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220) " A drowning person will clutch at a straw" ÷

6) the lowkik world, the above slogan is mostly interpreted as - " A desperate person will try to use anything for help even if it is really no help at all". But that is true only to some extent. Drowning means in most difficult situation. Most of the people will try to use the best (or the optimum ) what they have, not cheap things like STRAW in such a situation.

7) Let us take example of poor people who have nothing and none to help. Most of them will not try to steal/rob as they are aware of the later consequences. OK, some may steal or rob others, but it is not that they will rob only cheap things.
But, yes they do not hesitate to steal even cheap things or become ready to work for very low pay as they would not mind (at that time) even if exploited. But they do that for years together and live/survive! So, the STRAW had really been USEFUL which goes against the slogan.

8) OK, I have taken the meaning of grass here as cheap/small. If we take the meaning as "that of no use", then it is right in case of some people who are ready to spend lot of money and effort in treating illness of hopeless cases, and some more examples we may get.

9) But, I believe this slogan is actually about knowledge/intellect*. Spiritual knowledge is so powerful that even if we have a STRAW of it, it will save us even from the situations like DROWNING.
Spiritually- "ANTH MATHI SO MATHI. =As per the state of intellect during the last breadth, so would be the next birth (future status) ".
Again most beloved Baba says - even a drop of knowledge is worth lakhs of rupees, anyone who imbibes even a little of knowledge will get entry to heaven, etc, etc.

* - I am not saying that this slogan does not fit to the worldly things, but feel it is more applicable to spiritual aspects.

10) During my childhood education, in India, in the regional language, the slogan was only - "Like the support of a straw to a drowning man ". There was no word "CLUTCH". Mostly due to unable to understand the spiritual significance of the slogan, later people might have added the word - clutch.
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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221) Highest Wonders, Blunders, News, Exam, Enemy, etc-

Highest wonders/miracles÷
Baba says-

1) Itni choti atma may 84 janmon ka part noondhaa huvaa hai, jo kabee bhee mit_thi naheen, ghis_thee naheen. = In such a small tiny soul, the part of 84 births is fixed which never alters. There is no higher wonder than this.
2) Duniyaa may dikhaathay hain 7 wonders. Lekin sabse wonder hai swarg = People show 7 wonders, but heaven is the most.
3) Whatever science can do miracles, but in God's ability of taking children to trance, giving visions, touching, and subtle world activities are totally unique and incomparable.

4) Baba praises the science many ways- like-minded it has brought heaven in deserts.
But, Baba has said - in heaven, the golden crown would be even lighter than feather. Science cannot do that. It is the silence power (yog_bal).

Science has not only used, but also exploited the nature and has become instrument in polluting and destroying it. But silence power makes nature as servant/pleasant without any side effect.

5) That is why finally silence will conquer science and hence the saying "Victory of SILENCE over SCIENCE".
[This does not mean there will be fight between science and silence or their followers. Here, victory means the one that has ability to HANDLE. Silence power will handle both science and nature in heaven.
Even the World Emperor does not mean he will rule. He will best handle by the power of balance as already said in post No. 15) - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1167&p=4066&hilit=Handle#p4066 .]

So, our self esteem can reach to such a high level.

Highest Blunders/Lies÷ Most beloved oven of knowledge, purifier ways- Highest Blunders and lies are

6) Inserting name of child Krishna on the place of Father Shiva, and
7) Saying God is omnipresent, and
8) Saying life of kalpa (time cycle) as millions of years, and
9) To say Human soul takes birth in 84 lakh species

So, we are also part in following these great lies. So, while having self esteem, we cannot have ego.

10) Baba says - eternal world drama (EWD) is the most wonderful.

11) Also, the great Mahabharat war (the final world war and natural calamities) is Kalyaanajaari (auspicious). We know that this the HIGHEST NEWS about near future.

12) And, we all know that Rajayoga exam is the HIGHEST EXAMINATION. But, it's name is "EASY Rajayoga". Because even illiterates, handicapped people also can study it since only ESSENCE has to be absorbed into the intellect here.
--------And, the question of the final exam is ALREADY LEAKED (given in advance) which is "Nasht_Moha, Smruti_Swaroop".

