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Journey from Beginning- Part ONE

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Note: Totally- this creation consists of five package/parts.

1)Package/Part No. 01 gives Knowledge about Self: This deals knowledge about SELF in detail. You can skip some topics if you have no time. Summary of part 01 is also available.

2)Package No. 02 throws idea about past, present and future of Universe. That is- Complete History and Geography. It is also called as Time Cycle or World Drama. It also discusses many interesting topics and karma philosophy.

3)Package No 03 explains REAL meditation and also contains more than 100 hints that help us to judge and act appropriately in difficult situations.

4)Package No. 04 reveals secrets or essence of scriptures and many traditions of different religions. It discloses hidden truths in scriptures and the worldly knowledge.

5)Package no. 05 makes a person to be always on top/positive even in the worst situations.

6)Aim of this effort is to make man powerful than ever before by developing
inner(real) personality.

Part 01: Self Realization

Everybody struggles to improve his or her personality. What is personality? Why I am not satisfied with myself? Why does everybody expect change in self from birth to death? If there is same effort from birth to death, what is the success rate?

My Personality is what I radiate. What I radiate is the effects of what I am and what all are mine. What is life? Who am I? Why am I here? From where have I come? What are mine? Did GOD create Universe? Did God create all the Religions? Did He make some as rich, some as poor, beautiful, ugly or handicapped? If you have interest in such matters, these may be useful to you. The following topics are covered here.

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We often use words- I and mine. But do we know exactly what I am? What is MIND? What is Intellect? Where are these located? What are relations among these? Let us discuss about these. We say, “I saw, I heard, etc”. Who saw? Who heard? Did Eyes see? Ears hear? OR Did I see through my eyes and hear through my ears?

Actually eyes themselves cannot see. I see through my eyes. Similarly I hear through my ears. If eyes see independently and ears hear independently, there cannot be co-ordination between eyes(seeing) and ears(hearing). In that case every phenomenon should have been limited to that particular organ only. But practically, it is not true. For example, when I hear a sound, a power(I) within my body acts and moves(directs) my eyes towards the source that produced the sound.

While writing, there is co-ordination between eyes and hands. This implies that eyes do not see themselves or ears do not hear themselves. THERE IS SOME ENTITY THAT IS SEPARATE THAN THESE, USES THESE AND COORDINATES THESE AND THAT IS ME. It is me who see through the eyes. I see the objects I wish to see. I open eyes when I wish. I close my eyes when I wish. Hence these organs do not act independently. I use them according to my wish and needs. THIS entity(I) is powerful than the organs. It owns the organs.

More explanation:- We also say “My house, my car”. We never say, “I am the house or I am the car”. This also implies- I am different than the house, or the car. Similarly, we say, “My eyes, my hands, my body, etc”. So it is also clear that- I am different than even my body. We never say, “I –the body or I am the body”. Hence, I am not the body. I am separate than the body. I am not the organs. I am the power that uses the organs/body.
Where this entity(I) is located and how would it be? Definitely I must be situated inside my body. Hence inside every physical body, there is a nonphysical (also called as Meta physical) entity that is the owner of that physical body. Physical body is made from the five elements of nature. But the entity(I) that owns the body, uses the body is beyond the nature.

Because I use my body beyond the laws of nature. I act according to my wish. Nature is Live less. It cannot realize itself. It does not know about itself. It does not have intelligence. It cannot think, judge, discriminate or experience. The power of nature is just physical.

Hence I am the entity that sees through eyes, hears through ears, talk through mouth, experience through the body. I have MY OWN THINKING POWER, JUDGING POWER, and REALIZING POWER. This Self is also called as SOUL(Atma or Atman). So I am the Soul.

[Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to say ‘My Soul or His Soul’. Because I am the soul. Because of ignorance some say ‘May His Soul Rest in peace’. But the right sentence is ‘May that soul rest in peace’.

