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Post Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:51 pm

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These days quite a few BKs are eagerly waiting the Murli on line... ;-)

Baba in the latest Avyakt Murli (3/2/11) and before that, spoke about hearing and reading the Murli everyday. He mentioned that science is creating facilities for us. I did not hear Baba in the latest Murli mentioning about the need to go to a center near you to hear the Murli. Anyone heard that? Baba is of course aware that facilities and different types of BKs are appearing nowadays. It is not the same group who lived together at the beginning. There is always change, but within that change, there is the Maryada to get the Murli and whether, we hear it or read it, the bottom line is to imbibe it.

I hope that I am not coming across as a "rebel." My intention is not to go against established patterns, but to be mindful that there should be freedom to elect in which way a person takes benefit of Baba's Murli.

The talk about "the murli getting in wrong hands" is outdated in my humble opinion. There are many sakar Murlis all over the internet now... and paradoxically even those who at one time were BKs are hosting Murlis in their websites.. "for the benefit of all." ;-) However, they are not usually current and not always accurate.

Nevertheless, "it is what it is" and I am ok with it. I heard the Murli over the phone today. It is much easier to get the overall picture of the Murli that way. Definitely, hearing the Murli makes it easier to follow it....reading it on the other hand, takes more concentration, specially if it is not read out loud... but all the details could be obtained and churned.

Going to a center, nevertheless is the best option of all, but according to time it may not be the best suitable option in my experience.

Unity in diversity...

Post Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:48 am

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Post Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:41 pm
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Hi Avyakt & Saligram,

I'm not certain how the website linked to came to be. It just sort of "happened" ;)

I agree that times have changed.

  1. When murlis had to be printed and sent by post then there was an obvious resource issue in printing and posting more copies. That's was one factor.
  2. I have also heard the arguments presented that if the murli was distributed widely then class numbers would drop because no one would really need to come to class any more. So coming to class is encouraged by prohibition. And prohibition of anything, in the long run, doesn't work.
  3. Lastly there is the concern of what happens when the murlis are used for shocking publicity or by the PBKs.

Point (1) is redundant now. As far as point (2) is concerned the murli is becoming more accessible outside centres, for example by live local webcasts and also the over-reliance on the murli class as a reason for students to go to a centre is being questioned. On point (3), well this is where the present policy is a disaster. I would have thought an opportunity to explain to people the exact context and meaning of shocking-sounding statements might be a great opportunity to study the murli, write about it and introduce people to it. As it is it has never been subject to meaningful peer-review. Probably most of the "shock" statements were made in humour, badly translated (e.g. "you should not have love for human beings"), or badly summarised from the original tape recordings.

Certainly, I've been at classes given by Dadi Janki and seen the summary after and wondered if it was the same class. You lose the humour, emphasis, anecdotes and the essence of the "experience" of the class. I imagine the same thing has happened with sakar murlis.

I think there is also a growing realisation that PBKs reading murlis is actually not a problem and why shouldn't they have them if they want them?

Post Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:59 pm

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Hello Saligram and Bksimonb;

Thanks for the link saligram. Actually, that link is the one I was referring to. In one BK list which I belong, the word came (in an unofficial way) that this website will show the daily Murlis on-line. For what I understand, that website is a "legit" Brahma Kumaris website. Many BKs went there and registered. I applauded that idea and even though it took me a couple of days to get registered, finally i was in. I was able to read the Murli to my heart content for 3 to 4 days. I was a happy camper.... :) Then all of the sudden and without notice, things stopped. I sent an email to the contact address and yesterday I received the reply: "Please get copy of murli from nearest center." (cut and paste words.) :shock:

I can go onto all the whys? and hows? but waste is unavoidable. I'd rather describe what happened and the rest of you reading this, draw your own conclusions.

I understand all the good intentions about "being in the family," "getting the vibrations," etc. Those things are good, but please do not play the role of an over protective mother. Baba's directions are to get the Murli by reading it or hearing it. To be with the family is good, but situations and karmic accounts sometimes are beyond our hands. Yes, we need to settle those, but no by compulsion but when we are ready... in the meantime, the "spiritual breakfast" should be available in many forms for sustenance according to the child learning ability (visual, audio, etc.) The "old school" it has been known to give everyone the same thing without understanding of learning abilities and not being aware of the fact that as the "tree" grows, more variety of souls with different understandings will arrive to this Drama. Please see this.. more variety is on the way... Please stop trying to put everyone in the same box... that can only bring trouble.