13) Another great wonder is - BKWSU is hospital cum University. Divine home/family, etc, etc. Also, a newcomer as well as any old/senior students would be sitting on the same class! Can there be any great wonder than this?

14) Baba says - Highest enemy is RAVAN (vices) .

15) Now, to the point÷ No one in this world is aware of such great wonders, blunders, news, etc.
When we the beloved children of ShivBabs are already aware of these, whatever news we listen, it will/should not develop any emotion in us. We would be in CAREFREE and SAAKSHI/Detached stage.
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# Post No. 222) BHAGAVAAN_UVAACH -
"Transaction with impure souls have made you impure"÷

1) Most Beloved ShivBaba says to his sweet children- "Patit aatmaavon se len-den karthay2 tum patit banthay aaye ho"= Due to the (continuous) transaction (giving and taking) with impure souls you have become impure.

2)Now, what about transaction between pure souls? Does not make us impure? It does not make us impure. Because, there would be no feeling of GIVING and TAKING in heaven. Because, deities would be FEELING PROOF.

3)So, the point is- IMPURITY is caused not just by lust and vices. Any feeling is an impurity, because it brings either subtle ego or subtle burden/bondage.

4) Now, finally, we beloved children of ShivBaba give knowledge to others. To have this feeling is also an EGO, which is nothing but Ego of Knowledge/Spirituality - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1410

We sacrifice feeling of almost everything, but coming out of this ego is almost the final hurdle as Baba has said.

5) To come out of this ego, we need to consider everyone as our brother and sisters, or soul brothers. When we feel anyone as our brother or sister. There cannot be any feeling of GIVING or TAKING. That is why Baba has said - you will become (practically) knowledgeful when you consider everyone as your SOUL BROTHER - post No. 206) - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1167&p=15809&hilit=Knowledgeful#p15809

# Post No. 223) Limited and Unlimited Purities÷

6) SM 15-6-85(1):- Baba humko behad ka varsaa dete hain behad pavitr banaakar. PAVITRATA MAY HADH AUR BEHADH HAI. Tum purushaarth karte ho behadh pavitr satopradhaan ban_ne ke liye. Numberwaar toh hote hee hain. BEHADH PAVITR ARTHAATH SIVAAYE EK BEHADH BAAP KE AUR KOYI Yaad NA AAYE. Vah Baba bahut meethaa hai. Oonch te oonch bhagavaan hai aur behadh kaa Baap hai. -87- [Purity, Yaad]

= "Baba 'GIFTS' us unlimited INHERITANCE by making us UNLIMITEDLY PURE. There is limited and unlimited in purity.. You make efforts to become INFINITELY/UNLIMITEDLY & ABSOLUTELY PURE ('satopradhan').
Of course, you are number-wise. Unlimited or INFINITE Purity means NO ONE ELSE should be remembered OTHER THAN ONE UNLIMITED Father. That Baba is EXTREMELY SWEET. The HIGHEST on HIGH God is the UNLIMITED Father."

So, there can be different levels of purity between limited and unlimited purity.
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Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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224) Significance of Self Esteem:-

Self esteem is like having good position. If we have good position we can deliver better service. The work/service of a person having self esteem would be more valuable.
Suppose say there is a person who is just a labourer. Consider his one hour of work. Now, consider one hour work of an educated and qualified professional.
The earnings of the second one will be much higher than the former.

So, self esteem means WELL QUALIFIED. It brings - ' Less effort, more fruit". If we do action or even spiritual service without being in self esteem, it will be like " more effort, less fruit" , so lower efficiency.

To be in self esteem means making/keeping the knife sharper so that the work would yield best output with least effort. Many times, we would be in karma conscious (either in Baba's service or lowkik work). Self Esteem is adding yoga/yaad in karma/service.v Without self esteem our actions and service would make us appear like (royal) labourers for the third party.
[Doing action while being in self esteem means to travel in a high speed vehicle than the lower speed ones].

How to increase self esteem? While doing any action, an intelligent/matured person will be in trikaladarshi (be in the conscious of all the three stages of time) stage.
Take example of a doctor or a business person (or any professional). Suppose say he had done a service of 10 years and already have accumulated quite amount of money. While doing business, he would be in the conscious of the past earnings and savings, and hence would be carefree. He would also be happy that his business is ALREADY ESTABLISHED, and hence more carefree. He will think - I have already earned enough, so will not be greed and will not compete with others. Such a matured person would also had cleared all of his debts if any and would be doing work just with NIMITT BHAAV (trustee ship).
So, if we are in the conscious of our ASSETS, while doing day to day activities, then only we can be in self esteem and carefree stage.