But usually a soul is identified through its body. So in usage, the phrase- “Soul of Mr. X” or his soul has come are used. Hence it is also ok. The only thing to be kept in mind is SOUL AND BODY ARE SEPARATE AND IT IS THE SOUL THAT USES THE BODY].

Soul is the owner of the body. It is greater (special) than the body. Hence powers of Soul are greater and special than the physical body. Let us understand how a soul does karma(action) through its body. All the nerves of a body are connected to the brain. Brain is the centre of the nervous system. If I wish/need to see an object, 1]My eyes should be open, 2]Eyes should be healthy, 3]All the nerves from eyes to brain should be healthy, 4]Brain should be healthy. Even these are not enough. 5]My MIND should attend in this seeing process (= I should be conscious about this). If my mind is deeply busy in some other matter, I will not see the object in front of my eyes even when my eyes are open.

The first four points are related to the nature and hence physical. But the last is beyond nature. This implies that mind is not physical. So- it is not part of body. MIND IS PART OF SOUL.

Let us learn more about this. Even if many people see an object in the same way [for sufficient time with enough clarity], they do not understand it identically. For example, a car seen by different people, say- a baby, an elderly person, a driver, a car mechanic- will be interpreted in different ways. The baby will not understand anything. The elder man will understand something. The car driver will understand better. The car mechanic will understand much more. That is- the understanding, discriminating or judging power of different people is different. This discriminating power is called as INTELLECT. This power is also beyond nature and not physical. This is the second power of the soul.

Let’s move further. Even if many understand a matter in the same way, all of them do not accept/feel it identically. That is their behavior/response is not identical. For example, all know smoking cigarette is injurious to Health. But only some get addicted to smoking. The main reason for this is the RESOLVES*(sanskaar) in them. In simple language, sanskaar can be called as habit/nature. Individual’s taste, virtues, capacity are different. RESOLVES is the third part of the soul.

So- MIND, INTELLECT AND RESOLVES are the parts/powers/faculties or subtle organs of the soul. Therefore the chaitanya entity soul has mind, intellect and resolves in itself. (The word chaitanya means one that is aware of it, can experience, and can act by itself. That is- it has intelligence, thinking power, can take initiative by itself and has the power to realize.)
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Every Soul resides in its own body. Some say Soul is everywhere. It is not true. The reason is, no relationship can be established with an entity that is everywhere. If soul is everywhere, there cannot be any relationship with anybody, anything or with one’s own body. Because one cannot establish relation with something that is omnipresent.

Some say- ‘Wind/air is everywhere. Likewise Soul is also everywhere’. But truly speaking- wind is not everywhere. It is divisible. Air is made of tiny particles, called molecules that have definite size, space, structure, etc. When we inhale, we take a part of air inside. Moreover air can be converted into liquid or solid states also. We close windows when we want to separate impure air from pure air]. One cannot say that a single(the same) molecule of air is everywhere.

But soul(I) is(should be) indivisible. If I am divisible, I cannot experience; I cannot have unique memory. For the time being, let us assume that pieces of soul are spread everywhere like wind molecules. Then these pieces are like molecules that can enter different people and/or things. Air exhaled by a person can enter another person’s body. So pieces of soul also will get transferred from one body to the other body, trees, objects, etc. Then who is going to experience and how!? Then even lifeless objects should have intelligence. They should react differently. Then I should be able to use others’ bodies also!

Another effect of this is- Nothing can remain mine or me throughout the life span. Today if I am in a body, tomorrow I may be in another body. Today to whom I call/experience as my father, tomorrow I should experience the same with another person. Today if I feel a building as my home, tomorrow I should feel another building as my home.

But reality is against this. One feels his body constant(as his own) throughout his life. Even bodily relations, status, degrees, job, etc are also almost constant and stable throughout one’s life. (Eg: parents and children). Hence it is clear that every soul is INDIVISIBLE AND NOT OMNIPRESENT.