I am not a center niwasi and I do not have intentions on becoming one. I have a different role and a different life, but I am a Brahmin. I love Baba and the Murli and i have to pay my bills as well. I know that I can hear the Murli by the phone. I have used that as well. Let me read it as many times as I want. Make it easy for me to get access to it. Let me choose to go to the center not by compulsion with fear of getting a "lower status." That does not work for me. I know what Baba has said in his latest avyakt Murli and it is not the reply I received via email.

Let us "save some trees." If there is a concern about misinterpreting the Murli then, let me suggest a couple of things: 1) Revise the Murli again. 2) Don't let souls with "4th grade understanding" as pukka as they may seem to be, to interpret/translate the Murli.

I know that some souls have the facility of downloading Murlis "officially." The Murli is for all Brahmins.

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion and to use this "facility" for that.

Post Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:26 pm
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Oh dear, it looks like the site was a bit ahead of it's time and got a tap on the shoulder :(

I guess another option now is Skype or local live webcast.

I'm sure it will all happen for real soon. I know souls are slowly getting used to the idea that "Openness=good, closedness=bad".

Post Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:50 am
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The murlis are already on the ex-BK website right, so perhaps that will be an impetus to make these made available more widely, in a official way, at least to students within the org. I'm reminded of a british comedy from the 80s, titled "Yes Prime Minister" --- In the first episode, ... inister%29 , Jim Hacker, the new Prime Minister, wants to get a personal cook for his private office but wants keep it silent (not make a public announcement) since it would be at taxpayers’ expense. To that Sir Humphrey quips:
"We should tell the public frankly and openly what they can find out from other sources"

[see wikipedia link for overall story/context]

In any case, for the time being other than local skype/webcast:
In Hindi the daily essence, QA, etc. is available at
In Enlgish (and Hindi) the daily essence, QA, etc. is available at

My personal opinion about the concerns about making murlis more widely available are similar to bksimonb and avyakt7:
(1) The concern that murlis can be misinterpreted & misrepresented out of context is valid, but my suggestion would be to think of another solution rather than making the murlis less available. Perhaps there is a clear commentary/explanation about the context, the audience Baba is addressing, the time etc. to mitigate this concern. I think many don't realize murli is a conversation between a Dad and his children :P
(2) And about the concern of people less inclined going to centers if they have alternate means of getting murlis, again, it might be wise to just categorically list the advantages of going to a center & Shirmat on how to listen to the murli (in terms of not litening to it from bed!) and then let people decide.

That said, for completeness, there is at least some benefit hidden in the drama with the current policy on murlis (at the risk of suggesting that making life harder for ourselves is a good thing):
For a "true" seeker, I think the concept of something "sacred" and not available so easily, raises enthusiasm & drive to get to it no matter what. And it certainly reduces the possible intervention by laziness. E.g. if I know I can get it easily, then I'd take it for granted. In other word if I could get murlis so easily, would I take it more lightly? E.g. if you have to return a book or CD and you cannot copy it then there is more desire to get it over with rather than postponing going thru it. This may not apply to everyone but certainly true for me.

In any event worth seeing how the drama will proceed :)

Post Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:58 pm

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I agree with Sir Humphrey... :) VisionoftheSelf I can find out about anything I want with a few keystrokes on my keyboard as long as there is someone who is willing to "share" on the internet about something...and that could be anyone. This is "reality 101." :lol:

Visionoftheself wrote:
For a "true" seeker, I think the concept of something "sacred" and not available so easily, raises enthusiasm & drive to get to it no matter what. And it certainly reduces the possible intervention by laziness. E.g. if I know I can get it easily, then I'd take it for granted. In other word if I could get murlis so easily, would I take it more lightly? E.g. if you have to return a book or CD and you cannot copy it then there is more desire to get it over with rather than postponing going thru it. This may not apply to everyone but certainly true for me.

I agree with your take VisionoftheSelf. However, consider this "quasi-fictitious" scenario:
1) Let us say that the center which has been close to you for many years closes. Let us say that the next available center is far away from you and that there is no guarantee that it will stay there.
2) Let us say that you drive to hear the Murli and you hear a mix of the murli with instrument's understanding/realizations and/or comments in between which could be distracting from the Murli itself.
3) Let us say that you want to "study" the Murli.
4) Let us say that you have a full time job and other responsibilities.

