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What is stable mind and Intellect? pls share your experience


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Do you have the catching power and power to catch vibrations. If yes, pls share your method of practice.

What is power of concentration? what is the practice?

What is spiritual power, soul power? share your experience?

What is meant by concentration/stability of mind and intellect? share your method of achieving all the above.

In Sweet Baba's words:

There is silence of the mind anyway. You go to the bottom of the ocean of knowledge and bring back jewels of new experiences. BapDada had also sent you a signal earlier to tell you that the greatest treasure that you have, the treasure that enables you to create your future as well as the present, is your treasure of elevated thoughts. The thought power that you children have is a great power. It is the power of elevated thoughts. Everyone has thoughts, but it is only you who have the power of elevated thoughts, the power of good wishes and pure feelings, the power that enables you to concentrate your mind and intellect. The more you continue to accumulate your thought power, the more you will progress. You must not waste this power. The main way in which you waste this power is through having waste thoughts. BapDada has seen that, even now, the majority of you are still having waste thoughts throughout the day. Those who use their physical wealth economically always have plenty. Those who waste their wealth are deceived at some time or another. Similarly, your pure elevated thoughts have so much power that you are able to increase your catching power and your power to catch vibrations. Just as the instruments of science, the wireless, the telephone, etc. do their work, in the same way, when you have the treasure of pure thoughts, then even though you may be sitting in London, you are able to catch very clearly the vibrations of souls just as clearly as you would be able to do through the wireless, the telephone or the TV etc. So many of these facilities have been invented, but your catching power will be much clearer than any of them. This will also increase with your power of concentration. All of those supports are coming to an end. On what basis do all of those instruments function? On the basis of light (electricity). All the physical facilities of comfort are based on light. So can your spiritual power, your soul power, not do this task? You should be able to catch whatever vibrations you want from those who are near and far. Only when your mind and intellect are both concentrated and stable will your catching power increase. You will have many experiences. When your thoughts are selfless, pure and clear, you will have many experiences very quickly. Science will bow down in front of your power of silence. Even now, people think that that is something missing in science that needs to be fulfilled. This is why BapDada is once again underlining for you that your thought power will enable you do to fast service in your final stage. Therefore, pay greater attention to the power of your thoughts. Save it and accumulate it. It will become very useful. You will be able to become a soul who constantly experiments with the power of your thoughts. What is the importance of science? It is only when scientists make scientific experiments that people believe that they are doing something wonderful. Therefore, in order to experiment with your power of silence, you need the power of concentration. The main basis of the power of concentration is to have the power of control of your mind. It is with this that you increase the power of your mind. The power of the mind is praised a great deal. Those with occult power also show temporary miracles through the power of their mind. You too will show benevolent miracles through the right method, not with occult power, which will become blessings. This experiment with the power of thoughts, will be proved as a blessing for souls. Therefore, first of all, see whether you have controlling power to control your mind. Just as with science you are able to switch something on or off in a second, in the same way, check whether you are able to control your mind for as long as you want in the way that you want. You should be able to see yourself as an embodiment of success, both for yourself and service. However, BapDada sees that, at present, you only pay ordinary attention to increasing your account of thought power. You don’t pay as much attention to that power as you should. You speak and act automatically on the basis of your thoughts. There will be no need to make individual effort if you pay attention to this. You think, "Today, I will pay attention to control my words. Today, I will pay attention to my drishti. Today, I will change my attitude by paying attention to it." When your thought power is powerful, you automatically control all of these things. You will then be saved from having to labour. So, realise how important your thought power is.


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BapDada is also giving this signal: In order to face any difficulty, the easy way is first of all to use the power of concentration (stability). Your mind should become still and then the power of concentration will be able to make very good decisions. This is why they portray a set of scales in court. The scales are shown as a symbol for judgement for the needle becomes totally still. Therefore, at that time when there is upheaval everywhere, with the power of concentration, you can stabilise your mind on whatever you want. You can judge which power to use in a particular situation. So, the power of concentration automatically brings determination and determination is the key to success. So, make yourself such an example and continue to inspire others.

It is now the time to reveal practically the power of silence. The way to spread vibrations of the power of silence very fast is the concentration of the mind and intellect. The practice of concentration should now be increased. Only through your power of concentration can that atmosphere be created. When there is upheaval, powerful vibrations cannot be created.

All of you should remain stabilised in your world emperor form and your child-form of the master of the world. Through this, all your bhagats will be content because of receiving a glimpse of that even for a short time. Then, relate your experience as to how many souls you enabled to receive fruit from the Father throughout the day. You will please your own bhagats, will you not? The memorial is not of just the one; all of you are also with that one. So, tomorrow, we will celebrate the birthday of all of you. All of you will be in your deity form, like that of Krishna, will you not? Tomorrow is the day of all of you stabilising yourselves in the awareness of your deity form.

When you become free from all bondages, then just as you are able to catch the sound of each other, in the same way, you will be able to catch whatever is in anyone's thoughts. You are still becoming that and therefore, you have to think about it.

according to the time, to the extent that the atmosphere of peacelessness and upheaval is increasing, so, the line of your intellect has to be very clear because the two powers of touching and catching are very necessary. Firstly, you should be able to catch BapDada’s directions with your intellect. If the line is not clear, then the dictates of your own mind will also become mixed with BapDada’s directions. And, because of being mixed, you will be deceived at that time. The clearer your intellect is, the more clearly you will be able to catch BapDada’s directions. The clearer the line of your intellect is, the more easily the powers for your self, for the growth in service and for being a bestower and giving to others will easily continue to increase. You will have a touching at that time. This is the accurate method is for serving a particular soul or what the accurate method is for self-progress. So, at present, both these powers are most essential. In order to increase them, you have to become one who belongs to One (Eknami), and who is economical. So, you belong to the one Father and none other. Attachment to others is something else. Attachment is wrong anyway, but the influence of the nature of others brings your stage into upheaval. The sanskars of others create conflict in your intellect. At that time, do you have the Father or the sanskars in your intellect? Even if the intellect is influenced by attachment or by conflict, the line of the intellect should be constantly clear. To belong to the one Father and none other is to be constantly with the One (Eknami). And, what is economy? Just saving physical wealth is not economy. That is also necessary, but time, thoughts and powers are also wealth and there has to be economy of all of these. Do not waste them. To be economical means to increase your account of accumulation. Those who have the sanskars of Eknami and economy will be able to experience the powers of both touching and catching. You won’t be able to experience these at the time of destruction. This practice is needed at this time. Only through having this practice will you be able to attain the elevated directions and liberation at the right time.

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Concentration means mind and intellect moving together or in the same direction. It means there would not be conflicts in mind or intellects. Mind is like horse, and the controlling rope is like intellect. When there is no burden on the rope and the mind horse is moving itself in the expected direction, it means, we are accumulating concentration power.

There are different levels of concentration. For example for a child or baby there is no conflict in its mind and intellect most of the time. It has a good level of concentration . But, it is not developed to be called as power.
Even in many cases, animals also will not have conflicts during most of the time in a day.
[To some extent it can also be called as power, since people get influenced positively from them. But here, the expected level of power is much higher.]

There are different levels of concentration like different levels of maturity. For example, in purity, there could be different levels from limited purity to Unlimited. - post No
223) - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1167&start=290#p16155

When we have ability to conquer karma as well as nature, any power becomes real power.

We will put in better words later.
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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