Another thing is- I alone have maximum authority on my body. Also I have maximum authority on my body alone; not on others’ bodies. So I should be inside my body itself. From this it is also clear that the soul in every individual body is different. This is the reason why everyone’s behavior is different. So the soul in each body should be UNIQUE. Actually there is no need to explain so much. The reason is- ‘I’ cannot be sum of pieces. I can be only one thing. ‘I’ cannot be more than one.
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All the nerves of a body are connected to brain. We experience pleasure/pain when signals from these nerves reach brain. HENCE IT IS CLEAR THAT SOUL IS SITUATED IN BRAIN.

How big can the soul be? Blood, water, bones and flesh occupy the whole space inside the body. There is no significant space for soul inside the body. Everywhere inside the body, there are atoms and molecules. Therefore, the soul should be extremely small like an atom. Hence form of SOUL IS POINT. One may wonder by this, because so far no human being or scripture (except Bhagavadgita) has said this.

Some say, soul is present everywhere inside the body. According to this statement soul is present in eyes also. In that case, there is no need of the nerves that connect eye to brain to see an object. That is- one should be able to see even without that nerve or perhaps even without brain!

Another thing:- If soul is everywhere inside the body, then mind and intellects are also present everywhere in the body. In that case, damage to any physical organ/part of the body should also affect mind and intellect. Human organ transplantation is done. A person’s blood is also supplied to another. In that case, it is as good as- a part of mind/intellect of the first person is fed to the other person. So it should bring change in the behavior(mind and intellects) of the other! Everyday we pass urine and stools. Can we say some of our intellect and mind or thought energy also goes with these?

Not just this much. If soul is present throughout the body, shape/form of the soul also should change with the body, is it not? Then we cannot say- soul is truth.

Another thing is, if a person becomes physically handicapped; say by losing a hand or leg, then mental and intellectual powers of such every person should get affected.

If you say/argue “soul is not present everywhere in the body. But it cannot be small as point. It should be some what big.” In that case, its place in a body cannot be fixed/stable. Because since size and shape of bodies differ from one another, the position of the soul also will differ. Not only that- one will have to mention the dimensions of the soul.

Every soul is unique. That is, each soul is different from the other. That is why we behave independently. From this also, it is clear that soul cannot be omnipresent. There cannot be more than one thing that is omnipresent. If soul is omnipresent, then there cannot be any difference between the soul, body and the nature. The only thing that can be omnipresent is the empty space.

Hence soul has to be a point. Let us try to explain this even scientifically. According to science, a water molecule is formed by molecule/atoms of hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen and oxygen atoms (or any object in the world) are further divisible. Division of atom obtains even smaller particles called protons, neutrons and electrons. One may say atoms are formed by protons, neutron and electrons. But if one asks “from what these protons, neutrons and electrons are formed?”; there is no answer. Scientifically these protons, neutrons and electrons are termed as fundamental particles. Because (normally) these cannot be further divided.

In case these are divisible, then the same question arises again; i.e. ‘from what those are made up of?’ and those obtained smaller subatomic particles will again have to be named fundamental particles. So- if anything is indivisible (akhanda) and unique, it should be a point or very small.

Anything that is big is definitely formed by many other smaller things(particles). If ‘soul is big(I am big)’, then many other small things should form me. Then ‘among those many particles, which particle experiences happiness or sorrow?’. The word ‘I’ becomes ambiguous.

Some say- ‘Heat is omnipresent. It has no form. Similarly, the soul is also omnipresent.’ But heat is not an object (entity). It is a measure of energy level in an object. Heat may not have form. But the ONE THAT EMITS/GIVES HEAT(EG: SUN) HAS NAME, PLACE AND FORM. EVEN THOSE WHO ABSORB HEAT ALSO HAVE ALL THESE.

So- The Physical Energy may not have form. But the one that receives or delivers definitely has form. Similarly divine (spiritual) qualities do not have form. But the one who possesses it definitely has name and form. That is the soul, an eternal TINY POINT (or you may imagine like a small shining star).

