supreme- God).

One should always try to have relations with his superior if he wants to be better. For example, a citizen should try to get King’s company. A student should bring himself in the company of a learned one, a good teacher. If the citizen brings himself strongly in the company of a beggar, then he is going to lose. Soul is higher than nature or body. So thinking (concentrating) material things or body made of mortal things is of NO USE! That is, the status of the soul cannot be improved. [Thinking body created by impurity (lust) will impure the soul naturally!].

One advantage of hathayoga (breathing and physical exercises): An ordinary man has bad habits in life. The hathayogis do not have bad habits. So their state will not degrade as fast as an ordinary person. They enjoy better physical health. But since their life is nivrutti maarga (*sacrificing house, parents, wife, children, etc and living in a lonely place), it is not a model for the society. Not only that- a common man cannot perform all those exercises, especially, ladies and old, handicapped people.

Simple truth: It is foolishness to say- since food affects mind, mind is part of food. One’s Mind can be affected by anything. Death of a pet influences my mind. Can we say my mind is part of that pet?

If body’s condition affects mind, it does NOT imply that mind is part of body! It just implies that one’s mind is weak. Another’s personality influences one. Does it imply that one is part of other’s body?

There are medicines for body’s diseases. Those who say, mind is part of the body should cure mental diseases by these medicines. Here also- some may argue: Consumption of alcohol, drugs affects mind. But these all are forcible control. Anesthesia applied to body removes or reduces pain. This affects that local part or the nerves between that part and the brain. (It is already explained that to realize any physical part of the body, the chain(nerves) between that part and the brain should be proper).

That is why after some time, when the effect of alcohol or anesthesia is over, the person becomes original again. That is- he behaves as usual as before. Drugs, medicines or food cannot change one’s behavior permanently. If mind is part of the body, then permanent cure of mind through medicines should be possible (like medicines cure physical diseases). There should be drugs that can change human mind. One should be able to realize the things just by taking pills! One should be able to pass an Engineering Degree just by consuming some physical food!
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A person can be affected (tied) from a rope. This does not imply that person is made from the rope. It just implies that the person is weak. So, just by influence of body on mind, one cannot conclude that mind is part of body.

Hence “food has effect on mind; but food does not produce mind”. Here also some may say- ‘If diesel or any waste(wrong) thing is poured into a petrol car, it does not affect the driver. So why food should affect mind?’ The first reason is- today there is nobody who is completely pure/powerful. Being ignorant and body-conscious, everybody is caught under the clutches of lust, anger, greed, etc. Man is addicted to things like coffee, tea, alcohol, drugs, etc.

He consumes even lizards, snakes, cockroaches, etc! Just imagine the situation of human mind! Man’s mind is addicted to food. Hence his mind gets affected by food.

Many animals catch signals of natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. But MAN-the intelligent animal is unable to catch the signal of nature. He is living against nature (both nature of physical elements as well as nature of soul!

Here there is one more thing: A car or a machine can be switched off
whenever desired. But there is a continuous biological process going on inside our body. Body is like a machine/car being operated All THE TIME. If any foreign or unwanted thing is put into the body, the body immediately starts working to correct it.

Body is throne (seat) of the soul. Consuming wrong (type or quantity) food, working more than the capacity, working restlessly, etc –all are like shaking the throne. When the car is running or machine is operating, all the above conditions have to be fulfilled. That is- the fuel should be ok, the road/load should be within the specified limits. Otherwise, the condition of the car will definitely affect the driver. Hence food has effect on mind. It is said- as the food, so is the mind.

But it is mentioned previously that if the driver is completely detached and does not have any goal, the condition of the car may not affect him.

Similarly, when we attain all the goals in our life and have no desires, then the condition of body will not affect us. That is the last stage.
Is education given to body or soul(mind and intellect)? The food for body is physical and enters the body from outside. But the food for soul(thoughts) enter from outside as well as are created inside also. Education is nothing but filling the soul with the right thoughts. It is filling the soul with proper knowledge. Because of the magic of mind and intellect, the soul is different than nature.

Some say- ‘the soul does not do anything. It is always pure. It just resides in the body. The soul is neutral. Organs act themselves’. Then what is the need of soul? Who experiences happiness or sorrow? What am I? Do they say soul exists even in dead body? Everything becomes ambiguous.

It is said Mind never becomes old. If mind is part of body, then it should become weak as grow old. Also people having healthy body should always have healthy mind and those having weak body should always have weak mind. But it is not so. There are many people who are physically weak, old but having excellent thinking(mental) and intellectual(judging) capabilities. Some have no fear at all. There are others who have strong body, but foolish and have no courage.

