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Post Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:30 am

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EasyMeditation wrote: It may even frighten new BK members of the forum

... but Inspiring kauravas and yadavas to thermo-nuclear annihilation of 7 billion people doesn't?

Post Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:41 am

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but Inspiring kauravas and yadavas to thermo-nuclear annihilation of 7 billion people doesn't?

It is awakening*. And- in all the religions- this fear is given. In Christianity and Islam- there is all time burning hell!

And- almost all Hindu Gods are shown as violent in scriptures who did great wars and killings, and even the saints gave curses for many people in many ways and people still enjoy those stories in harikathaas or TV serials!
But- I think- nowadays- Bks are fed up or confused with the failures of their own predictions of dates of destruction. They are not using that as they had been using. But- people will come to us. And- even many people, also atheists or science people started saying -and calling- to save nature- else this may get destroyed due to global warming, etc.

And- once during the prediction of 1999 and Dec 2012, some lowkik people - who were my friends had got some fear or doubt and had approached me- Sir- is it that during 2012 destruction will take place?

* - Or if you are pointing that Bks are cause for inspiring to invent such things, then still there is some point.

For example- a woman becomes ready to get pregnant - even after knowing that there is pain during delivery- because it sees the future baby there. Similarly- we see future mukti for all the souls there.

And- today we can see- there are lots of partiality, exploitation, wrong competition, a lot of corruption, crimes, tortures taking place in the world- where everyone is either wandering or begging. Do you like to feel this world should continue?

For example- if there are 4 children to a mother, one is hunger and the other is rich, how she will feel? Similarly- when many people in this world- do not have basic necessities to live and many others just enjoy, do you think such world should continue?

So- is not a right thing to offer someone a knowledge which gives a room for no complaints to others, and does not take any law into its hands, and then gives full opportunity for anyone to go to heaven, and even if he fails- will get seat at mukti- at least no one would be in pain/sorrow for 2500 years- is not that wise and good?

And- even more- I think- destruction will not begin with full force unless people are fed up to live here and pray God- Oh God, liberate us.

Every scripture says- the aim is to get mukti, heaven, etc- then I think- this is fulfilling their aim far better than their own ways. Hence Baba says- mahabharat yuddh maahaan kalyaanakaari hai.

You, I and many here may be having white collar jobs and can earn food without taking burden of physical work. But- in behind - there are many people who work for us to give food. Many farmers, who are actually like our mothers, no one gives respect to them. They commit suicide. Do you think such world should continue?

One day- the whole world will feel - Yes, this world is not fit to continue.

"Is paap kee duniyaa se le chalo kaheen door/dur = Take me away from this sinful world"

But- as per drama, ball lies in our court- we need to become pure and give message to others also.

So- drama.
Anyhow- this was more off topic than the above. Hence I will not discuss more here.
Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

Post Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:45 am
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mbbhat wrote:
An additional thing is- When they(ex BKs in their forum) do not give permission to Bks to post their views there,(they have banned us long back- but still permit some Bks who are not able to give strong replies, just for their satisfaction, and in case when those who are able to give replies- and tires so- they will warn them- if you want to keep posting here- you should not write like this or that....) why should they be given equal status here?

Because we behave according to our own principles, not by copying someone else's behaviour.
mbbhat wrote:
[Baba says- madhur bano, komal naheen = become sweet, but not delicate]

To me "delicate" means getting upset by, afraid and wanting to blot out the views of those who disagree with me or are hostile towards me. And "sweet" means remaining calm, unaffected and unafraid by the same.
mbbhat wrote:
And- we need to pardon all the ex Bks, because they are caught in drama. So- it is not just their fault*. We being master creators- have to love all. But- if admins permit them to post here in anyway- then some of the Bks will get upset, and may start giving replies to them- and it will create just garbage and fire. [Do we need that- that too in active topics?] Do we have control over all the Bks?

This new forum will keep "fire" safely in a fire place.
mbbhat wrote:
So- if we need to give space to them, let them be given at a distance. Else- we will be cause for wasting precious time and energy of few Bks and others- a great mistake or loss.

That's the idea :)

Post Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:22 am

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Murli Pt:- Gambheerataa se full marks jamaa hota hai. Mamma toh gambheerataa kee devi thi. = The virtue seriousness gives full marks. Mamma was a deity of seriousness.

Post Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:28 pm
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Poll has been sanctioned. Currently seeing and posting to this sub-forum is by request.
By default, right now meerababa and all on this thread - mbbhat, learningspirit, pink panther, admins and moderators should be now able to post in this new sub-forum.
Please let us know if it works


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