Heat is generated by Sun. If one relates soul or the Supreme Soul(God) to heat, then we will have to say soul and Supreme Souls are also generated(CREATED) by some OTHER objects! Then we will have to answer what are those? They become more important. Soul and God lose their values!
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In the process of seeing through eyes, ears and mouth are not needed. In the process of hearing through ears, eyes and mouth may not be needed. But in all these processes, mind works. Hence it is clear that mind is placed at the central place(soul). IF MY MIND IS AT PEACE, THEN I AM AT PEACE. IF MY INTELLECT UNDERSTANDS, IT IS AS GOOD AS I UNDERSTAND. HENCE IT IS CLEAR THAT MIND AND INTELLECTS ARE WITHIN ME(SOUL). That is, they are parts(faculties) of soul.

[Some say ‘my mind needs peace’. But the right sentence is- I need peace. Whether I am at peace or not is reflected through my mind.]

Mind and intellects are subtle powers of a soul. They can be developed by increasing the quality of thoughts. Soul is indivisible. That is- mind and intellects cannot be separated from a Soul.

We say, ‘It is my habit’. Habits die harder. This also implies that the habits are directly related to me(soul). Habits become sanskaar (character). So mind, intellect and sanskaar (=resolves =character)- all are confined (situated) in a small tiny point, and that is the Soul(I).

Hence the one that thinks good or bad is a point. The one that discriminates is a point. The same point does good or bad actions. That point is ME, the Soul, the self.

Physical health is observed by the movements or working capacity of parts or organs of the body. Similarly power of a soul can be seen through one’s thinking(mind), judging(intellect) capabilities as well as through his habits(character). [Words character, resolves, sanskaar can be interchanged without much difference.]
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Now let us learn the working of mind, intellect and sanskaars. Mind is like a horse. Intellect is the controlling rope. I, the soul is the horse rider.

According to my desire/need(mind), my knowledge(intellect) and the sanskaar that is filled(updated) in me till today(till the last instant), thoughts emerge through mind. That is- I think according to my desire or needs, the knowledge I have and my habits developed so far.

Good goals(desire) and good sanskaars help in creation of good(positive) thoughts. Intellect has the power to decide/judge whether the thoughts are good or bad, right or wrong, etc. Mind can also be called as the door of the soul and intellect as the stomach of the soul. Thoughts are food to the Soul. Positive thoughts increase the power of the Soul. Waste and negative thoughts decrease the power of the soul.

Positiveness means nearness to truth = the one that lasts long. Body is mortal and soul is immortal. In simple terms, following truth means to give more importance to soul than the body. It is paying right respect to each and everyone according to its or one’s position.

Mind can be controlled by the intellect. That is- intellect is above the mind. But the Soul(I) should use the intellect properly. When the mind-horse starts wandering, it should be controlled through the intellect( determination) = I should determine to control mind. By determination, mind gets concentrated. Then one should continue right practice. That is, do positive (right) thinking. That is- think, feel, praise more about soul than the body. Churning of positive thoughts increases the power of intellect which increases the efficiency of thoughts (can control and utilize mind better). This process is regenerating and ultimately makes the soul powerful.

It is like this. To train a horse, initially it takes frequent use of the rope(intellect). As horse(mind) goes on getting training, the stress on rope(burden on intellect) goes on reducing. Similarly in the effort of controlling (and ruling) the Self (Self Transformation), one reaches the state of perfection at the end. That is, mind is automatically/completely merged in positive/elevated thoughts. Then there is no burden on intellect. There is no confusion, fear or mischievous(=chanchalata- hindi word) . THE SOUL SITS IN ITS OWN REAL STATUS. This state is known as carefree state or liberation in life].

Hence I am a ‘tiny point of divine light and might’ that resides in brain. In front view, I(soul) am seen between the eyebrows in my forehead. Many things that certify this(place of mind) are given below.