Things have changed, Visionoftheself. It is entropy increasing according to the Drama. However, it is a great opportunity to put the power of tolerance in practice... so there is always benefit! :lol:

Let me suggest something.. the thought just came from somewhere... :shock:
How about if the Murli is distributed in MP3 format. How about if the Murli is read by a "bona fide" international pukka instrument with the explanations and whatever else is needed.. and then placed in a website for anyone to grab.

1) We will get the Murli. We will "hear" the Murli
2) We can study the Murli at any time.
3) We can interpret the Murli according to a more experienced instrument understanding.
4) Because there is this feedback from an instrument it could be made "lokik proof."
5) We will not only get the "same Murli" but most important at this time: "the same interpreted teaching."
6) Manmat free.
7) We can use technology such as phones, computers, virtual conferences, skype, etc.
8) If there are centers but not enough instruments to read the Murli, that will not be an issue. Souls can gather and listen to the Murli without interruptions.
9) World benefit. Widely available.
10) Happy campers... :)

Post Mon Apr 18, 2011 3:45 am

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Nowadays Murli is available online,, live from madhuban in Hindi, for a very small technical charge of Rs.500/-.Foreigners can make use of this opportunity to learn hindi by listening to this daily murli, direct from Madhuban.

If there are some issues in providing hard copies to Internet viewers, following precautions can be taken:

1) The Hindi and English copies are to be made available in such formats that no one can copy it for distribution. There are many web sites , if you use the right key of the mouse, it will say, this is not allowed.

2) Like live murli is available online for a charge of Rs.500/-, the hard copies can also be made available for an amount, so that unauthorised use can be avoided in general, or password and ID can be issued for the users to view it online.

3) If we have the feeling that some of the murli points are not meant for Non-BK, then Murli points can be edited and posted, and the cost of editing and posting can be collected from the viewers.

When hard copies of all Avyakt Murlis are available for a cost and free of charges online, when daily sakar murlis-audio are available online, when the essence of sakar murlis are officially posted in websites free of charges, we do not find any reason for not providing access to hard copies of daily sakar murlis.

“Where there is a will, there is a way”.

Hi all my Dear Divine Sisters and Brothers, Read these mails (in small letters) and replies (IN CAPITAL LETTERS - BASED ON NLP METHODS) with lots of good wishes, love and fun in your mind, and also know about the NLP METHOD OF FINDING OUT SOLUTIONS THROUGH IDENTIFYING DISTORTIONS, NOMINALIZATIONS-GENERALIZATIONS, MIND READING (ASSUMPTIONS) AND DELETIONS:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Decoration of the Brahmin Clan

Om Shanti.

Sorry for late reply. There has been a chain of emails about the Murli being posted or distributed online.
According to Brahmin Maryadas the Murlis should never be posted online WHAT IS THAT PARTICULAR MARYADA?.
If anyone wants Murli it is always available at the centres WHICH CENTRE, IT IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE? or
at the request made to instruments WHAT REQUEST AND WHICH INSTRUMENTS?
Even if someone can't go to centre, WHO IS THAT WHO CANNOT GO TO THE CENTRE AND WHICH CENTRE?
you can still talk to instrument and find a solution. WHAT TO BE TALKED AND WHAT SOLUTION TO BE FOUND OUT?

Always remember on thing, There is a saying "Maryada Purshottam", which means the one who became elevated by following the elevated codes of conduct- HOW MUCH ELEVATED AND WHICH ELEVATED CONDUCT?.
In lokik world if you don't follow any laws WHICH LAWS?
you will suffer the consequences WHAT TYPE OF CONSEQUENCES?
for one birth, here if you don't follow Godly laws WHICH GOLDY LAWS?
you will suffer the consequence WHAT CONSEQUENCES?
for birth after birth. If you don't follow the codes of conduct WHICH CODES OF CONDUCT?
not only you are in loss WHO IS AT LOSS AND WHAT IS THAT LOSS?,
you also become an instrument for bringing loss to others WHAT LOSS AND WHO IS THAT OTHERS?.
If you are bringing loss to others, how can you become karmateet WHAT LOSS, TO WHOM AND HOW IT AFFECTS KARMATEET?

Maryadas are to elevate us, WHICH MARYADA AND WHAT IS THE ELEVATION ?
never even have a slightest thought of stepping out of the line WHICH LINE? WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE THAT THOUGHT?,
if your situation is different WHAT SITUATION AND HOW IT IS DIFFERENT ?
of course you can take direction WHAT DIRECTIONS?
from an instrument WHICH INSTRUMENT?.