# Post No. 225) Different levels of self esteem÷

Step 1) First lesson - I am a soul.
Step 2) I am few among the crores/millions. I had been a pure deity for a period of half a kalpa. This uplifts is further. In other words, now- I realize I am not just soul, but special soul.
[Till here, I was thinking and developing positive thoughts only about myself. ]

Step 3) On an average, I experience peace and happiness for almost 90℅ of the duration in a kalpa (Time Cycle).
Murli points- "You children experience happiness fore more than 75℅ in a kalpa. You experience happiness for 50 to 60 births. Till the last 400 to 500 years, it is not GHOR ANDHKAAR (complete darkness). In the first 3500 years, there would be no diseases, etc, etc".

[Now, my intellect is becoming broad. I feel not only for myself, but for others also. That is - every soul would experience either happiness or at least peace for 90℅ in the time cycle. So, I will not see just about the present state of a person, so would not get influenced by his/her last birth let it be good or bad.]

Step 4) I am one of the master creators. I am (an instrument of God as) Anna_Daataa. - Post No. 152 - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1167&p=13180&hilit=152+#p13180

Also post No.s 16 and 17

4a) So, this gives me a tremendous intoxication that I give food (cloth, shelter and everything) to the whole world.
Suppose say- a person or farmer gives us some 10 Kg of rice or wheat. We become happy. We feel we are the recipients. But suppose say due to our power of purity and YOG/yaad, nature gets recharged, which fills energy in Sun, earth and all the elements. The output of this would be very high. So, we should have such a high self esteem that we feed everyone and everything in this world. Baba has said this in other words in Murli as -

Murli points-
---You children are Aadhar_Moorath(foundation) of this world.
---You children show pity even on nature, you make even nature pure.
---The property of Sun dynasty and moon dynasties would be enjoyed by dynasties of Vaishya and Shudra.

Step 5) Next level is - I am the happiest person in this world. I t is obvious as deity souls are the ones who experience maximum happiness.
----I am also the most beautiful person, that too for at least half a kalpa. No one can match the beauty of deities.

Murli points÷
-----Saarey paristhitiyon ko paar karney kaa saadhan hai - Vaah re Mein = the technique to face/win all the situations is - Waah, how great/lucky I am.
----- Apney bhaagy ko yaad rakhne se Maayaa aa naheen saktee. = If you are in remembrance of your fortune Maya cannot come.

Step 6) But, there is nothing great in my service. It is my duty or role in drama, - So, please come down a little bit. So not have ego.

Step 7) And, it is not just me alone doing the service. There are 9 lakh or 16108 souls who are doing this service.

Step 8) I am number one (highly fortune, I am satisfied with the self). Let others overtake me, or in better words- Others are ahead of me".
[B Baba had the feeling- I am number one, my children are ahead of me.
We should be happy if someone overtakes us, because My beloved ShivBaba had got another good hand for the world service. ]

Step 9) Consider every BK as a master creator, and remind him/her that- "dear soul brother, you are one of those who give food to the whole world, and purifying nature".

This will make our thoughts highly positive. Let the Bk be new or old, or even if is weak, our drushti should be powerful. If the BK is ready to listen, make that soul realize it's self esteem, else, you speak to that soul just in mind. That vibration will slowly reach the destination and one day the other person will be ready to listen to you. If not, your courage and virtues would become automatically better when you come in the company of that soul. Because you have already paid high respect through good wishes and elevated thoughts.

Step 10) So, in short, we would be in the feeling that - I am a pure soul, even pure than a child, as well as a donor (yogi).

Whoever meets me, he will be benefited from me, because I am a pure soul, my company is so worthy. But again it is not just me, it is Baba through me/us" .

Baba also ways- Consider yourself to be an INCARNATED soul (Avatarith atma) like father.

We will have intoxication that I am combined we both ShivBaba.
Suppose say - I am eating a sweet mango. However sweet it may be, I would think- "It is me (sorry, not just me, but with ShivBaba and all the master creator souls) who have made this mango sweet and healthy due to yog_bal.