1)In India, many people put a dot in their forehead between the eyebrows.

2)When we salute, we bring our hand near to our forehead. 3)Bowing the head is a way of expressing regard. This implies that I am(soul is) situated in the head.

3)The word mastakamani(jewel at forehead), shiromani(jewel at head) {mastaka=forehead, shira=head, mani=jewel} are famous and divine words.

But unfortunately, many believe soul is situated in heart. But the heart is just a pump that supplies/circulates blood. It is already explained that all our nerves are connected to brain and we experience through brain. Hence soul’s place should be in brain.

When we get emotionally disturbed, the blood pressure is affected immediately. Hence body-conscious (ordinary) people might have thought that the soul resides in heart! Ordinary people can realize changes that occur in body only. Even though the cause for emotions is the thoughts created in the brain, they have not understood it. A person’s mental stability can be observed by the waves(EEG) those get generated in brain]. {Body-consciousness means considering/feeling oneself as body. It is ignorance of the soul.}.

For simplicity, it can be said- soul is like a driver and the body is like a car. The soul drives/controls/uses its body like a driver drives his car. Some more relations between a soul and its body are mentioned below.

Body is a Car. Soul is the Driver.
Body is an Instrument. Soul is the Operator.
Body is a house. Soul is the Owner/User.
Body is a dress. Soul is the one who wears it.
Body is a shoe. Soul is the one who wears.

Body is similar to a chariot. Sense organs are like horses. Soul is the rider.
In the above, the first entity is experience-less, intelligence-less thing. The second entity enjoys/uses/controls the first one. Price of the first can be estimated. But the price of the second cannot be estimated.

Price of a dead body can be estimated. Deadbody(corpse) is nothing but the soul-less body. Till the soul is present in the body, the body is a living body. When the soul sheds(leaves) the body, the body becomes life-less. Then the body is buried or burnt. So it is clear that soul is above the nature or physical objects. Hence its price can’t be estimated. This also indicates that we are not just blood, bones and fleshes whose price could be estimated.

A note:- A driver thinks more about himself than the car. For him, he is more important than the car. Similarly we should think/feel/remember/experience more about/of soul than our body in our life. That is the truth.
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Some say- MIND is part of brain. If so, let them cut and separate mind from brain and show it! Pictures of every physical object can be drawn. Using microscopes even the structure of a living cell of a body can be seen. If mind is part of brain, one should be able to draw the pictures of mind, intellects, etc!

Another thing: A living-cell of a body is made from carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen which are just physical. But thoughts are non-physical. If mind is physical(part of brain), can we say- physical things produce non-physical thing/energy(mental energy)? Scientists may be doing research on this. Let us wait and see.
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Anything in the world come under three categories- NON-LIVING(JADA), LIVING(JEEVA) AND CHAITANYA (INTELLIGENT).

Objects like machines, furniture, etc and dead things(dead plants and dead bodies of man and animals) are Non-living things. There are no special actions (like consuming food, breathing, reproduction, etc) in these objects. There may be some actions in man-made machines. But their function can be fully controlled. Machines can be switched off or on. There is no continuous biological process or intelligence in them. Machines do not grow. There is no living cycle in machines. Hence these come in category NON LIVING.

Plants and trees come in the category LIVING. They are made from living cells. The above said actions occur in a predefined manner in them. Man has no full control over these like he has on machines, computers, etc. These(plants and trees) follow laws of nature. But still they do not have intelligence(soul).

Animals come in the category of CHAITANYA. There are living cells(physical body) as well as soul(non-physical entity). There are again two categories in this. One is less intelligence animal(normally called as ANIMALS), and the other is highly intellectual animal(normally called as HUMAN BEINGS).
Plants and trees act 100% according to the laws of nature. In extra-ordinary situations, they do not attempt to rescue themselves. This implies THERE IS NO INTELLIGENCE (SOUL) IN PLANTS. They are just a part of the nature itself. A tree will not recognize plants created by its own seeds. A plant will always move towards sunlight. IT WILL NEVER TRY EXPERIMENTING- like moving towards shadow and see for any special effect. The reason is- it has no intelligence. It is not aware of itself. The sprout of any seed even if it is laid (sown) upside down will grow upwards. THAT IS, ALL SEEDS GROW/MOVE AGAINST GRAVITATIONAL FORCE.