Even if the necessities of the body are fulfilled, there is no satisfaction in today’s life. The reason is that the mind is not satisfied. Hence it is clear that mind is NOT part of the body!

Just think: There are two different words- muscle power and mental power. If mind is part of the body, then why mind is separated from the body? Why there are two different terms mental health and physical health? Such simple things are unknown to great saints, scientists or yogis!.
Can one’s mind and intellect be developed by food? Then what is the importance of education? It is said- “Please cooperate/serve through tan(body), mann(mind) and dhann(wealth, money)”. Does not this imply that these three things are different?
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Many wish to control their mind. To control my mind, definitely, 1)I should have some relation with my mind and 2)I should have more power/authority over my mind.

Eg: If I want to control some children(say), I should have relation with them and I should have more power than them. I can control only my children. I cannot control children of strangers. Even a teacher can control his students only. He can control them to a limited extent only, because his relationship with the students is limited. Again, he can control the students during the school/class hours only, that too inside the school campus only! So it is utmost important to have the knowledge about myself(I) and knowledge about my relations with others(MINE).

I use my hands, legs or other parts of my body according to my wish. I use my money according to my wish. I stay in my home according to my wish. But I cannot use others’ properties as I desire. The reason is- I have complete relation and power on my things than anybody else. Similarly, to control my mind, I should know the relation between my mind and me. I should know about the self, mind, intellect, etc. I should have faith that I have natural/real authority over my mind. Otherwise, one cannot control his mind properly.

(If we say- “Mind, body, materials everything are same. Then there is no relation. Then there is no need to control of mind. There should not be any effort in life! The ADVAITA philosophy says this!).

It is very easy as well as very difficult to control the mind. In some cases, one cannot sit stable and concentrate even for a minute. But the same person is able to watch cricket match or movies in TV for whole day. A good student is able to concentrate in his studies for hours together. Sometimes even a small incident may shake a person’s mind heavily! So it is clear that one really has full authority over one’s own mind. The working of mind (thinking process) is the function of the previous habits (sanskaars or resolves) and present directions (knowledge and desires).

(Some say- the soul as nirlep (the one that contains nothing in it, and the one in which nothing can be stored or put into, the one which does not experience anything, the one that does not do anything). They say- “the soul is neutral. It always remains pure. It has no relation with the organs. Organs do their work themselves, without any motivation from the soul.” If so- that is, if I(soul) have no relation with the organs or the body, then how can I control the body?

Also the words punyaatma (pure soul) and paapaatma (impure soul), mahatma (great soul) are famous. Those who say soul as nirlep cannot use these words. But these words imply that the soul itself does pure or impure actions through its body. Hence effects of good(punya) and bad(sin) affect the soul itself.

Another thing: Mind and intellects grow by repeated thinking. By repeated thinking of the lessons taught at school, the mind and intellects of children grow. By repeated thinking of small news, they become BIG and we get TENSED UP! We are really creators of our problems!) Hence it is clear that mind does not grow by food. Mind and intellects are not physical. They have the capacity of self-generating.

Hence by thinking(churning) one aspect, it becomes big(more effective). A small child initially, does not know about its parents. Its intellect and the organs of the body are not developed enough. Many times its parents teach it (repeat the words) “Daddy(father) and Mummy(mother)”. Ultimately, it realizes its parents properly.

A student may have options to become engineer, lawyer or a doctor. Using the intellect, he judges one and directs his mind to proceed. Then mind keeps itself busy in thinking (practice, continuous effort) in that topic. One fine day, he becomes an engineer or say, doctor. Now- we are giving a new option here. It is the highest one. It does not disturb other work. In fact, it increases efficiency in all other works.

This option is free of cost. In fact, it is your real(true) right. It is the most needed one also. It is your and everyone’s real nature. Without that any other work will not be complete(will not bring complete satisfaction). The option is nothing but, know the truth. That is realize self, Supreme, Universe and the TIME.
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There is need of fuel to a car, as well as food to the driver. Similarly, for successful life, there is need of food to the body, as well as food to the soul. We supply food to the body only. We do not supply food to soul, because we do not know about soul at all.

Pure and positive thoughts are the real food to the soul. We supply(create) negative(bad and waste) thoughts. But we do not know how to create positive (pure) thoughts. The reason is we do not know right meaning of purity. We do not know full contrast between right/truth/purity and wrong/impurity. That is the MOST ESSENTIAL knowledge.
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Even in this world, the greatest status, prosperity, wealth, etc are not attained by physical effort. Man by his intellectual power attains special/higher status. Many animals have more physical (muscle) power than man. But they do not rule man. Many animals have special powers in them. Their organs have higher capacity and can identify or predict many incidences than man. Still man rules animals. Not only that- Men of higher intellectual ability rule men of lower intellectual people. A tiger does not rule a tiger. But man rules man.