So, while receiving any salvation or comfort, we should first think - I have already donated/served while world including nature". Then we will not be influenced by anything in our life.

And, Baba has said- He is the sweetest saccharine. So. Obviously, being his beloved children, definitely we are more sweet than mango, is it not.
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# Post No. 226) See Self Esteem of others too÷

Step 11) There is no bound for the self esteem. Baba has clearly said - You are great souls, VIPs, VVVVIPs. You can insert any number of Vs.

Power of silence will attain victory over science. So, we can have such a self esteem.

12)Now, let us make our intellect even broader. Now, let us see self esteem of others and everyone and everything.

-----So, consider every BK as master creator. Then we will not see weakness on them, and will also influenced in LIMITED ways.

-----Similarly consider a_gyaanis (non BKs) as devotees instead of a_gyanis. Then obviously we will not get influenced from their weaknesses. Because a devotee is like child who should be accepted and loved even in spite of committing mistakes.
[Baba everyday calls us as - SWEET CHILDREN, even if we are not fully sweet. So, why not see in the same drushti about others]

Most of the times we give spiritual respect to self (believe and feel that I am special), but at the same time, do not give spiritual respect to others. That is why we get influenced from others or fail to handle the relation/situation.

Baba says- ' See aadi ,(beginning)and a_naadi(before beginning) stages of every soul which is pure".
So, we need to change/adjust our drushti for not only self, but also others.

13) We know that we can transform others only by self transformation. So, if our drushti towards others also changes, it becomes easy to handle.
-----Many times what happens is - our drushti/vision/feelings towards others would be high, but they will not be in that stage.
They will be in vyakt bhaav (corporeal or limited feelings) and we give to maintain our drushti and come down. This should not happen.
Even if the other person is not in that conscious/stage, our drushti and attitude should not alter. We try to continue to see BK as master creator and others as devotees or children (when we see others as children, we can pardon them easily).
14) We may consider others (mainly who we meet often and our relatives, colleagues, neighbors, etc ) too as braahmin/Bk even if they do not have Godly knowledge*.
-----As the company, so is the color. We may have such an intoxication that - the above said people would be in company for considerable period. So, there is a great probability/chance for those souls to develop divinity at least to some extent due to being in my company.
----If our drushti for others reaches so high, automatically all the conflicts and obstacles with them will end.

* ---Everyone is child of Brahma (may be indirectly), but they are. So, we can also give such a high respect to any soul by having that drushti for everyone. But, if that is not possible, better maintain "Isth_dev ,(deity) - devotee" drushti
15) See self esteem of the nature. How great and powerful the nature would be in heaven, and in fact, even today it is capable of serving and fulfilling all the NEEDS (if not greed ) of mankind.
Even today, nature is capable of serving people fully. But, it is due to man's crimes the unbalance has occurred.
16) So, we will develop natural self esteem as - Whoever comes in front of me would get benefited, because I am so pure and special.
In fact, we can move a step further and have faith that whatever/whomever I think would get benefitted.

-----But, again will also feel- "Every soul has eternal role already fixed it. I cannot help/fill anything on anyone I am just NIMITT/instrument. Or whatever I am or give is received from most beloved God father, so there is nothing special. This BALANCE stage would be there. Then we will be in SAAKSHI/detached stage.
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# Post No. 227) Pathy, Apathy, Sympathy, Empathy÷

Pathy = Feeling.
A_pathy = No feeling,
Sym_pathy = Similar feeling.
Em_pathy = Empowering the feeling.

18) Apathy :- Suppose say- somebody has met with an accident. Many people may just pass on the way without any feeling (without taking the matter seriously). They move as if it is not related to them. That is- there is no response/reaction from them. It is neither positive, not negative.

19) Sympathy means to have SIMILAR feelings. When someone is in problem and cries, we also cry or feel bad. Sympathy means to put on the shoe of the other. When our friends cry, we also cry, when they laugh, we also laugh, etc, etc. This is sympathy.
Sympathy does not uplift a person, but gives a temporary relief for some people who are weak or have expectations. Those who expect sympathy from others are weak souls. Some people are so weak that they get frustrated when the other person does not react with same frequency. Too much sympathy would be like disturbance in most of the cases.
Some do not expect sympathy from others. That is a good thing. But that does not imply they are fully powerful. It may be due to their ego. Sympathy sometimes may yield positive, sometimes negative.