Animals behave closely to nature, but not to 100%. Behavior of different animals (even of a same species) are different in same circumstances. They behave according to their desires and needs. They consume food to the degree of their satisfaction. They try to rescue themselves in dangerous situations. That is, they have intelligence(soul) in their body.

But the level of intellect in animal souls is very less. In comparison to human souls, they are intelligence–less. That is why MAN is ruling the whole world. Behavior of animals can be predicted to a great extent. But it is very difficult to predict behavior of man. There are a lot of similarities in behavior of two cows. But it is very difficult to find similarities in human beings. One may be an engineer, another doctor, the other saint, thief, dacoit, etc. DUE TO HIGH LEVEL OF INTELLIGENCE, EVERY MAN BUILDS HIS OWN UNIQUE PERSONALITY.

There is no limitation to the power of intellect and mind of a human being(even to his desires also!). A deer fears to a lion, but not to another deer. A rat fears to a cat, but not to another rat. A cat fears to a dog, but not to another cat. But man fears to man! Man’s enemy is man himself. The reason for this is man’s vipareeta_buddhi (wrong usage of intellect). That is why both most divine and highest devil personalities can be found in human beings. Human soul is categorized as punyaatma(pure soul), paapaatma(sinful soul), mahaatma(great soul), dharmaatma(religious soul), etc. No animal has bad habits like man. Usually animals do not get subjected into dangerous and innumerous diseases like human beings. Hence it is clear that life of many human beings is worse than even animals. Man commits suicide. Animals do not commit suicide like man. Mental stress is much high in human beings than animals due to his ego level. This also implies the intelligence level of human soul is much higher than animal soul.

Under same circumstance or environment, two plants grow identically. Two animals do not grow exactly same. But still there are a lot of similarities.

But it is impossible to find same development in two human beings brought up under same circumstances. Hence it is clear that there is absolutely no intelligence in plants. Animals have it to a certain extent. But man has it to the greatest extent. By proper education and training, human intellect can be developed to a vast extent. By any education, intellect of animals cannot be developed beyond a limit. Trees and plants cannot be educated.

Hence human soul is different than animal soul. Human soul will not take birth in animal species. Human soul will take rebirth in human species and animal soul in animal species.
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Cause for all problems is body-consciousness. Remedy for all problems is soul- consciousness. Considering myself as body, getting interested in bodily relations, bondages and materials is body-consciousness. Feeling that any problem to body will affect self(me) is also body consciousness. It is like this: Wearing of new, neat, good costumes gives happiness. Dirty, ugly, old clothes give unhappiness. Similarly clean, beautiful, healthy body gives happiness. Ugly, old and diseased body gives unhappiness. But if the cloth sticks to our body, the unhappiness is the greatest. This is the body consciousness.

That is- being unable to forget body is body consciousness. Soul is separate than the body. Body is like dress of the soul. Soul is the one who wears the body. Hence a healthy soul means one who is capable of putting the dress(use body, think body, act) according to his wish/needs and get detached from the body as soon as work is over. The one who wears dress feels his dress as just an object having no life/liveness. Similarly, we should feel our body as just an object. But today we are not only incapable of forgetting our bodies, but also are attached even to others’ bodies. This is body consciousness.

