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HELP PLEASE! Need 3 feet land and few hours of your time.


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Need 3 feet land and few hours of your valuable time
Chahiye...teen pehar ki prithvi....aur din me kuch samay

Nowadays people are affected by mental afflictions which is the major cause of physical illness.Even doctors agree that 90% of all diseases are psychosomatic-connected with mind. If we consider the past life issues, almost 100% of all diseases are connected with thoughts-emotions.

So, it will really benefit the mass if we can offer services like Psychology Counselling, Hypnotherapy and seven days course without expecting people to become a regular student. By this way we help people live a healthy life mentally and physically not spending much money on diseases which can be healed in a natural way.

Of course if they are interested, they can become a regular student otherwise they can read the online messages to keep them connected with spiritual knowledge.

The counselling can be free unless they need special attention for specific issues.

Going for a house or big space and regular maintenance may cost more even in terms of time from the students, but having a small clinic, it will cost less and at the same time more convenient to benefit many in our own small ways.

It is like a personal Clinic set up, where Doctors visit for one or two hours in the evening after their day's work.

Even we can have this set up either owned by a single person or 3 to 4 BKs can do it together sharing the cost and time.

The Name board can be like this:

RED CROSS - SYMBOL TO BE MENTIONED, to be in English and Regional language at Top and bottom

SIZE: LENGTH: 6 FEET AND 8 INCHES, WIDTH: 2 FEET or convenient size


Cure for Cancer,Diabetes,ENT, Migraine, BP, Liver, Heart and Kidney problems, Asthma, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Suicidal, OCD

Contact Phone and Address

This board can be provided even at their homes if there is no objection from other family members.

If any of the members have this set up already, kindly inform us, I will mention their address in my website and Brothers and sisters who can invest money but dont have time or they have only time to serve others, please let me know, I can update them in the website and post it in website, and share the link in facebook time to time.

Even Non-Bks and others who want to help people can asked to invest in such services, the profit will not be shared with anyone else but will go to them only, even if there is no profit, it will boost their morale doing such selfless service.

By posting in website, people who are interested can reach their nearest available Clinic.

If training required, I can give training for Counselling within a day or two, even otherwise Baba's knowledge is more than sufficient.

You can contact me at or sharing your ideas and interest to invest money or time.

Please visit the link to know about the small step taken long time before:

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Drama is variety. So - varieties of services. Good.
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

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Cure for Cancer,Diabetes,ENT, Migraine, BP, Liver, Heart and Kidney problems, Asthma, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Suicidal, OCD

What does this mean?


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learningspirit wrote:
Cure for Cancer,Diabetes,ENT, Migraine, BP, Liver, Heart and Kidney problems, Asthma, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Suicidal, OCD

What does this mean?

since 85 to 90% of all diseases are psychosomatic - connected with mind and if we consider our past birth karmas-thoughts for remaining 15 to 10%, all diseases are caused by thoughts and if we are able to bring back our original nature of soul, we can get rid of all the above diseases.

Why we have to avoid or remain neutral-tranquil with lust,anger,greed,desire,attachment and ego?

Karmas are the derivatives of karman particles. Karman particles are
non-living matter scattered all around us and all over the universe.
They are very fine particles that cannot be seen even with a
microscope. A cluster of innumerable karman particles is called Karman
Vargana. When you act with passions like attachment, anger, greed,
ego, or deceitfulness, Karman Varganas are attracted towards your soul.
Karman Varganas that are attached to your soul are called karmas.

At the time of bondage of karmas to the soul, four characteristics of
karmas are decided. They are:

1) Prakriti (nature).
2) Pradesh (quantity).
3) Sthiti (duration).
4) Anubhag (intensity). ... arma.shtml ... ter08.html

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since 85 to 90% of all diseases are psychosomatic - connected with mind and if we consider our past birth karmas-thoughts for remaining 15 to 10%, all diseases are caused by thoughts and if we are able to bring back our original nature of soul, we can get rid of all the above diseases.

In today's world external environment also plays a role in addition to cause diseases. I don't deny that positive thinking helps recovery from diseases and can also prevent some of them; however more importantly, there is a long way before one can claim that it can cure all existing diseases and needs scientific approach that proves it through clearly demonstrated results

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I personally don't believe that 80% or more of the diseases are psychosomatic. Maybe the fact that the organism was vulnerable to them is, sometimes, psychosomatic (the state of the mind affects the immunologic system). I personally am much more inclined to think that meditation helps to prevent diseases than to cure. In the same way that an apple a day, etc. will prevent diseases much better than cure them. Since the aim of meditation is spiritual, not physical, I see no sense in promising that meditation will cure any disease. But it is possible that it helps.

And another thing, even if all diseases occur according to karma, that in no way leads to the conclusion that therefore meditation can cure them all.


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Influence of thoughts on nervous system: ... nuheader=3 ... earch.html ... d-feelings ... f-emotions

Equanimity Gives Freedom from Pull of Emotions
Posted by Enoch Tan

Beware of the pull of emotions. How many times in life have you encountered when you made a decision out of a strong positive or negative feeling and then later realized that it was a mistake? You can make equally harmful mistakes whether the pull was by a positive or negative emotion. The key here is to have complete equanimity no matter what emotion you are experiencing. Allow the emotion to rise and exist without being controlled by it. Make your decision from truth and make use of the emotions.