20)Empathy is the one that has great value. It is to conquer the feeling. Even if physically or financially one has got hurt, still if he does not become emotionally weak/unstable, it means he has empowered the feelings.

Baba says - "Amma marey toh bhee halwaa knaavo, ..... = Even if mother does, eat sweet, even if wife does, eat sweet. ". This is empathy. It is to eat sweet irrespective of any situation.
-----In other words, Baba says - Do not give sorrow, do not even take sorrow.

21) A person who has SELF ESTEEM only can have empathy for self as well others. Some people who have EGO of their assets and status- their response may look as if empathy, but will only be short time effective like drugs. So, our assets (both internal as well as external ) should develop Self esteem (and hence liberation), not ego (and bondage). Sometimes, it could be mixture of both.

22) Spiritual/Internal Assets÷

We have physical (health and perfection in the body), material and intellectual and emotional (mental health) assets. We all know that.
A person does not forget the assets he has. When a child passes say first standard/grade and enters to standard/grade 2, it then never gets influenced by a first standard student. Similarly, a graduate does not get influenced by a matriculation/10th class student. Similarly, rank 1 student will not get influenced by lower/worse rank students.

23) If a person has already earned and saved some say one million rupees/Dollars, whenever and wherever he works, he will have that conscious, and hence would be carefree to that extent. Else, he would have anxiety while
doing work/service.

So, while doing any action or even spiritual service, we should also be in the conscious of what we have already earned/have in our life.
When we try to do yoga/yaad, instead of just putting effort, we should also think- Waah, I have been in Spiritual life for so many years, and have done yaad SEVERAL times for several years.*
Similarly, it applies for even service or any type of job as well.

24) So, the point is - we should not forget what all good things (spiritually, the pure deeds*) we have done or experienced in our life. Because they are the assets. Not only that, they are the foundation for the next level. For example, to get entry to grade 4, one should be on the conscious that he has already have passed the first three grades. Else, he cannot be comfortable and carefree in the grade 4.

* - This is what Baba says- ' Bachpan ke dinn bhulaa na denaa = Do not forget the days of childhood'.

25) Now, to the next hurdle - While doing any work, we may be in the right conscious that I am in grade 4- say. If the other is not, what should I do?
I should try to bring that soul closer to me. How to bring? We should remind the other soul about it's self esteem. But, sometimes, if we try to remind/educate the others, they may get slightly upset- why do you teach me? So, directly do not teach others. Check the pulse of the other person, and if you feel the other person will tune to the right frequency, you may remind him/her. Else just improve your drushti/vision/attitude towards the other soul. This THOUGHT SERVICE will be working in the incognito mode. Do not press the mango to ripe. It will rot.
Slowly and slowly one day the other soul will melt and would become ready to listen from you.
That is why- Baba tells us- "give message first to devotees of Shiv and deities, then numberwise". Else we will get stuck due to EGO of KNOWLEDGE- viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1410

[* - For new comers, it may slightly appear to be difficult. But not so much. Baba has said- for those children who come late, they get BEST and READY MADE food. Also a murli point says - "The present 5 years is equal to the previous 50 years." And, they also have an extra blessing- "Last so fast, fast so first"
We all know that initially Baba had to say - I am infinite indivisible light, then ling, then thumb, then star, then only said/taught that HE is point of light. So, the new children need not have to go through the older rudimentary knowledge which had been there in the beginning. Also, their chances of them developing ego of knowledge/spirituality is to lesser degree. - ]
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# Post No. 228) How to know in which grade/class I am÷

26) A Murli point says- " Suppose say if I leave body now what status would I get? Shivbaba as well as Brahma Baba can tell you if you ask."

---But, there is also a Murli point regarding the same as- " even you also can know/judge (as per your internal stage)".

-- A Murli point also says " Agar karmendriyon kee chanchalathaa samapth huyi hai, to samjho treta/sato stage Tak pahunchey huye ho =If your organs do not cheat you, it indicates you are you have reached the sato/silver age stage. "

27) Few more murli points on test of a yogi (yogi kee parakh)

--- even of there is loss in business, or karmbhog (great physical illness) your stage should be stable.
--- In the end, even of you could not eat for 3 to 4 days, your face would be smiling.

