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Post Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:55 am

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In this forum- To search user's posts, we need to click on the user name appearing in View active topics or in the member's profile. . We cannot search it from any of the his/her posts, because the member's name is not hyper link active (may not be right word) in the every page of a topic.

In other forums- the user name will be active (we can click and go to member's profile directly) wherever it is , but in this forum it is not.

So- if that feature is added, that would be good for the forum standard.
For example- a reader cannot go to profile of mbbhat even if the name mbbhat is appearing in this page in the left side margin. [Because by clicking on that is of no use]

He has to go to view active topics or view your posts and search for the member's name there- and in case if in that member has no post as the last post in any topic or has not created a topic of his own, then his name will not appear there at all.

Then he will have to search in members page. It is a little lengthier process.

2) Is it possible to find the latest posts in the forum (like we can find latest posts of a member, similarly if there is provision for finding latest posts in the forum, it may be an upgrade.
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