Or perhaps, our situation is worse than this. WE ACT AS IF I AM THE CLOTH(BODY) ITSELF. That is, I(soul) have considered(determined) myself(soul) as the costume(body). What a great ignorance and hopeless state is this! I consider myself as male, female, young, old, white, black, etc. I consider myself as child of the person who gave birth just to the body!
If driver is attached(bonded) to the car, he cannot drive it properly. The driver has to be seated in his seat. Right method to decrease the speed is to apply brakes. Instead if he attempts to hold wheels of the car to decrease the speed, the result will be poor. Similarly, to use my body, I(the soul-driver) should be situated at my seat(be soul-conscious). That is I should act being in the soul-conscious state.

When one is angry, right method to avoid conflict is to control anger in the mind(apply brake). If instead, one just keeps his mouth closed( as good as holding the wheels by hand to reduce speed), effort is more. Also, the person may not be satisfied. The inner anger may be released (with interest) later. Controlling mind controls mouth and all the organs automatically.

Only the Controller/ruler has the authority. If one has knowledge and the faith- 'I am the driver/ruler/owner of the car', then only he can drive the car properly. If he considers himself as the car, then he cannot use/control the car properly. Similarly, TO CONTROL MIND AND INTELLECT, one should understand and feel that “I AM THE OWNER/RULER OF MY MIND AND INTELLECTS”. That is- I should become soul-conscious. Soul-conscious stage is the state of a King. When King is seated on the throne, the subjects obey his orders. Similarly, when I am soul conscious, our mind, intellect and all the organs (organs are my subjects since I control or use them) can be used rightfully and maximum enjoyment is possible.

Hence I and MINE should be understood and distinguished properly. One has control over his belongings only. I can use my money, my house as I wish. If one thinks ‘I am the money’, how can he use his money? Since we consider ourselves as the body itself, we are not able to use our body properly. The most intelligent animal(man) has become SLAVE of his own organs to the highest possible extent than any animal. Man suffers innumerable diseases and is highly addicted to drugs as well as to wrong diet. Man is busy in inventing weapons to destroy man.
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Let us learn more. Consider a crow’s ****(stool) falling on the head of a person walking on the road. If it is morning jogging time, and nobody had been present nearby, he might not have got stressed much. He may forget the incident easily. The effect on him will be more if he is on the way to his office and dressed in a fine suit. It will be still more if the incident had happened in front of many others, especially say- colleagues.

THE EFFECT OF A KARMA(ACTION) ON ME(SOUL) IS CALLED SANSKAAR(RESOLVES). TO THE EXTENT ONE’S INTELLECT ACCEPTS (FAITH) IT(ANY MATTER OR THE SITUATION) AND THE MIND’S INVOLVEMENT (PRACTICE= REPEATED THINKING= DURATION) IN IT, RESOLVES(HABIT) BUILDS UP. He will develop anger and mental stress. Then onwards his way (attitude) of seeing the crow changes. He will develop enmity with crow. His habit also changes. Whenever he sees a crow, he may start throwing stones at it.

Previously if he had the habit of walking care freely, now he would be watching intermittently towards sky often to check for a crow. The person may even dream fighting with the crow. In this way, the effect of resolves influences our attitude. This influences our future behavior, which are future thoughts and actions. In this way, PRESENT THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS DEVELOP RESOLVES WHICH INFLUENCE FUTURE THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS. THIS IS A CONTINUOUS PROCESS.

But note that same incident will not have same effect on two persons. The reason is due to the difference in their desire(mind), knowledge(intellect) and resolves. There is continuous influence of these three on our thoughts(mind). Effect of resolves is deeper and continuous. Resolves is like a habit. Likewise a person is caught by his habits, our present thinking is influenced by our previous(that is developed till the last instant) resolves. This is the main cause for one’s attitude.

To the extent our mind and intellect feel and accept an incident, it remains in our SCREEN OF REMEMBRANCE (smruti_patala in kannada language). If the intellect takes (acceptancy =faith) it seriously or if we are deeply interested (practice= thinking again and again) in the matter, the effect (feeling or experience) will be deeper. It will remain in our memory(remembrance) for longer duration. This will get reflected in our VISION(DRUSHTI) AND ACTION(KRUTI).