This is the highest/final grade. In other words, it is bhaayi2 ( brother 2) drushti/vision. Post No
206 - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1167&p=15809&hilit=Knowledgeful#p15809

28) Now, let us try to divide/discriminate the
whole journey into different levels/grades.

-----Dependent on songs, music, red light, etc to do you/yaad - say grade ONE.
----Does my yaad gets influenced due to external sound, noise, or cross talks of others near by?
----Does I feel (emotionally) same at either my home, Baba's centre, or anywhere? [Because every inch of earth is going to become Heaven, not just Baba's center. Of course, number wise. Firstly Bharat, then the rest of the world]. So, the master creator will feel the future in advance.
----What is my chart of yaad/remembrance?
---- Am I giving sakash (or serving )to only few people/souls or the whole 7 billion souls? In other words, am I in limited feelings or unlimited?
[Similarly we can check our self by putting similar questions].

# Post No. 229) Three DISTINCT steps in spiritual effort÷

29) This is already said above, but just summarizing here.

----In bhaktimarg, we used to think God is great, we all are silly. So, esteem of God only was kept in mind.
---After getting spiritual knowledge, we realized our self esteem (as well as divine family) and became happy. But, many of us did not consider esteem of others.

[Even in worldly life, most of the educated people fail to give respect to illiterate people, which again reflects ego of knowledge which creates unhealthy gap. Most of the people who have ego of their religion behave similarly.
In BK life, the ego of knowledge is not so worse, since we have good level of dharna, and complete non-violence is kept as aim. ]

---The third step is to see esteem of others, means esteem of everyone and everything. When we reach this stage/level, the burden of putting effort stops. We become like naturally radiating sun. [All these things under the PLATFORM DRAMA).

30) The same is said in an avyakt murli point (sorry, do not have date now) - "Abhee laal cheshma pahano. Baap bhee laal(pure), main bhee laal, vah bhee laal = Now, wear red/pure spectacles. Father is red/pure, I am red/pure, and others are also red/pure."

So, it leads to the final stage in the process - "Jaisee drushti, vaisee srushti = as the vision, so is the creation/experience." ]

31) The same is also said in another way - " Swa pasand, Baap pasand, and Lok pasand bano, " or get THREE CERTIFICATEs, namely satisfied with self, satisfied from the father, and satisfied from the family (as well as from the rest), including the DRAMA.
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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# Post No. 230) High Jump or Smruti Swaroop:-

32) There are different gears/speeds with which a vehicle moves. There are also different vehicles. Whatever effort we may put, but if we are sitting on a cycle, our speed would be small.
In our spiritual life, we get various experiences. Each new experience is like upgrading the vehicle, (some are like shifting to the higher gear), say from bicycle to motorcycle, or to a car.
More upgradation, more comfortable and speed would be our journey.
Finally, we will one day realize and get confidence to perform HIGH JUMP.
Baba has said - " Jab tak shuddh sankalpon ka stock jamaa naheen hota, tab tak BINDU ROOP may tik naheen sakthay = Till you accumulate (considerable) stock of positive thoughts, you cannot stick to SEED stage.

33) Sometimes, if our internal stage is low, or we have karm bandhan (say duty of lowkik work), it may not be possible to move in top gear. During that time, we will have to compromise to the lower gear. And, after the work, then switch on to the higher gear.
These ups and downs would be there in spiritual life, until we have karm-bandhan, and yet new to the higher level of experiences.

34) Avyakt Murli point - " First class se air condition ticket lene kaa aadhaar hai Main originally pavitr aatmaa hun = The way to move from first class (top 108 souls) to air condition (top 8) is to feel - I am originally a pure soul . "

Baba has said - only two seats (B Baba and Mamma) are fixed. Other seats are vacant. So, anyone can take from the third seat/rank.

35) The original quality of soul is purity. And, purity is mother of peace and happiness. So, by thinking of point/seed form of soul itself, we should experience peace and happiness. But, due to the past negative sanskaars, sometimes we fail to experience the reality. That is why Baba says - "Actually, there is no need to say about BEY/property/corporeal. Just ALAF/father/incorporeal is enough". - Post No. 44, sakar murli
point no. 7) dated 24-03-76 - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1167&p=4111&hilit=Madhyaajeebhav#p4111.