What we do is also according to our mind and intellects. What we experience also depends upon my mind and intellects. What great I am! Become introvert (Seeing inside yourself). I have everything in me. The biggest treasure is inside. Find and feel it!
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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Some say- “We should be able to see the soul through our eyes. Prove the existence of soul scientifically. Then only we will believe the soul”. Now- does science give answer to everything in this world? Can they reply to these SCIENTIFICALLY?

1) What are love, peace, behavior etc?
2) What are emotions? If one’s beloved father dies can they replace him by another person?
3) Why there is gravitational force? Why every body/object attracts another body? Why a proton attracts a neutron?
4) What is bhoota(spirit)?

5) Does science believe(agree) in meta-physical things? Can it explain about them? If science believes in things or events that are beyond physical, then let it give an example and explain it scientifically. If it does not believe, then it should admit that ‘science is incomplete; it has limitations’. If scientists say, ‘all the things in the world are just physical’, then let them CHANGE behavior of a person.

6) Let science restore entropy. We can convert one litre of petrol into heat energy. Let science convert heat energy back into one litre of petrol. Part 02 explains how entropy is restored by spirituality and nature.

7) Science cannot give answers to all ‘WHY’s. One can go on questioning why, why? There is no answer for all WHYs. Science says, water is made from hydrogen and oxygen. From what oxygen is made up of? It is made from proton, neutron and electrons. From what these particles are made up of? Science has no answer. It just says- these(proton, neutron and electrons) are fundamental particles.

To those who believe man as just a physical thing:- The movement and form of a body can be seen through eyes. But to realize smell, different organ is needed. But to realize any process, mind and intellects are always needed. The knowledge of anything gets imbibed (absorbed) properly only when the intellect accepts it properly. In examination, students write to the questions mentioned in the question paper. They use their eyes and hands to write in the answer paper. Two students get different marks. Do you say the student having better hands and eyes score better marks? (If man is just made from physical parts!)

If a child sees a car it does not understand anything. An elder person understands more. Those who believe only physical things should remark- ‘There is defect in child’s eyes compared to the elderly person. Hence the child did no realize it properly’. After some years, when the child understands better, they will have to remark- ‘now the defect in the child’s eyes is cured. Hence it grasps better!’

Some understand within few words. Some need more explanations. Some will not understand even after explaining many times. Do you say the reason is due to the difference in their ears?
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Man’s intellectual power has developed science. But he could not develop himself! Man became slave of things (machines) what he created! Actually CREATOR should never become slave of his creation. If one creates children and lives by the grace, fear and threat of children, can it be called as respectable life? But man is fully dependent on objects and machines invented by him.

Those who say “sense organs are the ultimate; there is nothing called mind, intellect, etc” should be able to educate animals. Many animals’ organs have special qualities than man. Hence it is clear that mind and intellects are greater than organs. Sense organs cannot understand mind and intellects. Mind and intellects can understand organs. Even an intelligent blind person understands well. In some aspects, his achievement is better than a person who is NOT blind but has poor intellect.

A house cannot understand its owner. The owner understands his house. The house cannot realize even itself! Hence organs cannot realize mind and intellects. Here we are talking about the soul that is powerful than organs. Saying, “Let me realize the soul just by my sense organs” is like saying “let the owner (or driver) realize (understand) himself through the building (or car)!”

We feel or see many events that are beyond the capacity of sense organs, like getting heart attacks when listening to bad news, etc. It is already explained in detail in this topic. That itself is the proof to the existence of the soul. Small children have narrated history of their previous births. There is no more blind than a person who does not wish to open his eyes. Even after hearing clear sound from OUTSIDE the well, if a frog inside the well says- ‘there is no world outside this well’, who is responsible? Carelessness and laziness are the biggest all-time enemies in life.

Previously, scientists did not believe soul. But now many scientists say that there is some ‘meta-physical entity’ in human body. To some extent, they have come(bent) towards truth. Previously scientists used to say- ‘mind is part of brain’. Now many of them agree that mind is not part of brain. Now they say- ‘ MIND IS NOPT PART OF BRAIN, BUT BRAIN HOUSES THE MIND’ which is fortunate.

Education is not just the role of the teacher, but also the student, perhaps his role is even more important. Even if the same teacher teaches, all the students of a class do not pass with same grade. Both should understand their responsibilities properly to achieve best results. In education, the teacher cannot visually show everything as it is in the classroom. But he explains properly. Similarly, here every aspect is explained logically to a great extent. To learn any subject, we should study (go through) it without laziness, carelessness or biased mind. If we feel the topic is good and important, we should practice it honestly. Otherwise, the story of the fox that remarked ‘grapes are sour’ may be ours itself!
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When one asks ‘who are you?’ you may give the introduction of your body and bodily relations, physical job, etc. But that is incomplete and improper.