Suppression of emotion is not control of emotion. You do not control your emotions by suppressing them. Being in control of your emotions is being in control of how you respond to them. When you are feeling angry, you do not stop yourself from feeling angry. You simply allow yourself to feel angry and decide how you would consciously act with that anger. That is true control. You are doing exactly what it is you want with your feeling of anger and not what you don’t want. The same goes for any emotions.

When moving to fulfill your destiny the ideal is to be rational and to not make immediate decisions based on emotions. Allow your emotions to play a part in the larger picture of your decision making but not the only part. Your emotion is your energy in motion at the moment. It is based on your present state. When your state changes, your emotions change. You can have multiple states and emotions about a particular matter. That is why it is important to give yourself time to consolidate all the frames. ... 21&lang=en

............If the idea that peptides and other informational substances are the biochemicals of emotions, their distribution in the body's nerves has all kinds of significance. This very much reflects some of Sigmund Freud's thinking in that the body is the unconscious mind.

Due to the many years of research conducted by Dr. Pert and many others, the emotional brain can no longer be considered confined to the locations of the amygdale, hippocampus, and hypothalamus. There are many other anatomical locations where high concentrations of almost every neuropeptide receptor exist, such as the back side of the spinal cord.

...............Our bodies use neuropeptides as the cue, and our bodymind retrieves or represses emotions and behaviors. Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons have proved that biochemical change begun at the receptor level is the molecular basis of memory. When a receptor is flooded with a ligand, it changes the cell membrane in such a way that affects the choice of neuronal circuitry that will be used. This is important for understanding how memories are stored not only in the brain, but in a psychosomatic network throughout the body, particularly in the receptors between nerves and bundles of cell bodies called ganglia. The decision about what becomes a thought rising to consciousness and what remains an unrealized thought pattern is mediated by the receptors.

Overwhelming amounts of information is being thrust at our brains on a continuous basis. In order not to be overwhelmed, the brain has a filtering system that allows us to pay attention to some things and ignore others. While the neuropeptides are directing our attention by their activities, we are not conscious of what is getting processed, remembered, and learned. We do, however, have the possibility of bringing some of these decisions into consciousness through visualization. The decision about what sensory information travels to your brain and what gets filtered out depends on what signals the receptors are receiving from the peptides.

Dr. Pert read Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins and was amazed at his experience. After being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, Mr. Cousins rejected help offered by his doctors, left the hospital, and checked into a hotel with Charlie Chaplin videos. He basically laughed himself back to health, having felt that what his body needed was life-affirming, joyous experience of laughter. He believed that the laughter had triggered a release of endorphins which, by elevating his mood, had somehow brought about a total remission of his disease. This was a direct implication of what Dr. Pert had been working on with the neuropeptides, the brain chemicals of mood and behavior, and the chemical pathways by which they communicated with the immune system and every other bodily system.

At one point, Dr. Pert and a colleague thought that perhaps cancer cells were really macrophages, somehow mutated and gone awry within the body. It was their thought that that explained how they replicated so quickly and traveled, or metastasized, so widely. In their research, they used antibodies that typically bound to macrophages to see if they also bound to the cancer cells. They did. What Dr. Pert found out during testing was that the macrophage antibodies had bound to the cancer cells because those cells were macrophages, or more exactly, mutated macrophages. The cancerous cells had originally arisen not from lung cells, but from macrophages that had migrated to the lung from the bone marrow to participate in the cleanup and repair of damaged tissue. Somewhere, somehow they had mutated and turned into cancers that metastasized and spread everywhere. Dr. Pert had found that there was a clear connection between cancer, the immune system, and toxicity in the body, and published a paper in the journal Science. She began to believe they had found the underlying mechanism that explains how cancer is a response to toxicity from environmental pollutants in the air and chemical additives in the diet. The paper's summary stated that data suggested the same peptides found in the brain were also found in the immune system, and that the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are functionally integrated in what looks like a psychoimmunoendocrine network. Neuropeptides, those chemicals secreted by the brain and known to mediate mood and behavior, were clearly signaling the cancer cells via their receptors and causing them to grow and travel to different parts of the body. Therefore, the next question was: Could excess or inappropriate production of neuropeptides released by the immune system, or by the brain, or by any other organ system in the body, promote other forms of cancer as well?

Neuropeptides, the chemicals secreted by the brain that mediate mood and behavior, were signaling the cancer cells via their receptors, causing them to grow and metastasize to different parts of the body. Dr. Pert showed that besides the immune cells, many different kinds of cancerous cells were chemotaxing according to neuropeptide signals. This became their basis for thinking about the mind-body basis for cancer and other diseases, especially those that were part of the psychoimmunoendocrine system. To put it more clearly, cancer cells have neuropeptide receptors. Dr. Pert also succinctly states that peptides are not the only substances important in understanding cancer. Sex hormones also play a part in the network, acting to promote growth that may lead to cancer. Estrogen especially has been shown experimentally to increase the growth of certain breast tumors.
................. ... 21&lang=en ... 21&lang=en

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