So, till our purity level reaches to a particular level, we would be dependent on property or corporeal things at least to some extent while doing yaad(remembrance).
[That is why, we can see- in yagya history, Baba had given vision of heaven and Sri Krishna.]
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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Post No. 231) Thirst for a drop of God's love:-

Mu point- "Kahaa jaata hai na- Tu pyaar ka sagar hai, teri ek boond ke pyaase hum. Boond kounsi hai? Boond hai MANMANAABHAV." = "There is a saying -You are ocean of love, we are thirsty for a DROP of your love. What is the drop? Drop is MANMANAABHAV".

God is ocean of knowledge, love, virtues and everything. But his love is so powerful that just a drop is enough to make life successful. No need to break the head to digest every point/drop of the ocean.

# Post No. 232) Do WILL of YOG_BAL:-

An avyakt Murli point (sorry, presently do not have date)- "YogBal Ko hee Will karnaa hai." = " You have to WILL the power of yoga/remembrance" .

In the physical world/aspects, money has the highest value. From money, one can purchase almost any physical thing/need. In lowkik world, all the efforts are put to earn money or physical wealth. In physical aspects, if we give/donate money/wealth, we can satisfy as well as empower others.

Similarly, spiritually, YogBal is the one that has highest value. All our life - thoughts , words, actions, time, money, energy should be directed towards attaining YogBal.

YohBal is the highest attainment through which past sins get cleared, and we can purchase/attaining/create highest wonder HEAVEN or liberation in life.

When we do yaad for OTHERs, or see them in that DRUSHTi, they also will experience liberation in life for at least temporary period numberwise.

That is why Baba also says- Give sakaash to others.
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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# Post No. 233) Gender imbalance due to inserton of Shri Krishna's name in Gita:-

This post is addition to Post No. 51. - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1167&start=50#p6597

When number one human deity Sri Krishna's name got inserted in the highest scripture SHRIMAD_BHAGAVAD_GITA in the place of INCORPOREAL supreme God father Shiva, gender bias arose.
Actually human soul is both male and female.
When compared with God, God is groom and soul is bride. When compared with one's own body as well as the belongings, say nature) soul is husband (owner) and body is female.
[Male or husband means owner and female means property. Male means more powerful, one who is capable of giving sustenance and female means one who is lesser powerful and who receives sustenance].

Now when Krishna's name is put in the place of the sermonizer of Gita, the importance and weightage of incorporeal God Father got lost. This then gives more rights to physically males and physically females will become like submissive or inferior.

Because of this most of the scriptures have directed more rules for women than males. For example, a woman has to wear a Sacred dot on her forehead. Male need not!
The reason is- Male (actually the God - SUPREME Male) is perfect and hence no rule need to be put on HIM.

But- interestingly, human Male when enters into a temple has to wear same dot on his forehead because in front of God he is also a female.
But, in other places, male got more preference and the society became male dominated.

When bodily personality Sri Krishna was considered God, males got position of hero, but females became inferior. Due to inserton of name Krishna's on Gita, all the females were shown to be influenced to physical attributes of Krishna. The self esteem of women got lost. They were thought to be always under and dependent on males.

In the scriptures, it is shown that Sri Krishna stole sarees (dress) of gopis(the ladies who were devotees). Actually the body itself is dress of a soul. The essence is to remove body consciousness which can be done only through incorporeal God who is bodiless.

Shri Krishna is shown having 16108 wives. Now just imagine what would be the self esteem of women. When one male can have 16108 wives, definitely the self esteem of females/sisters goes down.Also, even number one, completely viceless deity Krishna got depicted as vicious.

So, without understanding the spiritual significance, self esteem of women came down as well as that of even God of Gita.

[Actually every human soul is a bride and most beloved incorporeal God father is the bridegroom. But, of the all 7 billion human souls, few souls only love God practically to a great extent. Their number is 16108. That is why the largest rosary is of 16108.

So, the 16108 is the number of top most spiritual brides (comprising of both males and females) of incorporeal Godfather (not of deity Shri Krishna). Soul of the deity Krishna himself is the number one bride (in its previous birth while playing role of Brahma). ]
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.


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