Eg: You may say, “I am a doctor, a driver, etc” or “My name is Abraham, etc”. But:-

1)Are you doctor by birth?
2)Do you work as doctor for the whole 24 hours in a day? For the whole 24 hours, do you think only about patient, body, health, disease, etc and NOTHING else?
3)Even while treating a patient, do you remain just in conscious of doctor? Don’t you think anything other than treatment even for a second in between? Don’t you think of food, money, your family members, friends, etc at all(during that time)?

4)You are driver of the car only. Not driver of everything!. You are husband to your wife, father to your child. You are NOT driver to them or anybody else, is it not?
5)Even two people can have the SAME name. You can CHANGE your name and profession. But, when you change your name, you DON’T CHANGE! So just by name and profession, one’s introduction is NOT complete. Hence such introductions are imperfect.

So you may have to say(joke)- “For 8 hours per day, I am driver of my car. Rest of the time, I am father to my children and husband to my wife. My present name is Abraham. While sleeping I am like a dead body, etc. Still the introduction is incomplete and improper. Because there is no end to “what I think and what I do”. PLEASE NOTE THAT- THE ANSWER FOR ‘WHAT YOU ARE’ IS NOT WHAT YOU DO! WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS, NOT HUMAN DOINGS! But unfortunately, we relate ourselves to (are conscious about) what we do than what I am(the being)! That is why my mind is not with me. It wanders in the things what I do(through my body)! We have forgotten the self and have given importance just to the physical actions and reactions. That is why everybody is hungry of peace, love, and respect.

So the right method of giving self-introduction is to speak “I am a soul”. THEN mention all other things, that is- body’s name, profession, etc. GIVE MORE IMPORTANCE TO WHAT YOU ARE THAN WHAT YOU DO. The first step is to realize the importance of SELF. All other things do not belong to my REAL introduction. They are temporary and related to body. But in society, to deal with others, we are forced(need) to speak about these. But we should not become conscious (egoistic) about these. That is these should not influence us. The reason is- it develops body-conscious and traps us (our mind and intellects) in material things and the real internal freedom is lost. I am a soul before birth, during this life and will be soul even after death also. The soul never dies. It is eternal.

But we will become conscious of these because of past habits. So- we should try to develop conscious of self. This will make us powerful. If in a day, conscious of self (inner power= mental power) is more than the body (health) which is more than materials (wealth), we are safe. We can return back to our originality (soul consciousness stage) as sson as we finish work or when we wish.

If we realize the value of any object, then only we can get maximum benefit of it. It is clear that in my life, I am the most important. Then if I do not realize the most valuable thing, how can I value other things in my life? This is the reason that man does not have satisfaction in life in spite of all comforts. In spite of all the advancements in science and technology, man fears about man and everything even in dream.
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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Soul is different than nature. Hence nature cannot produce it. Since it is a point, there is nothing that can change its form. It is already explained that it has independent existence. It is indivisible and indestructible. It is not created by anything. It has no birth and deaths. But it comes in the cycle of birth and deaths.

That is, it sheds(leaves) the old(present) body and takes new body by entering into the new body in another mother’s womb. Even though birth and deaths are to the physical body, it is the soul that experiences them. Like a person changes his house, shoes, and clothes after they become old, the soul changes its body. Small children have narrated stories of their past births. This is also a proof to rebirth of the soul. This is another reason why we should sacrifice body consciousness. Because our next birth depends on my present state(resolves).


Everybody expects change. This implies dissatisfaction in life. it implies one is weak during that period.

One expects changes in many things- 1) in self, 2) with the bodily relations(relatives- starting from blood relatives to the last person in the society) and 3) in the materials. We expect changes in all these. Now, what is my percentage of influence on all these three? The answer is clear. I have highest influence on SELF only. Even in the self also, I do not have much influence on my physical body. I cannot change color, shape of my body. I cannot stop my body from ageing. But I can go on increasing my control over my mind and intellect by honest practice. That is, I have maximum (it can be made full) control over my mind and intellects. SINCE I HAVE MAXIMUM RIGHT OVER MY MIND AND INTELLECTS, I ALSO HAVE MAXIMUM RESPONSIBILITY IN USING THEM.

Changing Self will achieve highest result and is of most importance. There is no expenditure in it. It saves time, money and energy. Positive thinking cures many diseases. It even reduces the rate of ageing. So why not give it the highest priority? It is also said that 90% of our problems what we experience are due to our (wrong) reactions to the situations and actual problems are only 10%. But one needs power of spirituality to respond rightly.
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.


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