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Proposal to change the new "DIet" forum to "Being Vegan"

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Should we change the name of the "Diet" forum to being about "Veganism"

Poll ended at Wed Jan 27, 2016 7:13 am

Leave as-is, "Diet"
Change to veganism
Total votes : 7

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Thank Domybest. I will name the forum as suggested on Monday if the other comments are in favour

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I'm just revisiting areas where I've posted before. I prefer "Being Vegan" over the term "Diet", only because being vegan is about much more than just diet. It's a way of seeing the world, where all other species that are in the Drama have a right to live safe, and happy lives free of harm and exploitation. Diet is part of that (not eating animals bodies or what comes out of them), but being vegan also ties in with fundamental ideas of non-violence, stopping vikarma and also establishing a world of peace and happiness.
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