ATTITUDE(VRUTTI) IS THE SEED. REMEMBRANCE (SMRUTI) IS THE NOURISHMENT. VISION (DRUSHTI) AND ACTION (KRUTI) ARE THE FRUITS. Those whose attitude cannot be changed are known as firm minded people. They do not consider other matters seriously. Their intellect is centered in a predetermined goal/state. Attitude projects the habit (character) of a soul(person). Remembrance projects his present state of mind and intellects.

Our present thoughts are result of our present desire(mind), present knowledge(intellect) and the past habits(resolves developed so far). If the present thoughts (remembrance= practice) support the past(= existing) resolves, the resolves become deeper. For example, if a person having habit of smoking continues smoking, the habit gets deeper. But if desire is opposite to the resolves(habit), practice (present thoughts) can be opposite to the habits. This will change resolves. THIS IS CALLED TRANSFORMATION OF RESOLVES (HABITS) OR SELF-TRANSFORMATION.

Another example: If you WISH(DESIRE) to go to Bangalore, and have the KNOWLEDGE of the route as well as excellent driving EXPERIENCE(HABIT), you develop confidence in the work(=action= journey). You reach goal faster. If there is lack in any one of these, the speed will be slow. So- for right practice, just desire is not sufficient. Right knowledge is also necessary. Hence it is said- NA HI JNAANENA SADRUSHAM = THERE IS NOTHING EQUAL TO KNOWLEDGE in Bhagavdgita.

If you have complete knowledge of the route and strong desire to reach, you reach faster. If there is no burning desire, you may become lazy and take rest in between or get interested in (influenced by) other sceneries on the way. This will delay the journey. If you get deeply interested in side-sceneries in the journey, your decision of going to Bangalore itself may change! If you do not know the right route, even the strong desire may be useless!

WHEN ALL THESE THREE MATCH, THERE WILL NOT BE ANY GOAL, CONFUSION OR STRESS IN LIFE. IT IS THE STATE OF PERFECTION. THIS IS CALLED LIBERATION IN LIFE OR CAREFREE STATE. These three will match only if the resolves become completely pure. Completely pure character brings complete satisfaction. That person will have no fear or stress. He will not have fear of even death.

Some addicted persons or criminals (eg:- terrorists) are least bothered about others. Their desire and resolves are bad. Sometimes it seems that the above three match even in them. So is it the state of perfection? But truly, there is no match. Their match is temporary and limited. These people are dependent (even mentally) on many things in their life. They need drugs, huge quantity of money, weapons, others’ support. Whenever any of these supports fails, they get stressed. Also they try to hide from police/law. So their experience is not always constant. But a highly pure person will have no dependency. He will not be worried even if does not get food for days or becomes handicapped.

A note:- In the present world, nobody is really or fully satisfied. Everybody is under stress. Everybody’s mind and intellects are loaded. From the childhood, education starts. Today education has become burden both to parents and children. Everybody desires change in self(to develop self or not satisfied by self)) and in others(has expectations). BUT IN BOTH THE PROCESSES, THE PERSON DEFINITELY CHANGES HIMSELF(=GETS INFLUENCED).

That is- even if you do not want change in self but try to change others, you change yourself! There is change in your behavior (resolves) and what you experience. So please think before you deal with others. Think before act.
There is possibility of being negatively influenced by others when we deal/communicate with them. If I get negatively influenced by others, I definitely lose something. So we should be sure that the gain what we get by the deal is more than the loss. Else the deal is a waste. For example, health is more important than wealth. Hence one should not sacrifice health for wealth.

But even wealth is also needed for health. One needs money to take care of his body. So sometimes it is advisable to sacrifice health for earning. He may have to work in night shifts. In some cases, person may have to work in polluted areas. But one should work in such conditions for a few years and then try for better situation.

But if a person has enough money, he should not try to earn more by
sacrificing his health for it. Because his health is not dependent on wealth.
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Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.


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