Don't follow the suit WHAT SUIT?
so its not a big deal WHAT IS THAT IT , WHAT IS THAT BIG DEAL?.
Whoever doing this may become subject WHO IS THAT DOING? WHAT IS MEANT BY BECOMING SUBJECT?
or even lower than all WHAT IS LOWER AND WHO IS THAT ALL?
and even go through greatest punishment WHAT IS THE GREATEST PUNISHMENT?.
Don't put yourself in this trap WHO IS THAT YOU AND IN WHICH TRAP?,
just follow Father IN WHAT?
and stay within the line of the codes of conduct WHAT IS THAT WITHIN? AND WHICH LINES OF THE CODES OF CONDUCT?.

To all Worthy Brahmin children WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY WORTHY?,
please refrain from posting the Murlis WHERE IT IS POSTED? HOW IT WILL AFFECT AND WHOM IT WILL AFFECT?
and also help the Yagya HOW YOU WILL HELP THE YAGYA?
by stopping those WHO ARE THOSE?
who are doing this WHO IS THAT DOING WHAT?.
Even if someone is doing wrong things WHO IS THAT SOMEONE? WHAT IS THAT WRONG THINGS BEING DONE?,
you always do right things WHO IS YOU AND WHAT IS THAT RIGHT THINGS?.

always go to centre WHICH CENTRE? to listen to Murli,
if your situation (like job or other real things WHAT JOB OR WHAT REAL THINGS)
doesn't permit PERMISSION FOR WHAT?
that's different WHAT IS DIFFERENT?,
but still you must take directions WHAT DIRECTIONS?
from instrument WHICH INSTRUMENT?.

