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Visualization and Karma

Post Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:57 am

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om shanti.

Being a psychologist, what I had learned from science and from experience is:

1.Human beings have different types of expressions of personality

2. There are many classification of personality and main ones are that some are dominant in visual, some are in auditory and others are in kinesthetic (feelings)

3. Those who are dominant in visual are able to do good visualization and most of them those who can visualize are Extroverts who never use much of their logical mind.

4. And hence those who are visual get in to more mental issues than those who are introvert.

5. But again introvert and extrovert are learned behaviour.

So, BKs or others those who are able to do good visualization have no connection with any karmic accounts.

It is said Baba and Mama are not a good visualizer.

And regarding astrology and karma destiny, in fact karma are nothing but our own thoughts, and if we can overcome the influence of thoughts, we can overcome the destiny.

For example I have my recording of astrology-palm leaves of my own life and as of now, nothing has happened in my life as it was read in palm leaves. Similarly, I have seen few BKs astrology reports and they have reported that nothing has taken place as such.

Once you belong to Baba and When there is none but One, then you go beyond karma and destiny.



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