In Baba's Yaad
Dear Family,
Om Shanti.
As per my understanding, we can't post muralis online (WHAT IS THE UNDERSTANDING?).
There are certain reasons (WHAT REASONS)
for that and those are correct in many ways WHAT ARE THOSE MANY WAYS?.
But yes, there is option WHAT IS THE OPTION?
that we can get Murali's Photocopies from the centre once in a week or as per convenience. In my case WHAT IS YOUR CASE?,
i always get Murali's photocopy to study at home.
i truly agree with all your reasons WHAT ALL REASONS? sister.
we stay 100 miles away from center, go to Baba's home on Sundays only still Baba gave us an opportunity WHAT TYPE OF OPPORTUNITY?
to access murli everyday. there is always a way to get it WHAT IS THE WAY TO GET IT?
not necessarily to be posted on the website. let us leave the decision to Madhuban WHAT DECISION? WHOM DO YOU REFER WHEN YOU SAY MADHUBAN? WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO DO?
Om shanti
Dear divine family,
Om shanti.
We appreciate the love and regard WHAT TYPE OF LOVE AND WHAT REGARD – HOW DO YOU EXPRESS THEM?
you all WHO IS THAT ALL? have for the muralis.
But it is not recommended to post the entire muralis on the web site because of various reasons.... a few reasons are :
would stop going to centres WHICH CENTRES?
because they WHO FEELS? feel that reading muralis is all that they are expected to do HOW DO YOU KNOW OTHERS EXPECTATION?.
They miss the combined yoga WHO ARE THEY?;
new ones could never learn about drishti WHO ARE THOSE NEW ONES?, and those who do not go to centres WHO ARE THEY-THOSE AND WHICH CENTRES ?
can not serve through their body, mind and wealth IN WHAT WAY BODY MIND AND WEALTH SHOULD SERVE ?
compared to what they could have done had they attended classes WHAT THEY COULD HAVE DONE? WHERE THEY HAD TO ATTEND THE CLASSES?.
2. There would not be the feeling WHAT FEELING?,
belongingness WHAT AND WHOM TO BELONG?,
and experience OF WHAT EXPERIENCE?
of the divine family HOW DO YOU DEFINE DIVINITY?.
is the area where our sanskars WHICH SANSKARS? are put to test WHAT TYPE OF TEST?
are created for us FOR WHOM? to grow/ to improve WHAT TO GROW AND WHAT TO IMPROVE?.
Souls WHICH SOULS? will be deprived of this wonderful opportunity WHAT IS THAT WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY?
by getting muralis at home HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?.
5. Even after being a regular student for many years, quite a few souls WHICH ARE THOSE SOULS?
still have their own manmat WHAT IS THE OWN MANMAT?,
have bhakti sanskars WHAT IS THAT BHAKTI SANSKARS?,
and are not able to understand Baba 'as He really is' HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?.
If one WHO IS THAT ONE? starts studying muralis at home on his own, that is, without a senior BK WHO IS THAT SENIOR BK YOU ARE REFERRING TO?
explaining the real significance WHAT REAL SIGNIFICANCE?,
and the deep aspects of gyan WHAT TYPE OF DEEP ASPECTS?,
there would be great loss ...WHAT IS THAT GREAT LOSS?
the soul would interpret knowledge WHICH SOUL AND WHAT TYPE OF INTERPRETATION?
on the basis of his old sanskars WHO IS HE? WHAT IS THE OLD SANSKARS?
and may propagate 'his own theory' WHAT IS HIS OWN THEORY? to others too TO WHOM?.
6. There may be a few souls WHO ARE THOSE FEW SOULS IN PARTICULAR?
who have taken this knowledge and are presently living in places WHICH PLACES?
where there are no centres WHERE ARE THOSE PLACES?. Such souls can contact their respective Zone WHICH ZONES?
and be in touch with them WHO ARE THEY? AND WHAT TYPE OF TOUCH?
so that some arrangement WHAT ARRANGEMENT?
could be made to send muralis to them TO WHOM?.
Usually it is the hard copies that are sent SENT TO WHERE?.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
warm regards,
Dear Bhaiji,
Om Shanti. This is what Baba said in the recent Murli WHICH PRESENT MURLI?,
"They WHO? should have their present mark through the phone or any other method WHAT ARE OTHER METHODS?."
Any other method is decided by your instrument teacher WHICH INSTRUMENT TEACHER?
or your Zone in charge WHICH ZONE IN CHARGE?
according to your situation WHAT TYPE OF SITUATION?.
If someone WHO IS THAT SOMEONE? is not going to centre WHICH CENTRE?
and don't listen to Murlis read by instrument WHICH INSTRUMENTS?,
this is how they interpret their own meaning HOW THEY INTERPRET AND WHAT THEY INTERPRET?.
Here Baba said any other method WHAT OTHER METHOD?,
doesn't mean post Murlis on the internet SO, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?.
Instrument teachers decide that any other method WHICH INSTRUMENT TEACHER AND WHAT OTHER METHOD?.
Maryadas WHICH MARYADAS? is same for everyone HOW DO YOU KNOW IT IS SAME FOR ALL?,
It's upto the individual WHICH INDIVIDUAL? whether to follow or not FOLLOW WHAT?.
I'm just informing the yagya discipline WHAT DISCIPLINE YOU INFORMED?.
Baba said in Murli, "If your mother dies eat halwa", if somebody else WHO IS THAT SOMEBODY?
read this other than Brahmin Children, will they ever come to Baba? WHY WILL THEY NEVER COME?
The Murlis posted online is not just read by BK's and many others as well WHO ARE THOSE MANY OTHERS?.
Murli copies are not given to everyone WHO IS THAT EVERYONE?,
because in some family WHICH FAMILY?
only one person might be in knowledge not others, so it is an easy access for others in the family to read it HOW IT IS EASY AND WHO ARE THOSE OTHERS AND WHICH FAMILY?.
Many things are to be considered WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS?,
that's why the teachers meeting and everything is held in Yagya WHAT IS THAT TEACHERS MEETING ABOUT YOU ARE REFERRING TO AND WHAT IS THAT EVERYTHING?.
we have come to Baba to elevate HOW MUCH ELEVATION our life and others WHO ARE OTHERS?'.
There are some laws here in Goldy family as well WHAT LAWS AND IN WHICH PARTICULAR MEMBERS-FAMILY YOU REFER TO?,
it's upto the individual WHICH INDIVIDUAL? to follow them or not WHO ARE THEY?.
Because of our situation if we can't follow any Godly laws, WHOSE SITUATION AND WHICH GODLY LAWS?
we must talk to our instrument and get solution WHICH INSTRUMENT AND SOLUTION FOR WHAT?,
if we are really concerned to make our life elevated HOW MUCH ELEVATED AND WHAT ELEVATION?.

Post Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:14 pm

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Hindi speaking souls who live in india are happy listening to live Hindi Murli telecast from madhuban. If those recording of daily murli is posted in , hindi speaking souls who live across the globe can listen to the murli when it is day for them or even next day.

And if the daily English and Hindi pdf murlis are accessible, then Madhuban niwasis would accumulate unlimited blessings from souls, like this: thanks aloooooooooooot 4 da murlis frm d bottom of my heart.......

Post Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:06 am
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Hi BK1,

Interesting emails. Who sent them? They are just signed "*".


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